Friday, October 18, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Lies That Could Cost Him the Election

Andrew Scheer had a funny look on his face, at a rally in Fredericton this morning. He was trying to look like a winner.

But instead he ended up looking like a desperate loser, after being made to look like a liar. Again.

And although many Canadians already know that Scheer is a serial liar, these could be the lies that cost him the election.

For his lying can now only be described as compulsive. 

Offering no evidence to back up his claims, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer today accused the Liberals of planning to team up with the NDP in a governing coalition that would rack up a $40-billion deficit, hike the GST and cut federal transfers to the provinces and territories.

The depraved product of a political pervert who just can't help himself.

The Conservatives also have been running ads accusing the Liberals of secretly harbouring plans to legalize hard drugs and impose a new tax on home sales — claims the Liberals have insisted are completely false.

And although Justin Trudeau has politely asked him and his Cons to stop making things up...

The Cons keep shoving ugly lying pamphlets like this one into the mailboxes of Canadians...

Because that is who they are.

And just one look at some of the young fanatics who work for the Con propaganda department tells you all you need to know.

For as you can see from their WAR ROOM arm bands, they really are waging war on our country and its values.

Just like they have helped Scheer, and his Con media stooges, smear Justin Trudeau over and over again.

And the good news?

As Chantal Hébert points out, neither their lies, nor Scheer's smears, are doing their party any favours.

Bruce Anderson is even more scathing.
And with good reason.

For if Scheer is a compulsive liar, who could trust that Ugly American not to diminish the rights of women or LGBT people?

Or trust him not to carve up our precious medicare system, like Jason Kenney and Rob Ford are already doing.

As for Justin Trudeau, Scheer's lies can only help elevate him above this squalid election campaign.

And give him the boost he needs in the last weekend of the election.

For decency matters, so do our Canadian values.

And Trudeau is the only leader who can defeat the ugly Cons...


ottlib said...

The Liberals were the favourite to win anyway. Mr. Scheer has been fighting an uphill battle from the start. Unfortunately for the Conservatives they chose the wrong guy to fight that battle.

He has spent the last two weeks saying and doing things to energize his base. He started the campaign sounding vaguely centrist, trying to appeal to a much broader audience than his base but he abandoned that two weeks ago and he doubled down on it this week.

There strategy is clear. Secure the base, pull it on election day and hope for a split of the progressive vote. Unfortunately, I believe they miscalculated that a rising NDP and Bloc is just as much of a threat to them as the Liberals. It looks like they may lose seats in BC and Quebec and for every seat they lose their chances of victory become more slim.

It would appear that their only hope now is that the swing voters that have not made up their minds yet swing hard to the Conservatives. However, if they swing to the Liberals and the NDP has their usual election day fade then the Liberals could have a very good night on Monday.

Three more days and we will know for certain.

Anonymous said...

Scheer's attacks on JT since he cheated his way to opposition leader have been one lie after another. Whether it's changing the context of JT's speeches by doctoring the videos, fear mongering on the border or his most recent outright lies, the man is a complete fraud. The self proclaimed insurance "broker", umm, gopher, who lied on video and on his resume about his woefully lacking real world experience and conveniently forgot to mention he's a dual citizen has fooled enough people(if you believe the polls)to possibly form government. That would be the biggest fraud perpetuated on our population in our history.
Wake up Canada! Scheer wont win solely on his base so he's counting on Canadian ignorance to bring him bliss. You may not like JT but I guarantee you will live to regret a vote for Scheer or anyone else just to spite JT. Please, do your homework and read the facts.

And lest we forget the 10 years of Harper abuses of power as PM. Harper and Scheer, one and the same.


rumleyfips said...

Lies about safe injection sites, home taxes , GST etc and now we hear that Andy's arseholes hired Wornout Kinsellout and Pushing up Daisies Ltd. to destroy Bernier and the Peoples Party. And how was he to do it? With social media posts . In other words more reformatory lies.

Trump isn't the only far-right leader with a nasty vindictive personality.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what other Con inspired and paid for attacks Kinsella and the Daisy group worked on? The only good news is that due to election rules the Cons have recently had to do most of the heavy lifting themselves and it shows. Negative no plan Andy has to carry the torch for another 2 days until the writ is over and the hit men can get back into the game. Something has to change but what? Voting changes will only muddy the waters and create an expanded cluster of special interest parties for the hired guns to hide behind.


