Tuesday, October 08, 2019

The Leader's Debate and the Shame of Andrew Scheer

It was without a doubt the worst political debate I have ever seen, more like a game show on crack than anything else.

The format was all wrong, the time allocation was a farce with no candidate able to develop a thought before being cut off.

And to make matters worse, health care wasn't even one of the topics for discussion.

But none of the above stopped the grubby Con Andrew Scheer from quickly claiming victory, just like he did after the French-language debate.

Only to look even more pathetic and desperate, if that's possible.

Especially since Scheer somehow managed to lose the debate in the first ten minutes with this ugly clip.

Which may have excited Yankee Doodle Andy and his rabid base, but I'm sure turned off a lot of decent  real Canadians.

And of course I just had to point out that grubby Scheer was projecting. Again.

Some in the Con media were also claiming that Jagmeet Singh won the debate. And Singh did put in a decent performance.

But that's only because the format favoured one-liners, as the formidable Elly Alboim points out.

And while Singh is pretty good at those, he has a great deal of trouble trying to explain policy. 

His failure to stand up for those like him who are being discriminated against by Bill 21 in Quebec can only be described as cowardly.

And somebody really needs to let him know that he is NEVER going to be prime minister.

As well as explain that the only reason the Con media is pulling for him is that they want to split the vote so Scheer can become prime minister.

And the bottom line?

There was no clear winner. 

A two-hour election debate Monday saw federal party leaders clash over ethics, climate change and the economy but saw no one immediately emerge as the clear winner, although they slung one-liners, insults and criticisms across the stage as Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s rivals sought to stake a claim to his job as prime minister.

Which means that it's advantage Trudeau. 

He kept his cool, he stood up to the ugly American, he looked like a real prime minister.

And in just two weeks he'll be the one who will put that ghastly Yankee Doodle Andy down forever...   


Jackie Blue said...

Singh is a desperate, opportunistic tool looking to save the furniture and his ass from a leadership review. "I won't prop up the Conservatives" -- fucking liar, until it proves convenient. Just like JWR, he's more than happy to sell out disadvantaged minorities to the Cons and use his demographic identity as a shield against criticism if it means elevating his profile and jumping aboard the populist "we hate Trudeau" bandwagon. What a craven POS he is.

I never trusted him to begin with and always thought he and May were spoilers like Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein for Hillary Clinton. Their deluded supporters think that by "owning the neolibs," they can make people so miserable under a fascist government that the pendulum will swing way far to the left and progressives will have no choice but to rally around their revolution. Yeah, that's working out just great where I'm at isn't it. Fuck him, fuck his Sarandon strategy and fuck the NDP.

I actually have more respect for the BQ guy. At least he wasn't having any of weak Andy's bullshit about blackface and SNC. I hope this unholy alliance backfires, and that the Dippers and the Cons get wiped out in Quebec for their vile horseshoe-politics tag-teaming. Have you seen what the Cons are pushing now? They're getting American alt-right Internet personalities like Mike Cernovich and Andy Ngo to "just ask questions" on Twitter about Point Grey Academy. Scheer and Marshall are pulling a Lorne Nystrom attack on Trudeau. This is sick. The lowest of the low. And it makes me think that the demonic altar boy has some disturbing secrets of his own. They always do.

But these are the kind of perverts who Singh is OK to have promoting him just so he can score points on Trudeau? Shame on him. So much for "love and courage." He can go to hell and so can Lizzy Mayhem the recyclable dumpster fire candidate. All enablers of fascism teaming up to crucify a good man. They can't win on policy so they all decided to gang up and ruin his life. This election is stomach-churning, and I hope it has a happy ending because I can't wait for it to be over.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Simon. Confusion, ugly one-liners and people talking over each other leave voters baffled, demoralized and unlikely to vote. That's why the debates were structured this way. In other words, it's advantage Con because the old Con base always turn out when it matters - on voting day.

You only have to look at the Harper years to know I'm right. Dispirited Libs stayed home to wash their hair, while their Crazy Uncle Liberty shuffled off to the polls in a house coat and slippers. I've worked enough polls to see it first hand. This one's shaping up the same way.

rumleyfips said...

