Thursday, July 04, 2019

When Will The Media Callout Andrew Scheer For His Religious Extremism?

Believe it or not,  Andrew Scheer is now trying to pose as a tough guy, in a desperate attempt to make Justin Trudeau look weak.

Even though Trudeau makes Scheer look like a yappy Con chihuahua.

The one they call Weak Andy, who would embarrass us on the world stage, by talking big, carrying a small stick.

And looking and sounding ridiculous.

But what isn't funny is that there really are some people Scheer is itching to fight.

Women who believe in the right to control their own bodies.

And LGBT Canadians who he also despises for religious reasons.

For Scheer isn't just a regular believer, he's a religious fanatic.

A fanatic, who as Michael Coren points out, belongs to the ultra conservative wing of the Catholic Church.

But tries to keep that a secret, so he can't even admit the real reason he has never even made a brief appearance at a Pride parade.

Scheer will never state his genuine reasons for boycotting what has become a most important symbol of inclusion in contemporary Canada, because he doesn't want to be labelled a religious extremist. 

But the reality is that Scheer's conservative Roman Catholic views inform most of his ideas on issues of life and sexuality.

And since his visceral dislike of LGBT people would only be his problem if he was just an ordinary bigot, but because he is running for Prime Minister it's our problem too.

It's time he came clean about his religious extremism. 

With an election on the way, Scheer has tried to paint himself as more of a moderate. It remains to be seen whether journalists will ask whether the man who wants to be prime minister really does believe that LGBTQ people are disordered and immoral, and whether he does think that a woman’s right to choose is akin to murder.

And while they're at it, maybe the media could also ask Scheer why he chose to begin his political career by working for a Canadian Alliance MP who wanted gay people to be arrested and jailed. 

And why Larry Spencer was expelled from the party by Stephen Harper, but Scheer wasn't.

You know, the Cons are a weird cult. Where else would you find a candidate give her boyfriend a human skull as a birthday present? 

And Scheer is of course entitled to his religious beliefs.

But when those religious beliefs are so extreme and so ugly, and he can't conceal his contempt for pro choice women and LGBT people...

The media must hold Scheer accountable. 

Canadians have a right to know who is the real Scheer, before it's too late.  

And if or when they do know, I'm sure most of them will understand that we need a religious fanatic as Prime Minister in the year 2019, like we need a hole in the head.

And that most of us would rather go forward rather than backwards, in a country with a leader like this one...


  1. They won't. The fact that they aired Trump's fascist monstrosity today tells you all you need to know about who the garbage media suck up to. Too busy giving free airtime to Kenney's conspiracy theories and chasing after fake Trudeau scandals like smearing Dominic LeBlanc to actually do their fucking job.

    It's going to be all about strategic voting, the ground campaign and the debates. I recommend following Runoff Together. Other than that, godspeed Canada, because if there's a God(dess) you're going to need all the help you can get.

    By the way, Simon, what the hell happened to your Twitter account? You used to get mostly friendly replies. Now it's a graffiti wall of hate. Is that the troll infestation you were talking about?

    1. Hi Jackie....yes, people are going to have to vote smartly, so that we don't split the vote. Fortunately I live in a Liberal riding so that should be easy. As for my Twitter account, I didn't, notice the troll infestation until you mentioned it. But I'm not surprised, the more followers you get the more trolls come after you. And I deal with them swiftly. One glance and they're blocked...

  2. Yes, that ultra-right Catholic faction is scary indeed, and international in scope. Many even think Pope Francis carried out a putsch against Benny, and want Francis dead.

    The trolls are out in force. I got called "une conne" (a stupid woman, though the French is far more vulgar) for approving the evolution of French to be more inclusive in gender terms. Turns out that that ijut was a Maxime Bernier supporter, and generally a turd.

    1. It's not only about religion but oil, the two inextricably linked. Petrolmedia (like its tentacles at the national broadcaster) is the propaganda arm of Kenney's war room. Petrolmedia, like the Irvings, wants Trudeau out. Judging by the psychotic behavior of those drunks in Alberta, I'd say there's a good chance they want him dead -- crucified, so to speak -- and not just ousted. This is a U.S. sponsored (and probably Russia, since we're a de facto Kremlin colony now), soft-coup regime change operation backed by powerful multinationals and Harper's league of villains who won't go quietly, if at all. I am so sorry for what the elephant in the bed, and now the Russian bear riding the elephant, is trying to do to your country. I can only say I hope and pray that they don't succeed.

    2. Hi lagatta...All you have to do is take a look at Lifesite, the big right wing Catholic site, and you can see that they consider Pope Francis to be the enemy. I haven't the slightest doubt that Scheer shares that view and Lifesite's sickening homophobia. But unfortunately Canadians aren't aware or don't care about that, and as a result Canada could end up with a religious fanatic as prime minister...

