Thursday, October 03, 2019

Breaking: Andrew Scheer Exposed As An American

I always knew that Andrew Scheer acted more like an American than a Canadian.

And that he always sided with Donald Trump, and worked to undermine our government.

But this is outrageous.

It turns out he actually is an American. 

Andrew Scheer’s campaign confirmed Thursday that the Conservative leader is a citizen of both Canada and the United States, but say he’s in the process of renouncing his American citizenship.

Like so many other things, his religious fanaticism, his misogyny, his vicious homophobia, and his fake broker credentials, he's been hiding that from Canadians for YEARS.

Simon Jefferies, a spokesperson for the Conservative campaign, said that Scheer decided to renounce his U.S. citizenship once he became the party’s leader in May 2017. 

But Jefferies added that Scheer only informed the U.S. government of his intentions in August, a month before the federal election campaign began.

And can you believe the grotesque hypocrisy?

Mr. Scheer raised concerns about the dual allegiance of former governor-general Michaëlle Jean before she gave up her French citizenship to assume the country’s highest post.

In a 2005 blog, Mr. Scheer asked his constituents whether it was appropriate for Ms. Jean to hold dual Canadian-France citizenship and asked: “Would it bother you if instead of French citizenship, she held U.S. citizenship?”

There is nothing wrong with being a dual citizen. I used to be one myself, so its gotta be good eh?

And if Scheer had come clean before he ran for Con leader, it wouldn't have been a problem.

But he didn't, he hid it, like he has hidden so many things. He has shown himself to be a shameless hypocrite, and a man of dubious, or no morals.

So everything he has done since he became leader must now be examined to see which country he has really been serving.

Who was he serving when he tried to undermine the NAFTA negotiations? Why did he join forces with an MP who was also an American Baptist preacher, to work to outlaw homosexuality and jail LGBT Canadians?

Why is he still going after Omar Khadr, after all that young Canadian has suffered? 

Why does he lie all the time?

Why is the grubby Scheer trying to smear the decent Justin Trudeau by labelling him as #NotAsAdvertised?

When that creepy member of the religious right is the real thing...

Or the real monster. 

Who could tear this country apart in the name of Big Oil and Big Jesus.

If this country hadn't been fatally corrupted during the long Harper years, more Canadians would be declaring that yankee doodle dandy blandy is unfit to be prime minister.

And if he had any decency, which he doesn't, he should resign tomorrow...


Steve said...

so his resume was fake, his commitment to Canada is fake, what about his university degree, Trump University graduate?

Anonymous said...

"Simon Jefferies, a spokesperson for the Conservative campaign, said that Scheer decided to renounce his U.S. citizenship once he became the party’s leader in May 2017." He must think we're idiots without any memory!

In 2017, Trump signed his Tax Cut and Job Act into law and suddenly put Americans living abroad on the hook for all retained earnings going back more than 30 years. It was a huge shock to dual nationals living outside the US and led to record numbers renouncing US citizenship. Scheer didn't have a sudden desire to be only a Canadian. He gave up his US citizenship to avoid paying taxes!

Jackie Blue said...

So much for Castrogate, eh. A real live nephew of Uncle $cam. The gall of this party to approve a proposal calling for the removal of birthright citizenship at their convention, and they run a foreign infiltrator as their candidate.

Well, I guess we're even. Now you know how we feel about Ted Cruz. /s

ottlib said...

Normally I would not mind. Really who cares if he has dual citizenship?

However, this is the second piece of personal information that Canadians would need to know to make an informed assessment of his suitability to be PM that has been told to us by the media instead of Mr. Scheer himself.

I have noticed some Conservative supporters indicating that Mr. Trudeau should have come clean about brownface instead of waiting for the media to break the story but I do not believe they are the same thing.