The mask bit by Sheerly-not made me wonder. Trudeau could have come back scolding Sheer-idiocy for not being able to pass his insurance broker exams then lying about it on his resume . He could have pointed out that Sheer-curtains his his citizenship . But he didn't . This may have been a way to direct independent voters to Sheer-nonsense's weak character. I surely saw that. It also showed Sheerly-not's nasty and weak side compared to Trudeau's reasonableness.

The network wanted chaos, they think that is good TV. They pissed a lot of people off because they are navel gazing idiots. Their corporate mentality is why no votes were changed.

Who looked bad: Sheer; poor makeup, poor hair, ill fitting suit and a phony aggressive approach. May; loud , shrill and unfocused. Bernier - attack poodle.

Who looked good: Singh; put together look, calm demeanor . Blanchet; why can't English Canada have good leaders. Trudeau. A bit above the fray and leaderlike.

So; no minds were changed, no votes were changed : it was a waste of time except for Raj's hair.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Jagmeet Singh is nice guy, but his party is a mess and too low in the polls for him to ever be Prime Minister. All he can do is split the vote and help Scheer become prime minister. Way to go Jaggy!

brawnfire said...

My observations on the English debate, FWIW:
Althea Raj is gorgeous. (As a female, I can get away with saying so. Not that it matters a whit, in the scheme of things, politically-speaking. Though, she asked good questions, also.)
Singh was likable and appealing. However, he had nothing PRACTICAL and QUANTIFIABLE to recommend. I think he's highly adoptable, as a person; one with commendable values. So, as an advocate for the people, IF aligned with the Liberals, some of his ideals might yet be realized. NOT the other way around.
Of the lot, ONLY Justin Trudeau was Prime Ministerial.
Scheer isn't worth mentioning, except for Elizabeth May's calling the election at 8:55 pm: The high point of the event :)
May: "Mr. Scheer, with all due respect, you are not going to be prime minister."
Scheer was not amused, telling May he’ll prove her wrong.
May stood firm, saying she’s willing to bet that it will be a Liberal minority or majority.

Anonymous said...

I don't care how nice Juggy is, he's a Con stooge. Him and Scheer were so close during the debate that I thought they were going to get married. And every time Scheer said something nice about Juggy he got all jiggy, and didn't seem to realize that the Cons only want him to split the progressive vote. Nice he may be, but smart not so much, and nobody should vote for him !!!!

Gyor said...

If Jagmeet wanted to exploit his race, he easily have done that by reaming Trudeau out for black face, which he was well with in his rights to do, but choose not to.

So that alone destroys your arguement.

There is no evidence that Scheer has ever done anything perverted or even merely interesting in his entire sexual life. Just making stuff up whole cloth.

And if your so worried about the Tories winning you can thank Trudeau for that. He promised electoral reform and he failed to deliver it. If Trudeau had come thru and kept his word, then Scheer and the Tories would never,ever get near to power, Jagmeet Singh didn't force Trudeau to wear black face. Jagmeet Singh didn't force Trudeau to choose corrupt. Jagmeet Singh didn't make Trudeau fire his AG for standing up to him when he was wrong. Jagmeet Singh didn't make Trudeau do embarrassing things on camera like pratt falls. Jagmeet Singh didn't make Trudeau mismanage government appointments. Jagmeet Singh didn't make Trudeau buy a pipeline.

At what point does Trudeau have to take responsiblity for his own failures instead of you guys blaming everyone else for them? When is Justin Trudeau going to be accountable.

And what happened to Hillary was her own fault, Bernie didn't make her do stupid shit or skip campaigning in vital states or cheat during the primary.

Yet its always someone else's fault, what happened to the buck stopping with the leader. Hey if Trudeau loses maybe you can blame the Russians too!

And no one owes the Liberals a vote especially after they did this to themselves, when they broke their word on electoral reform, they left a huge opening that Tories NEEDED to win. Turns out it was voting Liberals that was really a vote for the Tories, because this was always eventually going to happen at some point, if not now then later because its the side effect of our electoral system that Tories eventually get back in power.