  3. Anonymous2:02 PM

    The alt-right Pope Scheer as PM would be a disastrous option that would benefit only the holy rollers and morally deprived Canadians, or so they think. I'll hazard a guess and say that the never was ready Scheer and the thoroughly incompetent cabinet he would assemble from his very shallow "talent pool" would send this country into an economic tailspin along with the now legal rights the speaking in tongue crowd deems as sins. Of course, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms will always win when pitted against the bible but these morons are too stupid to know that and will ultimately cost us a fortune in useless legal challenges.
    Pope Scheer as PM? Hell no!

    1. Except Harper and his altar boy would have enough premiers to gut the Charter, which is what he's always wanted to do. All the more of a personal vendetta against both the man who conceived it, and his son. I never thought I'd actually pray for anything, but I'm praying that one of them has angered enough people in Ontario to tank the blue meanies in October. Vote strategically, folks. Please. Take it from an American. I'm hoping for a miracle rather than an October Crisis.

    2. We won't touch that, as some Québécois on the site would have a very different take on that crisis. And I'm not talking about those who actually supported the FLQ. It is a question of national self-determination, like Scotland and Catalonia.

    3. Hi JD....Pope Scheer would be the death of this country. Canadians have come a long way since the Catholic Church ruled Quebec, and the Protestant fanatics of the Orange Lodge controlled many governments in English Canada. The Cons have no serious economic plans, no plans to fight climate change, and with the religious fanatics in their ranks would almost certainly turn our country into a quasi theocracy. What we need is a secular crusade to defend our Canadian values..l

  4. Scheer needs to be called before an inquiry for sabotaging diplomatic negotiations. The more he keeps poking the dragon, the more likely it is that Spavor and Kovrig will be killed. I actually think he wants that to happen so that he can lay the blame on Trudeau. He doesn't care if people die as long as he can point fingers at PMJT. People's lives are just fodder for political gain to him. That's how "pro-life" he is. Remember his Ceausescu tidbit? Now he teams up with Skull Girl? The man is a psychopath. He needs to face more than an inquiry. He needs a psychiatric intervention.

    1. Hi Jackie...I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with that skull story....😉

  5. I am all for Quebec style leave your religion at home laws.

    1. Hi Steve...l don't support some of Quebec's plans to go after people for what they wear, but religion should have no place in the parliaments or the classrooms or the bedrooms of the nation. You only have to look at the growing influence of the religious right in the U.S. to see the danger...

  6. OT but not really, because it's more Kon Kristian Krap that makes Alt-Right Andy jizz his short pants. Bill H8 from the Kenney Kloset Klan passed. Albertabama sucks. I know Justin doesn't want people to hate anybody, because hate eats you up. But I am so angry and absolutely loathe Jason the swamp monster like a motherfucker right now, and want Justin to drag him into a boxing ring and punch him square in the nose.

    Here's what I think of Alberta and its incel-in-chief cult leader right now: Go ahead and separate, you inbred Nazi fucks. Nobody wants you. Nobody gives a shit about your useless, backward province where ~60% of the electorate are rig pig drillbillies and toothless, ignorant hicks, the likes of which make MAGA hatters look like Ivy Leaguers and Nobel Peace laureates. You abuse children, terrorize political dissidents, discriminate against racial and sexual minorities, foment conspiracy theories, rape the planet for God and profit, and threaten to assassinate the prime minister over some idiotic 40-years grudge against his dead father and a ridiculous belief that you're entitled to make $100,000 salaries as grade 6 dropouts in a dinosaur industry that's destroying the natural landscape. What's the provincial motto these days? "I lost my job, I stubbed my toe. I blame the gays, Notley, and Trudeau."

    You think you're Canada's New Jerusalem? You are Canada's Gehenna, nothing but a toxic wasteland and a garbage dump where human decency goes to die. You are the Confederacy of Confederation. You're a shining turd on the hill. Don't just wave your mushroom dick about a referendum, Jason, as you're channeling your inner Ernst Rohm. Shit or get off the pot, and GTFO of Canada as of yesterday. I guarantee you the national IQ average would skyrocket if you left. Take your Andy Doody Dandy doll and Moe the stooge in Sasquatchestan, and the pencil-dick from Pallitoba, with you, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    All I care about is that Rainbow Railroad can rescue a bunch of LGBTQ refugees and plunk them in Ontario and B.C. Or California. Or Denmark. Fuck this bigoted POS legislating the closet he's locked himself in onto everyone else, and fuck everyone who voted for him. Let the homophobic bastards drown in the tar swamp. (end rant)

  7. Hi Jackie...I must say that was an excellent rant. I don't feel that strongly about Alberta, but I sometimes do wonder what living in Canada would be like without all the bigotry, and hate that pours out of that province. There history made them the most American province and it shows. And any province that would elect a man like Jason Kenney as its leader should be treated with the contempt it deserves...

  8. A chicken wouldn't make much of a meal for that polar bear family. Would take a large turkey at least. Doug Ford?