Monday, October 21, 2019

The Day That Could Decide Whether Our Canada Lives Or Dies

I waited until the very last moment to write this final post of the election campaign, for a very good reason.

It was such a nice day I thought I should take a little more time to reflect on, or at least try to forget the most disgusting campaign I have ever witnessed.

And try above all to remember that Canada, the beautiful country, is not to blame.

But now the last polls are in, and I feel fairly confident that barring a last minute catastrophe, like an asteroid strike, the winner will be...

Adam Scotti

Justin Trudeau.

In our final poll for the 43rd federal election campaign, we are predicting that the Liberals will capture the most seats on Monday. Given the trends over the past week and the regional patterns, we feel comfortable that the Liberals are going to win with at least a strong minority. However, the distribution of Liberal support is extremely seat-efficient and there is still a strong possibility that the party could eek out a bare majority tomorrow.

Momentum seems to be favouring the Liberals, who have been steadily edging upward in the past week, while the Conservative Party has seen a monotonic decline.

The NDP and the Bloc Québécois saw significant rises in the days following the debates, but the NDP appears to have plateaued and the Bloc seems to be falling back.

At least that's what all the polls seem to suggest, Mainstreet, Ipsos, and Abacus.

And really who can be surprised?

When as Stephen Marche recently pointed out, Justin Trudeau's achievements dwarf his stylistic failures.

The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is the most successful progressive government in the world. It instituted a carbon tax and legalized marijuana. Last year, for the first time, Canada settled more refugees than any other country. Because of higher government benefits, child poverty is at its lowest level in history. Economic growth this year reached 3 percent. That is what Trudeau has done. He also appeared in brownface at an Aladdin-themed costume party in 2001 at the age of 29.

And the crowds he has been attracting are amazing.

Like those 2000 people greeting him... at midnight on a cold Saturday night... in of all places Calgary, Alberta.

And it has been the same story all over the country from Atlantic Canada to British Columbia.
While his Con opponent Andrew Scheer has seen his crowds shrink, and been reduced to sucking warm milk out of a beer glass in Maxime Bernier's riding...

To show his support for the dairy lobby.

While still refusing to say whether he hired the loser Warren Kinsella to try to destroy Bernier's People Party. 

And showing once again why I call him the Ugly American...

And why I call his foul supporters RepubliCons or Trumplings.

Of course, there are still two ways the Cons could come out ahead. 

One, if not enough progressives turn out to vote, which would be criminal considering how much is at stake from the rights of women and LGBT Canadians, to the future of our precious medicare system, and the fight against climate change. 

And two, if Jagmeet Singh convinces enough dummies that he could be prime minister, even though his party is half as popular as Trudeau's Liberals, presumably by jumping up and down...

And manages to split the vote so badly in so many ridings where the NDP has no chance of winning, that the Cons get a majority.

With a little help from Elizabeth May, seen here talking to her bus...

After blowing the biggest chance to do well the Greens have ever had.

By among other things believing that Warren Kinsella could help them instead of screwing them royally...  

But then to be fair, if Trudeau loses ground to Scheer and his RepubliCons he will also have himself to blame, for being too nice to the Cons and their stooge media.

Even as they smeared him over and over again, and if they had a chance would have cheerfully slit his throat.

Or put a bullet through his heart...

For somebody like me who hates Cons and bullies with a passion, and is always ready for a fight, his refusal to strike back was hard to understand or accept.

But unfortunately, as I explained on Twitter, that's one of the main reasons I like Trudeau so much...

For in an increasingly grubby and greedy country, full of dirty old men, I happen to believe that decency matters.

So tomorrow afternoon I will set out to proudly and happily vote for him. 

And after it's all over, I will move on and try to forget this hellish campaign.

Starting with the happy fact that they have just drained the water out of this large pond in my neighbourhood, and soon it will become a fantastic skating rink... 

So my buddy Seb and I can race around it late at night, and life will be normal and happy, and it will seem like Canada again.  

Have a great voting day everybody, make sure all your friends vote as well.

So that hopefully we can all raise our voices when it's finally over and say....

Glory, glory, hallelujah, Justin Trudeau is still prime minister.

And our Canada still lives.... 


  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    I think it's safe to vote Green since the Libs won my riding (LaSalle-Emard) by a large margin in 2015. Off to the polls I go.

  2. The Ekos projection falls in line with my thoughts for the past couple of weeks. Trudeau is in a position to form a working coalition with support from either the NDP or Bloc. Sheer would need both the NDP and the Bloc and maybe Bernier . Trudeau's job here looks much easier than Sheer's .

  3. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I know how you feel, this is the worst election I've ever seen thanks to Scheer and his Trump Party supporters. But if the Cons lose it will be a hallelujah moment, and it will make everything worth it.

  4. Anonymous11:23 AM

    That picture of Andrew Scheer with a beer glass full of milk is so disgusting I may never drink milk again. He really will do anything for votes. I hope the police investigate his Kinsella connection because Weak Andy belongs in jail.