Still Liberals freaking out pleases me greatly, sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

Plus it confirms what I was starting to see evidence of else where, that Jagmeet really did win the debate , you wouldn't flipping out like this otherwise .

Gyor said...

Blanchet was hard to understand half the time, his platform was basically fuck Canada, as long as Quebec gets what it wants, and he didn't have a single good idea.

And Trudeau was far from above the Fray,he took his own shots, talked over others, and rushed his responses, faked his loud passion by the end.

Jackie Blue said...

I saw that line. I hope she's actually correct and knows something we don't (someone on Twitter suggested that they might have internal polling numbers indicating such a result), and that this wasn't just a ploy to encourage complacency or throwing away votes on Greens to split/suppress the vote. The polls and the seat projections are all over the place, so for her to say that shows one of three things: hubris, clandestine awareness, or her own "hidden agenda." Perhaps on the advice of her Svengali husband and/or a certain yearbook-hoarding rumor mongerer.

I don't trust her or Singh. I don't think they're commendable at all. I think they're self-serving hacks and irresponsible populists seeking their 15 minutes of undeserved relevance and doing dirty politics as usual. They feed their followers pie-in-the-sky disinfo "Liberal/Tory same old story," or "a Conservative minority won't be so bad" as though either of these useless fringe parties could ever hope to contain the mighty blue machine. But that's all they've got when getting drunk on Trudeau hate is a helluva drug.

I will never forgive either of them if they have a hand in being the Stein and Sanders of Canada. Just like I will never forgive Stein or Sanders themselves for how their "revolution" got us babies in cages and an American Kristallnacht. Way back when, votes for Ralph Nader stuck us with Bush. I liked him as a consumer advocate. As a politician he proved as destructive as a fleet of Chevy Corvairs.

Only Trudeau is Prime Minister material. Only Hillary was President material and in both cases it drove their inferior, jealous opponents mad to the point of sabotaging the whole country just to prove a point and/or raise their profiles. Playing the long game: now Hillary is out and Sanders is in the top three. Singh is probably looking down the road just the same. If the Charter gets shredded and his own people end up in Gitmo in the meanwhile, so be it if he gets a shot at his own version of Trudeaumania. The real legacy of Jack Layton: an underhanded saboteur.

To this day none of those 2016 purity voters will accept responsibility for the results of their actions because they're convinced that this needed to happen, the babies in cages are martyrs for the cause and the revolution is nigh. Purity perfectionist progressives are the left-wing equivalent of right-wingers who want to usher in the Rapture. For the Dippers/Sanderistas it's revolution. For the Greens it's "Extinction Rebellion." For those of us in the rational, sensible middle it's "all bets are off."

Trust but verify. We won't know if they're really sincere, or whether May was just bluffing her lousy poker hand, until October 22. Right now, not for one minute would I take her bet.

Jackie Blue said...

Jughead is Layton incarnate and that's not a compliment at all. Either fame has gone to his head or he's in on a long-game plan and doesn't give a shit what the consequences might be. Don't forget Harper said his ultimate goal was to destroy, not just defeat, the Liberal Party. I've seen several red-rose Twitter accounts saying that what they really want is to "get the damn Liberals out of the way." It's gotten to a point I don't even talk to people who I know were Sanderistas in 2016. If their northern equivalents' little scheme works, I will feel nothing but the same burning hatred for "conscience voters" who sabotaged Trudeau by throwing away their votes on the NDP. Orange really is the color of Trump.

Steve said...

Andrew embarrassed himself repeatedly. If we elect the best cheap shot artist he wins.

Now unlcle warren has been busy. Dont know what to think but I am some german word

Jackie Blue said...

Here it comes -- Justin and Gerry need to get some legal eagles on this. And maybe more. Does JT have Hillary Clinton on his Rolodex? Look:


Brace yourselves Canada. You guys are going to need a bigly Resistance. And I'll be Arya Stark reporting for duty.

Jackie Blue said...

