Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Ugly American and the Road to Catastrophe

As you know, I always considered Andrew Scheer to be more American than Canadian, long before it was revealed that he had been hiding his dual citizenship.

His scary religious fanaticism, his slobbering service to Big Oil, his obvious contempt for our humble but precious Canadian values, made that only too obvious.

But now he's taking aim at our parliamentary traditions.

And threatening to set this country on fire. 

For as a former Commons' Speaker, Scheer knows this is wrong. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he expects that all parties "will respect the fact" that whoever wins the most seats on Oct. 21 will be the one to form government.

That's not how our system works.

If no party wins a majority of seats on Monday and the Liberals come in second to the Conservatives, Justin Trudeau could continue to govern by trying to gain the confidence of a majority of MPs in the House of Commons. 

If he decided to do so, Trudeau would have until mid-January to recall the House. He could also enter a coalition or informal power-sharing agreement with other parties. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has already opened the door to such a deal.

And if the Scheer's yellow vested thugs believe him, and Justin Trudeau gets to keep his job, they could go berserk.

And the Ugly American could lead us all down the road to catastrophe, and maybe even the beginning of the break up of this country

But then who could be surprised when not so long ago Scheer refused to stand for our national anthem?

And the way he slides or slithers around on his bench, or even tries to start a conversation with some of those singing behind him, shows how much contempt he has for Canada.

So how does Scheer explain that disgraceful performance?

He doesn't. He can't. For it would remind Canadians how much contempt he has for the rights of women.

So he uses it as an excuse to smear Marc Garneau. 

As if that professional politician and fake broker could compare himself to Garneau's distinguished record of service.

But then that is who Andrew Scheer is, and it's yet another reason he must never become Prime Minister.

So help share the message: Make every vote count. Don't waste a single one on somebody who can't win.

Make this Scheer's last Big Lie.

And support the only leader who can save us from the Ugly American and his foul RepubliCons...

P.S. Until the election is over I will be spending less time here and more time on Twitter, making videos, and canvasing in my riding.

We all must do what we can to stop the Scheer fascists.

And failure is not an option...


Jackie Blue said...

On another political site I used to hang out on, one of the users (who is from Canada) described Scheer as a "larval Mitch McConnell." He wants total anarchy. Honestly I think he might be even worse than McConnell. I truly believe he wants to rile up the base so much in the event of a legitimate parliamentary maneuver that one of the Rebel scum does actually go full John Wilkes Booth "thus always to tyrants" and kills Trudeau. Let no one forget that Scheer self-described as "fascinated" by the assassination of Ceausescu. Why wouldn't he stand by with his shit-eating grin if some "patriot" attempts to block a "Kudatah"?

Good luck Simon, and I'm glad you're doing some face-to-face work for the Liberals. Canada is going to need all the help they can get being besieged like this. And again I'm sorry for what America by proxy is doing to your country. I'm sorry about Trump and NAFTA, I'm sorry about Scheer (and May and Singh) and I'm sorry about National Enquirer Postmedia and I'm sorry about the oil companies and Time Magazine and the Kochtopus and the invention of social media and the Internet. "Sorry" might be a Canadian cliche, but as an American I truly believe it applies. To borrow a line from Elton John, too many of my countryfolk and some Yankeefied infiltrators up your way think that sorry seems to be the hardest word.

I really do wish you guys all the best of luck on the 21st. I'm not even a religious person but I'm actually going to be praying for you over these next three days. It can't hurt right? For the time being, here's some hopeful reading material. Reminisce on the past while you Choose Forward.

From CBC Archives: "Because it's 1972"

and from Mainstreet Research's Quito Maggi: "Because It's 1997"

I just hope 2020 isn't hindsight and we end up looking back in regret about 2016...

Jackie Blue said...

Some more hopeful news:

We now have the last (?) Forum Poll that traditionally seems to be pretty close to the final results. Cons below 30% in a normally Con-friendly poll. That's bad news for weak Andy and good news for Canada.

