Monday, October 07, 2013

The Day Dilma Rousseff Took on Stephen Harper

I realize that for many Canadians Latin America begins and ends in Cancun, Cuba, or the Dominican Republic.

And that they know as much about the rest of the continent, as they know about Quebec.

But if Stephen Harper thinks he can shrug off the allegations about spying on the Brazilians, he doesn't know the New Brazil, in the New Latin America, and he doesn't know Dilma Rousseff. 

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff tweeted Monday that her country's Foreign Affairs Department would demand an explanation from Canada regarding the allegations, Reuters reported.

"The United States and its allies must immediately stop their spying activity once and for all," she tweeted. "This is unacceptable between countries that are supposed to be partners. We repudiate this cyberwarfare," Rousseff said via Twitter, according to the news service.

Because she's tough, she's paid her dues, she fought a fascist military regime for six years as an urban guerrilla before she was caught and tortured.

Rousseff was considered a big enough catch that a military prosecutor labeled her the "Joan of Arc" of the guerrilla movement. She was allegedly tortured for 22 days by punching, ferule, and electric shock devices. As Maria Luisa Belloque, a cellmate, said "Dilma was shocked even with car wiring."

She made Obama pay for reading her e-mails. She used her speech at the United Nations to denounce the pasty faced spooks who would spy on us all. Her people are behind her because they don't like their budding economic superpower treated like a Banana Republic.

So I think I can confidently predict that Dilma is going to make mince meat out of Great Jelly Roll Leader eh?  

Because when she says it looks like a clear case of industrial espionage, and the CSEC glove puppets claim they have no motive to spy on the Brazilian mining industry, I tend to believe her not them. 

Brazilian prosecutors want to block the permit for a massive gold mine planned by Belo Sun Mining Corp. on the Xingu River in the Amazon, arguing that the Canadian company has failed to study the impact on local Indian communities, the prosecutors’ office said on Wednesday.

Especially since the Big Oil gang has been drooling for years, waiting for a chance to bid on this massive project.

And as we all know, just the scent of oil in the air drives the Cons into a frenzy.

And as we also know too well, in the court of Great Big Brother Leader, anyone who defies his will or the will of his greedy rapacious buddies, is an Enemy of the State.

And on his sinister list...

And he's always hiding something, in his shadowy world of fanatics and rabid ideologues, where the truth is what he says it is.

Which of course leads to that other burning question: How could anyone trust a leader like that NOT to spy on his enemies in CANADA?

When he seeks total control, lies all the time, is a ghastly bully who smears his opponents, and a hideous hypocrite, who would denounce the Chinese for spying while doing the same thing.

Glenn Greenwald, who reported on spying by the U.S. National Security Agency​, said he has more documents relating to Canadian spying around the world. "There's a lot of other documents about Canadians spying on ordinary citizens, on allied governments, on the world, and their co-operation with the United States government, and the nature of that co-operation that I think most Canadian citizens will find quite surprising, if not shocking, because it's all done in secret and Canadians are not aware of it," Greenwald said.

Only to get caught dragging our values through the gutter. Again.

I don't think so eh?

Yup. I'm glad Dilma Rousseff is leading the charge against cyber espionage, and the Con spooks who would have us live in some Orwellian surveillance world, some nightmare police state.

Because Harper and his goons can fool or intimidate a lot of Canadians in this broken country, but they'll NEVER intimidate her.

Go Dilma, GO !!!!!

Expose the truth he would hide from us.

Tell the spooks enough is enough.

Help us send our ghastly monkey leader back to the Amazon jungle.

Where he so rightfully belongs...

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Anonymous said...

Well I'm here with you.

Anonymous said...

Me too.

Unknown said...

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e.a.f. said...

First surprised. Thought Brazil was part of the club. Then, not so suprized. These are huge mulitnationals who like doing business with stevie slime. he just used Canadian government assets to help out a few friends..........
Its sick, its dangerous, its embarassing. Good on Brazil for catching Canada out on this one. We can only hope Brazil understands these are the actions of a few in power. Oh, yes I'm sure the President understands that one. Now Canadians need to understand how dangerous this game is. Of course stevie and his slimers want to ensure no First Nations People anywhere are able to protect their assets. Who knows then how it might enspire Canadian First Nations. Harper really doesn't want to go down this road. He is inviting trouble. Canada could become, considered a pariah by other nations.

Simon said...

hi anonymous 3:41....Great. Dilma Rousseff's life has been quite a story eh? I wish we had a strong woman like her, with a cabinet full of other smart tough women, running this country. because we'd all be better off...

Simon said...

hi anonymous 7:42... Oh excellent. I detect the beginning of a Canadians for Dilma movement. As I said in the post, I'm pretty sure Rousseff will make a monkey out of our shabby little leader...

Simon said...

hi Robert...Great thanks. I think it's important that Canadians know more about Dilma so they can place their bets on her too. And I suppose it's only fair that Stephen Harper should get a true measure of the woman, so he can start running now... :O

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....I realize the need for a good spy agency to help protect us from religious fanatics and other crazy violent people out there, but spying for commercial advantage is not something a country like Canada should be doing in my opinion. And needless to say, gathering all kinds of information on decent, law abiding Canadians is beyond the pale. Especially with a morally corrupt government like the Harper cult. Who, I'm sorry to say e.a.f., has already made us a pariah nation....

Edstock said...

Thank-you Ed Snowden. For the foreseeable future, all those Latin American conferences about trade and just about anything else are going to be a an exquisitely pleasant experience for our poor stooges, as this unfolds, as the rest of Latin America checks in.