I hope you're proud of putting children in cages, you shit-disturbing, seditionist commie fuck. Sooner or later you purity perfectionist pissants will reap the destruction you've sown, and I will be laughing at your pathetic pussy-hat protest marches as the world catches on fire and you starve under conservative austerity because you wouldn't listen to us. You could have had it good, but it was never good enough. Well, say hi to Jughead for me as Herr Scheerenfuhrer marches you both off to the conversion camps once he's no longer a useful idiot. But her emails! But electoral reform! But fuck you. Solidarity forever, LOL. Let the tankie bastards freeze in the dark.

Jackie Blue said...

I sooooooo want Justin to challenge this motherfucker to a "debate."

Like the debate he won against Patrick Brazeau.

Anonymous said...

From what was said and not said during the debate it was obvious that if the party leaders had to cast a ranked ballot for the next prime minister (excluding themselves) Scheer would have come in dead last. Sad to think that because of vote splitting and stay at home voters that this empty, do and say anything for a vote party could actually form the next federal government. The only reassurance is that unlike Harper where it took years for the public to catch on to his subversive agenda; like Dougie the gloves will be off on day one of a Scheer mandate. Reformacon a disease from the past trying to make a comeback as the result of lax vaccination standards.


Anonymous said...

I was going to watch it but the thought of seeing Scheer attack JT as described above has me feeling no regrets whatsoever. The tired old insincere Scheer name calling game is so beneath what I can stomach and turns what should be an opportunity to tell Canadians what you will do for the country into Blandy Andy's mud flinging festival of projecting fecal projectiles.
In the time remaining before the election, JT needs to remind Canadians of the many accomplishments under his mandate. Legal weed, a new trade deal, getting the orange dummy to drop his stupid tariffs, dealing with the orange dummy without bending over(as Scheer would have done), the carbon tax rebates, more tax relief for middle income earners, no senate stacked with his buddies(a la Harper toadies), etc. etc. etc.
So what if electoral reform was dropped. Get over it. Those who keep whining about it are more interested in slagging JT at the risk of helping elect Blandy Andy. Electing Blandy Andy will be a return to Harper era abuses of power and an odious agenda of attacking all perceived enemies who dare to criticize him. He'll stack the senate, further enrich his corporate benefactors and continue Harper's mandate of destroying the environment. Wake the fuck up Canada!!!!!
Fuck Scheer!!!!!!!!

Jackie Blue said...

Listen to an American. Not just Soledad O'Brien but me, reposting Soledad's repost of a really awful media hot take (that I have revised specifically for Canada):


"If Trump (Scheer) wins, he'll be more or less held in check by the House and Senate (NDP and Greens) because that's the way our system of government is set up. Not even Republicans (Tories) are eager to follow Trump's (Scheer's) lead.

There won’t be a wall. He won’t impose any religion-based immigration restrictions, because even Trump (Scheer) isn’t that lame-brained. He’ll dress up and behave at state dinners and be funny when called upon."

Today Donald Scheer went to the border and ranted about MS-13. After a Toronto restaurant owned by Syrian refugees was forced to close due to threats from white supremacists. Let that sink in.

"Relax, Doug Ford won't be that bad."

-Jen Gerson, Canada's Kathleen Parker


When all this is said and done, the fake news lying press enemies of the people are going to face a serious reckoning for their gaslighting, willful ignorance and betrayal.

lagatta à montréal said...

Jackie, why are you insulting people like that? It is really over the top.

lagatta à montréal said...

I don't give a flying fig if you hate the NDP. We have healthcare; you don't.

Singh has no interest whatsoever in shoring up a Con minority. Historically, healthcare here began when the CCF/NDP shored up the Libs, and demanded that Tommy Douglass's plan went through, follwing Nye Bevan's in the UK.

Though I'm not a commie f*ck, that is so turn of the 19th-20th century. I'm an ecosocialist one.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, ZeroHedge cross-posting Canadian fake news from the Buffalo Chronicle.


Anonymous said...

She's insulting people like that because what you see is the true face of Trudeau's base.