Friday, July 19, 2019

The Rancid Racism of Andrew Scheer's Cons

Two days ago Andrew Scheer was finally forced to answer questions about what he thought of Donald Trump's racist remarks, and it wasn't a pretty sight.

He hummed, he hawed, he fidgeted like a fish on a hook. He looked really uncomfortable.

And now we know why.

For while Scheer called Trump's comments offensive, and divisive.

He's now playing the same dirty old game.

Trying to whip up the racist feelings again, because his polls are sagging, and he's desperate.

Trying to make it sound like the number of irregular border crossings are increasing, when in fact they have dramatically decreased. 

The number of migrants crossing the border into Canada irregularly is down by roughly half compared to this time last year.

Between January and May 2019, a total of 5,140 irregular migrants were intercepted by the RCMP. That’s a decrease of 46 per cent compared to the 9,481 who were intercepted during the same period last year.

Distorting reality again, like him and Cons did when they turned this picture of a family of asylum seekers heading for a Canadian border post...

Into this one where the big black man is suddenly alone, heading for a hole in the fence...

And, as the Con scum who made that monstrous attack ad would want you to believe, heading for your home and your family.

Because as I said on Twitter, that's who they are:

A party more American than Canadian, with a leader who gets his marching orders from the Bible and Big Oil, believes he knows more than doctors and scientists, just like Trump.

And with his rancid racism would take us to the dark place called fascism...

Luckily we have a real Canadian leader who is standing up for our values. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a tougher stance Thursday on racist comments made by U.S. President Donald Trump and the similar chants that his supporters made at a campaign rally just days afterwards. 

“I think the comments made were hurtful, wrong and completely unacceptable,” Trudeau told reporters in Montreal on Thursday.

Which will make the choice in October even easier or more obvious.

Will Canadians vote for decency?

Or will they vote for the Trumpling in our midst?

And since I don't believe that most Canadians are racists.

I'm pretty confident Canada is going to win...


Anonymous said...

Lying Andrew Scheer is pulling data out of his ass as he goes along on his Magical Bullshit Tour. He's hoping Canadians are as dumb and as racist as a Trump supporter and in so doing, he foments hatred towards people of color. Let's call him Trump lite. Equally full of shit without the orange tinge. Equally disgusting and entirely inept.

Jackie Blue said...

Another Ipsos poll said 37% of Canadians want to put the brakes on accepting refugees. Hm, isn't that about the same 37% they claim want "change in Ottawa"? Same firm ran a poll showing Republicans were cheering on Trump's racist comments about the four congresswomen. Why the hell are they surveying Con racists? Is that who signs up for their panel? You might as well just poll 4chan. I think we can guess where that firm's sympathies lie, and they do lie.

Meanwhile, Nanos finally told Grenier this morning to fuck off and yank his polls from the tracker if he was going to keep misrepresenting and stealing his data. The weighting given to baked-in biased BS like Ipsos-Reid is ridiculous. 30 points for Con polls and 0 for Nanos? As George Bush used to say, sounds like fuzzy math. CBC is getting a lot of pushback for this and I don't foresee the Poll Tracker feature outlasting this election. They do not represent the views of Canadians and even the pollsters themselves are fed up.

Still too early to count any chickens, but I have a feeling Canadians are starting to wake up to what a Con government represents. Weak Andy is a nameless advertising pitchman acting as a vessel for the worst instincts of humanity, albeit with a (diabolical) smiling face or should I say a shit-eating grin. His greatest fears are coming Tru': PMJT is going to run against Ford, against Kenney, and against Trump. Weak Andy is just not ready. Nice tiki torch, bro.

lagatta à montréal said...

Thank you for continuing to show this man in context among his family.

Jackie Blue said...

Just saw this, Simon. In case you want to add this picture to another post about the redneck province. I give you, Peak Y'allberta:

Dollars to donairs the owner of this vehicle has Truck Nutz on the trailer hitch. And more restraining orders than brain cells or teeth.

Simon said...

Hi JD....Well said. Scheer may have a different style than Trump, but he is the same kind of bigots. As the election grows closer, and his desperation mounts, expect him to beat his bigot drum even louder. But Stephen Harper did the same thing in his last months in power, and all it got him was a ticket to nowhere. And the same thing will happen to Scheer....

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....The polling firm squabble is growing more ridiculous every day, and I must say I'm very disappointed with Eric Grenier. His inclusion of obvious right wingers like Angus Reid and his vendetta with Nik Nanos really makes me question his judgement. But as well know the only poll that counts is the one in October, and in that regard things are looking very sunny indeed....

Cynical Guy said...

Simon, sorry to be late to the meeting! While the focus is mainly on Scheer's racial bigotry, we can't forget that he is extremely homophobic, and that scares me more. Add to this his right-winged homophobic fan base, and the terror escalates. I still want to know how much support Randy-Andy is receiving from the likes of David Cooke and his band of bigots at CitizenGo, and Charles McVety, the leader of Canada Christian College, who is beating his chest and bragging how he got Dougie Ford elected. What has Scheer offered in return for their support? What really concerns me is how the right is pushing for serious relaxation of the restrictions on hate speech that impedes their right to their freedom of expression/speech. this has gotten out of control when you visit sites like Global News, The National Post, and even Huffington Post Canada. The hate that is appearing on there is down right terrifying. The right does not believe in hate crime, does not believe in Islamophobia, and does not believe in Homophobia, and hate speech is their right as freedom of expression. This hate is starting to spill over into the streets, and Hamilton (where I live) has become a hotbed of hate, and it's especially aimed at Muslims and Gays, particularly the Gays.