Steve said...

its infuriating to hear weak Andy blame Trudeau for creating scum bag politics.

rumleyfips said...

ipolitics says that facebook notified a government agency about a Trudeau story that was false. Unfortunately this is behind a paywall.

No place too low for reformatories.

The cons internal polling must be really bad .

Jackie Blue said...

But I thought Andy Trump said his internal polling showed a bigly yuge incredible win? More terrific than the crowds for Barack Obama?

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib....Andrew Scheer is in such a sorry state, that it's hard to imagine that any sane person could vote for him. And it's certainly true that the rise of the Bloc could cost them some seats they were hoping to gain or hang onto in Quebec. But I still think the rise of the NDP could seriously damage the Liberals by splitting the vote. I think Singh has been a bit irresponsible by suggesting that he could be prime minister, when judging by his stalled polls there is no chance of that. And I'm afraid some starry eyed millennials I know have swallowed that fantasy hook line and sinker. On the other hand if Quebecers see that Scheer is still threatening to come out ahead, I think many of them could transfer their votes from the Bloc to the Liberals. As I have said before I fear I may have to heavily tranquilized if I'm going to survive election night....🙀

Simon said...

Hi JD....Thank you for that excellent list, I have saved it and will use it as reference material. The stories show what an excellent job Justin Trudeau has done to lift us out of the darkness of the Harper regime. He is without a doubt the most progressive prime minister in Canadian history, he has the economy humming away, and it's absolutely disgraceful that he has not been given the recognition he deserves. But as we know the media is controlled by powerful economic interests who are fixated on bringing Trudeau down, and they have collaborated with all kinds of religious fanatics and right-wing extremists, to smear Trudeau like no other prime minister. I just hope that enough Canadians turn out to support Trudeau, so I can moon them all 😉

Simon said...

Hi Rumleyfips....Yes, only Trump has told more lies than Yankee Doodle Andy. And if he does manage to win the election the media will have to be held accountable for going after Trudeau instead of Scheer. I hear people repeating Con lies all the time, and that's only because our shabby media was unable or unwilling to set the record straight, and call Scheer a serial liar who is unfit to even think about becoming prime minister....

Simon said...

Hi RT....if you consider that Kinsella was only a small part of the hatred and disinformation machine. And if you add to that all the third party groups, Big Oil money, Trump operatives, and Postmedia papers, what we are dealing with is a giant conspiracy to try to steal the election. I've never seen anything like it, and unless progressives turn out massively to vote, we could still be in very big trouble...

Simon said...

Hi Steve....I agree with you, just the sound of Scheer's voice drives me up the wall. And his accusing Trudeau of dividing Canadians is simply obscene. Stephen Harper was the one who started using wedge politics to pit one group of Canadians against each other for crass political purposes, and Scheer and Hamish Marshall have only followed in their master's foot steps. So as a result the country is now so polarized I fear for its future....

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips...yes, that was a story that originated on the fake news site the Buffalo Chronicle that I believe alleged that Trudeau had left his old school under a cloud after some kind of a sex scandal. It was all horse shit but the Cons used the fake story to raise their own questions about Trudeau's departure. It's simply disgusting, if my parents had caught me telling even one of those lies I would have been grounded for at least six months. At the time I would have grumbled, but now I'm just so grateful that they taught me that decency matters....

Simon said...

Hi Jackie.....Scheer isn't acting like man who is on his way to victory, while Ivison is reporting that Trudeau is acting like he has already won. So who knows what's really happening, but it's going to be a really scary night...

Matt Campeau said...

Who ever wrote this is full of BS. Looks like a liberal fiction story straight out of STAR wars

Jackie Blue said...

As I have said before I fear I may have to heavily tranquilized if I'm going to survive election night....

Here ya go Simon, here's a perfect soundtrack to go along with it.

"Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours to go... I wanna be sedated..."

Jackie Blue said...

Somewhat reassuring. Turnout matters but this is good motivation.

The much-awaited Forum final. The previous projection I linked to was the penultimate. I've added my own commentary to the list.

Team Trubama/Pierre's Ghost: 140
GOP (Gas & Oil Party) North: 111
French Farage's Quebexit: 48
Horgan's Heroes: 38

Dizzy Lizzy: 1
Mad Max: 0
Judas Brutus Raybould: 0
Calamity Jane: negative entropy

Alternate projected winner by a landslide:
Shiva Fournier, with 338 butter tarts.

Honorable mention:
Robert Stanfield, tackling Andrew Scheer on the gridiron.


Polls don't vote, so everyone still needs to get out there en masse on Monday and defeat the dark side once and for all!