Forum does their own seat projections like Mainstreet and others. Per their math: LPC 133 + NDP 46 = 179. There's your coalition. Fingers crossed this (or better!) proves to be true. 🤞 🙏

Janice said...

"The Canadian election on Monday may be too close to call. But no one can say Canada hasn't changed for the better in the past four years."

With the economy doing so well, Trudeau's re-election SHOULD be a no-brainer. If he loses it be a sickening variation of Trump vs. Hillary and signal the triumph of fake news and Con smears over traditional, reality-based politics.

Anonymous said...

I'll take our Dancing Dolly any day over Scheer. The NDP Are as guilty as the liberals in the failing to end FPTP. While the cons were screaming bloody murder. We don't want to return to a young earth creationist on the science file or an anti unionist in labour. I'd like ranked ballot with a per vote subsidy before the run off to let people show their true wishes and still count strategically.

Anonymous said...

The only certainty is that if Scheer fails to form the next government he is DONE regardless of what evil he tries to invoke. What rises out of the Reformacon ashes is an unknown; it could be a malevolent self made business leader which is even more threatening or they could fracture with the Reformacon vampires going their own way.
As of October 17 Canada has not sunk into the political quick sand of self sustaining negativity but we are closer than we have been for a long time. 'Anything but the Cons' has become an election promise for minority parties, hopefully it will translate into reality and their defeat will result in fracture of the lie filled rotten foundations holding up the Big Tent. Almost 4 years of Con promoted social media divisive bullshit and although more fractured the voting population still has a reasonable chance of electing an inclusive socially progressive government. Yea Canada!


brawnfire said...

‏Hi Jackie,
Re: "Because It's 1997"
I commented happily in a previous post that MainStreet had called me. (see my Smiley) I had a good feeling about that call, which might well be warranted, as reflected in these results:

"The @liberal_party will sweep this area, not just the 416 like in #elxn42 , but the 905 as well, from Durham to Burlington and everything in between"

ottlib said...

LOL. Forum says that 29% for the Conservatives will translate into 121 seats. And 46 seats for the NDP. Well pot is legal so why not?

Not to beat a dead horse but the Prime Minister returns to Ontario tomorrow to campaign in Conservative held ridings. Not the actions of a man who expects to lose a boatload of seats there. In short, he is not playing defence. Then again neither Mr. Scheer nor Mr. Singh are defending either. All of the major party leaders are being very aggressive in the final days of the campaign.

None of these polls make much sense. Maybe Mr. Scheer is making all of these noises about winning because his data people are seeing something the public polls are not. However, if that was the case we can assume the Liberals' data people would be seeing the same thing and reacting accordingly.

Then again Mr. Scheer has spent that last 10 days or so doing everything he can to energize his base. This could just be another way of doing that.

My guess is the Liberals still have the advantage but I could be wrong and we will have to wait until Monday to know for certain.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the rise of Jagmeet Singh and the bloc have created a perfect storm that makes it almost impossible to predict a result. The Cons and the corrupt media have been able to smear Justin Trudeau at will, and the achievements of his government have all but been ignored. It's sickening, and not at all like the Canada I once knew.

Jackie Blue said...

I do not think Trudeau will go away quietly regardless of the outcome on Monday. He is being coy about this coalition talk and for good reason. A boxer never telegraphs his punches and literally no one knows where the pieces will fall. Should that scenario come to pass I think he cares too much about protecting Canadians from the suffering they would endure under a Con government not to use every parliamentary procedure and negotiating tactic at his disposal to ensure that the theofascists are completely kept out of the PMO. He would cut off his right arm on the floor of the HoC before he lets weak Andy and his Rebel scum stormtroopers "slice through the Charter like soft butter" as one of Ezra's pet incels said on Twitter. That's his family capstone and the backbone of Canadian democracy. He'd sooner self-immolate than allow the Cons to burn it.