    1. He really is a bit clueless. He doesn't have to drink beer (containing alcohol); he could drink either 0% beer (there are some very good ones now) or simply water. Milk in a pub just looks weird.

    2. Anonymous11:50 AM

      And so does Kinsella.

  5. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I wish I could be as confident as you Simon, but other polls are not as good as Ekos so I dread what could happen tonight. I only hope young people get out and vote, or we could still end up with a Conservative government.

    1. No reason to be complacent -- everyone must get out and VOTE ABC -- but Canada has a lot of Con-friendly polling companies that are basically just copycat offshoots of Ipsos-Reid. Even Forum has the Liberals marginally ahead and Nik Nanos was on QP yesterday talking about inefficient votes in the west. But like you said it all depends on turnout. If those rallies are any indication, though, there's still measurable enthusiasm for Trudeau and especially some of his star candidates, like Adam the kayaker. Fingers crossed it all works out for the best. 🤞 🙏

    2. "like you said it all depends on turnout." --- and dirty tricks
      It's telling that the top headlines in CBC News and the Toronto Star right now are an Alert: Robocalls are wrongly telling voters to head to the polls a day late in Quebec NB and NS! No such headlines in the Globe and Mail.

  6. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Polling lately has proven to be extremely unreliable - especially internet polls. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict a Liberal slim majority.


    1. Curious as to what you think about Polly the AI? 🤖 "She" ran the date() function on Steve Paikin's show the other night and got a readout saying "because it's 1972".

    2. Anonymous3:24 PM

      Don't know anything about Polly AI. However, one of the issues with AI is "garbage in/garbage out".


  7. .. The Boss here has been predicting a Liberal majority for month, Simon. She said so prior to Lavalin & she's not exactly 'ordinary' .. she has never ever mentioned India.. the nothing burger about wearing Indian clothing whatever.. over there. nor has her political coven or secret cabal who are die hard anti Trudeau either.. Now we have Kinsella waving the white flag & going down the rabbit hole & pulling the lid on after him. Scheer muttering about 'vendors they engage or do not engage with. (that scandal BTW aint over till its over. Documents re - create an arm's length fake entity that cannot be connected to the client re 3rd party advertisement non-disclosure.. We have laws about such deception. So seize all docs emails etc. Kinsella says that work was completed months ago.. and they were always going to disclose to Elections Canada.. but but but.. uh never did. The task was fry and crucify Bernier & his candidates - who were doing a fine job of that on their own.. but mebbe scavange a few Quebec seats.. Scheer looked like an A Hole .. deflecting that steaming pile of horse shite

    Anyways.. I was in/out voting today.. nice and sunny, walked home.. felt good. I do hope The Boss is right.. Sleep tight m'man.. as always, ya fought the good fight.. and tomorrow, no matter what .. we start & go for a stranglehold on OUR public servants.. to ensure they look after our youth and our aged especially. And our dreams, needs, wishes.. not their political ideology or whim.. This is OUR time.. not their time.. They work for us.. we pay them

    1. Hey, hi, salamander,
      "Anyways.. I was in/out voting today.. nice and sunny, ... felt good."
      Bright and early, me, too.

  8. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I second the demand for an RCMP investigation into the dealings of the CPC with Kinsella. Hopefully both shine much less brightly after #KinsellaGate.

    Thank you, Simon, for all your hard work over the years. I've been a fan from day one and enjoy your cartoons, mock-ups, satire and other art work related to Canadian politics. On many occasions, we're usually minutes away from each other when it comes to posting VERY similar thoughts.

    All the best for October 22, 2019 and beyond!!!

  9. ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️ GOOD LUCK CANADA ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️

    Viva Trudeaumania! Keep him and cherish him for as long as you can!

    All the best from 🇺🇸 in the land of the 🍊 🍄 !!!

    1. Anonymous11:38 PM

      We managed to make it out alive...a minority, but alive.

      - "Bladdy"

  10. Yes, I am very hopeful of a Liberal majority.
    And the mean, snarky part of me also hopes that JWR and Philpott both LOSE!

  11. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Pierre Poutine rides again, this time as part of the Proud Posse:


  12. it is a test, we passed the last one when we banished Harper from the History books, if weak Andy can slay Justin based upon SNL and costumes, we are in deep trouble.

  13. Anonymous7:36 PM

    The EKOS survey is a very positive sign, Simon. With those numbers, even a negative wobble should ensure a Liberal minority and of course, a positive one could mean a majority. With even a slight minority, maybe a new era of cooperation will be born between the Libs and Dippers and would ensure that Scheer will have to go back to being an insurance gopher or at least get his lying ass kicked out of Stornoway.
    I've voted already and I pray Canadians will reject Scheer as I have. I do wonder however, if JT wins by 3 seats, will Scheer respect the results and allow the Libs to continue governing as he wrongfully expects the other parties to do if he wins by a few seats. Hmm.
    I'm looking forward to and praying you'll be writing a victory blog tomorrow, Simon. Canada deserves nothing less.

    1. We did it, JD.

      Now on to 1974.