One was an example of being stupid. Another is an example of lying about your job history and committing a lie of omission about your citizenship. Frankly, Misters Dion, Mulcair and Ignatieff had no problems telling Canadians that they were dual citizens up front. Mr. Scheer should have done the same thing especially since he is apparently renouncing his US citizenship.

On my own blog I described Mr. Scheer misrepresenting his work experience and work credentials as bush league. This latest revelation just reinforces that impression.

If I am the Liberals I am jumping all over this. They state that being a dual citizen is not a problem but they mention that this is the second time, in less than a week, that a very important fact about Mr. Scheer has been revealed by the media instead of him. Is there anything else that Mr. Scheer should be telling us?

Anonymous said...

Scheer's a true patriot - as long as it doesn't cost him more than a yellow ribbon bumper sticker!

John B. said...

Did anybody ever ask him? Half of the people on my street have a pocket full of passports. Does that one of them is American make Andrew's a special case? Who cares? After all, isn't we all post-national?

Anonymous said...

Sneaky Andy "Just Visiting" Scheer is just full of surprises isn't he. Why he felt the need for dual citizenship is more a concern than having it. It probably facilitated his frequent visits to the Koch and Mercer type douchebags as they plot their new world order of "all for the one percent and to hell with the rest".

Anonymous said...

It's about him being hypocritical - blasting others with dual citizenship while hiding his own.


Anonymous said...

Lyin Andy. Andy doodle dandy.

Frank said...

Since when is having a dual citizenship wrong!? I'm no Scheer supporter but there are thousands of people in Canada that have dual citizenship.

Anonymous said...

It's the hypocrisy. I refer you to the above posting that you have obviously commented on with out reading.

John B. said...

Imagine a libertarian politician (and a religious crackpot too) being hypocritical. I'm shocked.

Jackie Blue said...

It's not that he holds dual citizenship. It's his and the Cons' multi-layered duplicity and hypocrisy. Koch/Mercer/NRA money, "not as advertised," pointing fingers at Trudeau for not disclosing the existence of the blackface photos until the media called him on it (in an American, Koch-owned magazine, hm...), Castro birther conspiracies, railing against Michaëlle Jean and insinuating (like the GOP did with Obama) that she was cozy with terrorists, the same line of attack ("just visiting") being aimed at Dion, Mulcair and Ignatieff, xenophobic refugee bashing, proposed slashes to foreign aid, and talk of "border invasion" (from where? The USA). Saying he'll stand up for Canadians only and Canadians first. Promising to stand up for veterans and bashing "Trudeau" (not just the son, but the father, who himself welcomed tens of thousands of draft resisters from across the border and was lauded for it) as a fifth-column subversive sabotaging Canada's military for political gains, when no one knows if Scheer, himself, even registered for Selective Service. Should the US end up at war with Canada, whose side would he be on? Team Canada or Benedict Donald? That's the bigger issue in this particular historical context: how it paints a picture of why he's so quick to cozy up with the orange elephant in the bed. Who himself has foreign allegiances and won't release his tax returns. Undermining NAFTA negotiations while accusing Trudeau of selling out to the US. Then there's Harper's "unite the right" global project which proposes to be a right-wing replacement for the boogeyman U.N.

It's all projection. In short, he's the Manchurian -- er, Muscovian Candidate, American Style, as he rails against Trudeau as disloyal, a fraud, a sellout, and a cardboard cutout of Dorian Gray. It's not that he has dual citizenship. It's that the man is a walking Matryoshka doll of dark-money secrets and a big phony hypocrite!

brawnfire said...

Scheer many have 'decided' in 2017, (so it is said. how would we know?) but, if so, it sure took him a long time to get around to it! (August 2019)
Why'd he wait so long?

rumleyfips said...

Sheer-malice went after a Governor General for having dual citizenship ; that's whats wrong. Oh wait ! She's a girl, and she's black and she's French. That's enough reasons for Sheer-idiocy to hate her. If she was gay, she would have rung all his bells.

Jackie Blue said...