Perhaps the toughest part of all this is that Canadians should prepare to go through this rollercoaster again very soon, probably right around the same time as we Americans are getting ready for our own shitshow in November 2020. By that point Trudeau will have run out of shits to give, hand over the farm to the NDP just to shut them up, and let them wear the fallout when their pie-in-the-sky manifesto causes the economy to collapse. You'll have your choice of Chrystia Freeland vs. Peter MacKay and some other also-rans in a proportional representational system. When Trump gets sworn in for a second term because our own version of the NDP stayed home rather than vote for Joe Biden, you guys can thank Jagmeet Singh for why Mad Max, with 5% of the vote, ended up with 17 seats in Parliament and official party status. But hey, at least every vote counted. We can both commiserate about swivel-eyed progressives giving aid to rabid fascists because the centrists are boring sellouts and incrementalism is uninspiring. David Moscrop is right, and so was Winston Churchill. The average voter really is too dumb for democracy.

Anonymous said...

"With the economy doing so well, Trudeau's re-election SHOULD be a no-brainer. If he loses it be a sickening variation of Trump vs. Hillary and signal the triumph of fake news and Con smears over traditional, reality-based politics."
Exactly, Janice. I'm hoping the majority of Canadians aren't fooled by the Cons distortions of reality as their base is. It's much like the way Trump's base is comprised of either absolute idiots or equally reprehensible people. Sadly, we cant fix stupid but on a brighter note, we can jail criminals.

Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks Jackie for the Forum Research link - yes, that is good news.

John B. said...

"Don't waste a single one on somebody who can't win."

I agree provided that the attention of the voter is focussed on the situation in his district. Meanwhile, let's hope that Trudeau, May and Singh haven't wasted too much time and effort trying to take votes from one another. That's just one of the many ways by way of which Iggy handed Harper his majority.

Gyor said...

That is completely bullshit, the NDP voted repeatedly over the years for for MMPR, they worked their asses off trying to make it a reality. The other parties had a deal on the table even ready to go. Its Trudeau who broke his electoral reform promise, he had a majority government and could have kept it. He did not. No one else is to blame except the Liberals, everyone else was trying to keep the Liberals promise except the Liberals. The buck stops with Trudeau.

Gyor said...

The Media has actually been sheltering Trudeau, it had to be American media that broke the Black Face news story, because the Canadian Media was trying its hardest to bury it.

Trudeau brought this on himself, this is a result of his own actions.

Anonymous said...

Too funny from someone who normally does nothing but badmouth the NDP and its supporters.

rumleyfips said...

How do pollsters adjust for early voting. Do they tally only those who have not voted yet ? Are people who have voted more likely to decline ?

We are told that a large percentage of those who will vote have done so already. The polls were different at the start of early voting than now : the liberals were up quite a bit Oct. 10 ( Nanos nightly ). Since then they have fallen. Could this result be skewed by a good Liberal turnout early and a subsequent loss of interest in pollsters by this cohort.

If this is a real phenomenon and there is no adjustment in polling technique are the polls post early voting accurate ?

lagatta à montréal said...

Yes, including calling us Khmer rouge = genocidal mass-murderers. I can't even swat flies (fortunately I have a small black murderess as a pet, for whom they are fritos).

Still, glad to hear this. We aren't evil, and socialism isn't evil. What is evil is authoritarian rule, especially its violent, murderous versions, whether espousing leftist, rightist, religious or some other ideology.

lagatta à montréal said...

In my riding, the race is between the NDP and the Bloc, which held it before the NDP win. The Liberals are a distant third, and the Cons are down there with the Flying Spaghetti Monsters and Rhinos. I've seen one sign in the riding for the Bernier candidate. It was defaced with RACISTE in huge letters and Bernier and whats-his-name-poteau have crossed eyes leaking drops of blood.

Anonymous said...

MMPR is not the only alternative to FPTP.