Someone mentioned Jim Ballerall, the treasonous turd who is also taking credit for bringing down the Wynne government and giving us probably the most corrupt Premier ever. And now, he's butting his nose into the federal election and helping Randy-Andy. To finish, I got some very disturbing news regarding the candidates who are running in the election. Our incumbent is an NDPer, and has been good for the riding. The Liberal is a relatively unknown, but, at least he's approachable. The problem is with the conservative. he's a former Hamilton Tiger Cat, and is running on his celebrity status, and given the mindset of people, could be his ticket to an election victory. Trouble is, he is not as approachable as the Liberal or NDP candidates. To close, I have sent an e-mail to the Liberal candidate to offer my services for his campaign. I hope I can be successful.

Jackie Blue said...

Volunteer your services but encourage everyone you know to vote strategically for whatever progressive candidate has a better chance of defeating the Con in your riding. Always vote ABC.

On homophobia: I think that's an even more powerful momentum that the Cons have for hating Trudeau and wanting him gone, more than the energy plan or Muslims or SNC or even his last name or the fact that he's a Liberal. The story about Harper's "gay mafia" is disturbing. Dunno if you read Twitter chats, but there's a former ONPC staffer named Mike Gibbs who posts often about how he turned his back on the Cons when they got enveloped by Reform and went all-in on homophobic hate. Mike had a good thread a few weeks ago about Kenney and how powerful right-wing politicians use the closet as blackmail. Trudeau encouraging openness poses a direct threat to one of their primary vehicles of control. They smear with guilt by association, mock his mannerisms, etc. You should have seen the ballistic explosion when JT made a video with a contestant from Drag Race. JT knows he's trolling the trolls. The concern is whether or not one of the yellow vest incels is insecure and unstable enough to snap. Scheer and his ilk are more than happy to gin it up and then step back with plausible deniability and thoughts and prayers.

Michael Coren also had a really good interview with Wendy Mesley about this in January before the fake scandal broke. I think he's 100% correct in that homophobia (misogyny against men) and the belief that JT is gay is at the root of their visceral hatred -- the words he used verbatim -- more so than anything else he represents and, as he pointed out, more so than any other Liberal leader. Paul Martin presided over the legalization of marriage equality, but the worst vitriol is reserved for JT because he doesn't fulfill their traditional constrictions of what they believe a man "should be." So it's not about policy but "presentation." The brown shirts hate the guy with the pink shirt.

They hate Pierre too, of course, because he's Pierre, because he sired Justin (save for those who think it was Castro), and because of the "no place for the state in the bedrooms" legislation. But not even as much as his son because they still see papa as more of a tough guy. JT writes about this in his book, how for years he's had to deflect against Cons' misogynistic insult that he is his mother's son. That he counters by saying he is proud of that only enrages them more. He basically had to "prove himself" by butching up for the boxing match and still they despise him as a "girly man" "soyboy" etc., because he shows emotions other than anger. Worse, the venom the RWNJ trolls sent out towards little Hadrien a few years ago when he dressed up as a poodle for trick-or-treat was horrifying. There's something genuinely wrong with these people who would stoop so low as to attack a child. And have the damn nerve to call themselves pro-life.

I could go on but the real threat is not only the Cons themselves, but the radio silence from the M$M in how they barely address this. A few finger-wags towards Scheer for not marching at Pride or having a stumbling answer about conversion therapy won't cut it. I don't think they care, honestly. It doesn't affect them, plus the M$M is full of old white guys and Stepford handmaids who hate Trudeau for the same reasons anyway. I don't think they really "like" Scheer as much as they're greedy and know they stand a better chance for tax cuts and other perks under the Cons, and just don't like JT on a personal level for all the reasons mentioned here.

I wish you luck in getting a Liberal candidate elected (or any progressive as long as it isn't a Con). After that I think the fight should be to oust Eisenberger as mayor of Hamilton. His response to that fracas was an absolute disgrace. Canada deserves better than public officials institutionally upholding hate.

brawnfire said...

Hi Jackie.
Amen. "There's something genuinely wrong with these people."
I'll say.
"what they believe a man "should be."... The brown shirts hate the guy with the pink shirt."
I was fortunate to have a heterosexual gentleman friend for a time who had no problem wearing pink. A cop, no less. Pink and mauve shirts and tee-shirts looked good on him. He was masculine as all get out, i can vouch. It simply showed how SECURE he was in his masculinity.
On the other hand, I had a female friend whose husband refused to have any pastel colors or paints or floral furnishings or draperies in the house! The whole house was a man cave. Poor thing. Eventually they parted ways and she redecorated: She'd have made the pages of 'House Beautiful'.

brawnfire said...

Pink shirt Post Script: :)
Here's, Rick Wilson, Donald Trump's hardcore hater, wearing pink. (Author of 'Everything Trump Touches Dies'.
(He must like pink a lot, 'cause I just watched him an hour ago being interviewed on MSNBC, wearing a bright pink jacket.