I hate Kinsella. I hate him. He's teasing another "breaking story" about Point Grey Academy to come out in the Globe tomorrow. He doesn't fucking care what happens to innocent Canadians as long as he gets his revenge on Trudeau. "My spidey senses are tingling" yeah, well, he just got bumped up to the top of my Arya Stark list. Filthy, conniving piece of shit.

brawnfire said...

Hey, rumleyfips
"Sheer-malice went after a Governor General for having dual citizenship ; that's whats wrong."
Amen. (While, not admitting his own dual citizenship.)
Please note, With Conservatives, it always about the projection.
Anything they accuse their (Liberal) opponents of, you can rest-assured they're guilty of, themselves.
Sheer-malice fits him the best, in terms of what we've learned about who he really is.

Jackie Blue said...

OK, brace yourselves. Shit's about to hit the fan. They're accusing him of jailbait. Remember what Scheer did to Lorne Nystrom? Now it's nuclear season on Trudeau.

This shit came from Frank Magazine. This is the lowest of the absolute low. Butts and Broadhurst need to sue the fuck out of Kinsella, and Trudeau is going to need to flee the country. If he goes down over this (I hate to admit but he probably will), they're going to try and throw him in jail. He'll be disgraced and probably never hold a job again in his life.

This fucking motherfucker needs to face the same fate as Quisling.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen anything about why he has dual citizenship. Bio says he was born in Ottawa, presumably not in the US Embassy. Was one of his parents a US citizen?

Janice said...

If this has to do with the rumor that Trudeau was dismissed, it should be a nonstarter because Clive Austin, the headmaster, has issued a statement.

Kinsella is beyond vile and ditto the media for taking the bait.

Jackie Blue said...

His father, the newspaper editor turned fire-and-brimstone church deacon. Basically Scheer is a clone of Ted Cruz and just as slimy.

lagatta à montréal said...

Scheer isn't really a libertarian; he's another type of reactionary. Bernier is the libertarian, but has an odd fixation on borders for a member of that sect.

Jackie Blue said...

Yeah and I just found out the Frank Mag one isn't even as bad and is actually funny. That rumor involves the mother of a student and would probably just confuse mouthbreather conservatives who are always calling Trudeau a cuck. Frank is going with "Mrs. Robinson" while the more damaging line of attack is more "Don't Stand Too Close to Me". Either way it's bullshit just like the previous Gropergate floater was. The Globe HQ deserves a wrecking ball and Kinsella deserves a Shawinigan Handshake to the nuts.

lagatta à montréal said...

I studied alongside Michaelle Jean; I can assure you that she had gay and lesbian friends. Italian studies and comparative lit for her, Italian and social history for me. "Useless" soft knowledge; things bigots would call "gay". I was unhappy with her choice to leave journalism to become a figurehead, but that was her choice, not mine.

I remember when Michaelle was the target of racial insults from a bus driver in Rome. That shithead should have lost his job.

lagatta à montréal said...

Yes, I think his dad was born in the US. This stuff has always been common among people in adjoining countries, and once again exposes the hypocrisies of those in North America, Europe and elsewhere who are obsessed with people crossing borders to seek work.

Jackie Blue said...

So either Wornout was bullshitting that he had a bombshell in today's Globe or he/the Globe got blunted by the threat of a lawsuit. Either way apparently there's nothing, at least for right now. I really think this guy is a shit disturber who just thrives on creating chaos and anxiety. Malignant narcissistic sociopath. Can't someone encase him in carbonite for the foreseeable future?

John B. said...

Bernier isn't really a libertarian either. If anything of the sort he might be considered a neo-libertarian like this "hot libertarian chick":

"I want lower taxes; I want lower regulations; I want to close the border."

I acknowledge that Andy really isn't anything besides a grovelling opportunistic milksop. I use the term because he has that much in common with them. I apologize for the inaccuracy.

Steve said...

He signed up for the draft, full metal jacket