Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Doug Ford, Jason Kenney And The Con Dictator's Club

They are two of the most disgusting politicians this country has ever known, but their love for each other knows no bounds.

They are both climate change deniers who are willing to torch the planet for crass political purposes.

They are both brutish bullies who get a special thrill going after LBGT children.

And now it seems both are auditioning for the roles of tin pot dictators.

For it is a fascist club, and the Globe is right. Using the powers of government to go after your political opponents couldn't be uglier.

There’s a trend in Canadian politics, for the moment confined to conservative parties, and it is to put into motion, on winning an election, some sort of government investigation into your opponents. It is nefarious, petty and a waste of taxpayers’ money, but it is catching on like wildfire.

Kenney's decision to investigate the finances of environmental groups is a monumental waste of time and money. 

In the case of Alberta, it is already well known that some environmental groups accept foreign funding, and there doesn’t appear to be anything illegal about that. In any case, magnitudes more foreign money flows into the development of the oil patch than it does to groups opposing the industry.

And his reasons for going after them couldn't be more farcical.

He denies he is attacking their freedom of expression, but last week he couldn’t offer a coherent defence of that position, saying only that the groups’ opposition to the oil sands had become “obsessive” and “political” and therefore merited investigation.

And as for Doug Ford, his decision to launch a committee hearing into the former Liberal government was even more of a waste of time and money.

The issue had already been examined by the provincial auditor-general and in an independent report, but the Premier felt it needed a third going-over by a Queen’s Park committee with the power to call witnesses and subpoena evidence.

And even more obscene.

In the end, all this produced was the sight of former premier Kathleen Wynne gamely answering questions asked by the stacked government committee, and being hectored by PC MPPs demanding that she apologize to the people of Ontario. In short, a kangaroo court.

Especially since Ford is the one who should be investigated.  

Ontario Premier Doug Ford shrugged off questions today about his government’s patronage scandal, saying the issue isn’t of concern to Ontarians. 

Ford accused journalists of getting “into the weeds” Monday when asked about his chief of staff’s resignation and the numerous appointments that were made by his government of people with direct connections to his top aide.

For the never ending patronage scandals of his government, and his own moral corruption.

And in case anybody thinks this disgusting behaviour only concerns the people who live in Alberta and Ontario, they should think again.

For as I have warned before, if Andrew Scheer should win the next election, we will all be in real danger.

For then nobody would be able to protect us from those bestial Cons, as they rape this country and its values over and over again.

Our Canada has a Con disease.

And the sooner we cure it the better...


Jackie Blue said...

This Kudatah bullshit reeks of Harper. Did you know he was in India recently, fomenting animosity towards Sikhs on behalf of his pal Modi? Does that give Singh any clue about who he's been cozying up to for months? Now we know who was behind the manufactured Indiagate debacle, as was suspected all along. Someone needs to blow the lid off the IDU.

Kenney's fascist farce is typical Con projection, and now I'm even more convinced it's not hyperbole to surmise that if the Cons steal the election, they'll move to throw Trudeau behind bars on phony "Trumped" up allegations. It's they who are the corrupt beneficiaries of, and affiliates with, foreign operatives and dark money. It's the Cons who belong in jail, and their benefactors. Vivian Krause is nuts.

But if Trudeau pulls off at least a minority-government "miracle on ice" in October, Kenney will no doubt position himself to replace Scheer as Con leader. He wants to be Canada's Putin -- destroying the planet and persecuting the gays. Or at least deputy figurehead, while Vladimir Poutine Harper operates as the diseased brain behind the operation. I can't believe this is Canada. That makes Bolshie Beer Doug, what, a poor man's version of Boris Yeltsin?

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....Harper and Modi have always been close. I can never forget how he flew across Canada in Modi's plane, and by so doing debased the office of Prime Minister. I also don't doubt that Kenney still dreams of being PM. But the way he is going I doubt he'll be able to run as anything more than dogcatcher outside Alberta....