Anonymous said...

Gyor - Wow, what BS! The brownface photo was given to a rookie "journalist" by someone who thought they were doing her a favour. Once the Canadian media found out about it, the original "photo person" went into hiding.

And, Trudeau's actions for the past couple of decades put him on a good light.

Gawd, you're such an ...


Jackie Blue said...

@Anon 7:18 Oh, I'll bash them until I breathe my last. I grew out of believing cartoons are real a long time ago. I only want Scheer to lose, and if it means Trudeau has to cut a devil's bargain with the champagne socialist in designer duds, then so be it. In fact, a part of me wants him to give the Dippers their unrealistic Christmas list of ransom demands, so that when their Oprah "You get a car and you get a car and you get a car" bullshit crashes the economy, Trudeau can walk away and say I told you so. Especially when their precious PropRep gives Mad Max or Faith Goldy a foothold in Parliament like it did to a certain other fringe right-wing party leader in the 1932 elections in Germany. Whither Weimar Canada!

See, centrists can play the long game too. Rope a dope. Because if Sanders or Warren, who seems to have cribbed "I have a plan to come up with a plan about my plan to have a plan" from Dementia Donnie and Weak Andy, is made the Democratic nominee here in the States just to placate swivel-eyed progressives who couldn't wait to be rid of "war criminal Hillary" so they could force their revolution through the long march of the mental institutions, I expect the same thing here: total national bankruptcy within six months. Children are not usually the best at fiscal management, which is why we don't give them credit cards to go wild at the candy store. LARPing Home Alone is not a sound policy platform, unless you're "the Squad" or the NDP. But if learning their own lesson about pragmatic reality is what it takes to drive a stake in this monster called populism once and for all, so be it. I want to see the wrecking ball swing back to the sane centrist middle, so that the extremists both left (Sanders/Singh) and right (Trump/Scheer) will be lost in the wilderness until they grow up. Give Aladdin a rub for me, comrade, but be careful what you wish for. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch and Fantasy Island always had a cruel twist by the end.

Jackie Blue said...

I've heard mixed things about Mainstreet's track record but apparently they've gotten a lot better since the infamous Calgary mishap. Plus, no other firm does riding polls at all; they just extrapolate from the national/regional numbers, and very few do sub-regionals, which is as good as throwing darts (or something else) at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Canada has too many polling firms altogether, and a chunk of them are just Con-house-effect offshoots started by former employees of Ipsos-Reid. Then there's the aggregators. The more I read into it, the more I'm noticing that aggregators like 338/PollTracker/Calculated Politics and some online hobbyists attempting to copy Nate Silver are making wild guesses at best. So I'm coming around to Ottlib and Dief's assertion that for the most part, polls are for dogs. Apparently I'm not alone. See here:

But I really like Quito Maggi if for one reason only: he makes Dirty Nick Kouvalis lose his shit on Twitter.

Jackie Blue said...

Think you nailed it with the "ugly" descriptor

...and there you have it, the vanilla doughboys at the Nazionalist Post admit why Cons hate Trudeau.

Jackie Blue said...

You've been doing some excellent commentary on Marshall's demographic "hacking," RT. I found this interesting from a data-driven perspective and potentially hopeful for the Liberals

The section about university-educated voters kinda vindicates what these guys have been saying throughout the campaign, and getting much flak for it

An experimental AI project at U. Ottawa called "Polly" has been tracking the campaign and showing similar patterns. It also explains why Cons go after the "elites" and look with disdain upon teachers, why the first thing they look to destroy are schools and universities, and why Trump (Scheer, Ford...) "love the poorly educated." More likely to fall for that "social media divisive bullshit." Now if only we can convince the warring progressives to remember their ABCs!

Steve said...

Weak Andy is now lashing out with weak projections about legal herion and 40 billion dollar deficits. What this proves is his interal polling says the next CON leader will be Nancy Kenny. NTTIAWWT.