Thursday, July 18, 2019

Andrew Scheer's Dangerous War On Science

We already knew that Andrew Scheer has no respect for science, for if he did he would never have come up with a fake climate plan designed by and for Big Oil.

Or rejected the idea of carbon taxes over and over again, despite what Nobel prize winners have to say about them.

But now as he grows more and more desperate, he's claiming that he knows more than scientists.

And claiming that Canada's food guide is ideologically driven and unscientific. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has vowed to review Canada’s food guide if his party forms government after the election, claiming the current version “seems to be ideologically-driven by people who have a philosophical perspective” and “bias” against milk.

Which couldn't be more absurd or ridiculous.

In lieu of citing scientific data, Scheer used a personal anecdote about his son to support the nutritional benefits of milk. “I truly do believe that chocolate milk saved my son’s life,” he joked. He said the beverage was one of a handful of foods his picky-eater son would have between the ages of two to six. 

 “The idea that these types of products that we’ve been drinking as human beings, eating as human beings for a millennia — that now all of a sudden that they’re unhealthy, it’s ridiculous.”

As if humans had been drinking sugary chocolate milk for thousands of years, and drinking a lot of it can't contribute to obesity, and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

And if that wasn't bad enough, his promise to scrap new labels on foods warning of high levels of sugar, sodium, and trans fats, is practically criminal.

Scheer said the warning labels will have a “very negative effect” on the dairy industry. 

“I don’t need the government to come along and put a big red sticker on something just because somebody in an office thought that I shouldn’t be eating that,” he said. “I think it’s not based on sound science.”

As if pleasing the dairy lobby that helped make him Con leader was more important than protecting the health of people in this country.

And really what more can you say about that than this?

Andrew Scheer and his Con cult need to be labelled as dangerous, and defeated.

Before they kill Canadians...


Anonymous said...

Simon I'm worried again. About a month ago or so when the Cons were doing well in the polls I noticed Scheer tried to soften his message a bit. He figured he had enough of the right wing vote to start moving towards the centre a bit to play it safe. He mentioned a climate plan and was hoping the Greens and NDP would split the progressive vote.

Now he's not doing well in the polls. So sure enough I checked his Facebook page and his latest post was about the "refugee crisis" at the border being worse than last summer. I guarantee you the Cons are going to push identity politics and demonize immigrants and refugees to try and scare Canadians into voting for them. This is going to get real nasty, real quick. I'm sure some Con operatives noticed that Trump's base loves a bit of racism to fire them up. Scheer is going to try and stoke the fire up here. They can't win fair so now the only way is to play dirty.

I might be giving away my age but I met John Diefenbaker many many years ago as a young woman and he'd be appalled at what his party has turned into.


Anonymous said...

Bovine lactose is intended to turn little bovines into big bovines. It is totally different from human milk.


rumleyfips said...

Greenthumb :

Sheer has abandoned the mushy middle voters and is going after Bernier's racists and science deniers. This is a good thing.

Jackie Blue said...

Got milk? Populist pandering, part of a chemically imbalanced dog's breakfast. Wonder if he'll offer some mealy-mouthed wink to the anti-vaxers or is that Dizzy Lizzy's domain? What a difference four years makes, and a scary one at that. I thought Canadians were proud of quantum computing and the appointment of two astronauts, one to Cabinet and the other representing the Queen. Now a bizarre cult masquerading as a political party has arisen, riling up people who think the earth is flat and was made by an old wizard in the clouds in half a fortnight 5,000 years ago, and the moon landing is a hoax.

His anti-science argle-bargle and pandering to the dairy cartel aside, as Greenthumb noted (NB: my sincerest apologies to German Shepherds) he's also going to amp up the dog-whistling to La Meute et. al., Mad Max's core hate base that also happens to have chugging a drink box milk thing as its "initiation ritual." Namely, the (anti?) wankers at the Canada Proud Boys. I guarantee you this frosted flake went through the gut-punch welcome party to prove to them that he's not a "weaksauce soyboy cuck." As a bonus he gets to declare war on soy milk and team up with Kenney the incel. No doubt about it, his milk mustache is a Hitler mustache that barely hides his shit-eating grin. He really does give off the vibe of a... cereal killer, don't you think?

Jackie Blue said...

Everybody wants the gold mine of votes in Quebec. Forget milk, it seems a substantial quota of the populace there has swallowed the racist Kool-aid. Scheer is not just going to cater to the dairy lobby but, again, the volatile wedge issue of "secular" racism masquerading as provincialism. Or what we in the U.S. call "states' rights" knowing full well what it means in context. The bigots who voted for Legault and still adore him after enshrining the mosque murderer as a martyr have boxed in Trudeau on the same issue that collapsed Mulcair in 2015. Ironically, this time around it's obliterated the NDP before they even got started. There isn't a Singh-le policy they could offer up that will make the laïcité fetishists listen to a brown man with a turban. Not that I really care what happens to the NDP, but it's really disgusting and ugly that this kind of shit is being exposed as a reality in Canada. Orange man good, brown man bad, French boy not pure enough because of Muslims and his dad.

Scheer is a Christian Dominionist who hates gays and "loose women." He probably rubs one out to alt-history bromance slashfic of Maurice Duplessis and Ernest Manning and then cries out "Alberta-hoo Nutbar!" as his, um, call to prayer. But that's OK as long as he isn't the color of chocolate milk and only wears his god on his brown shirt sleeve, not his scarf, turban or yarmulke. Qwhite obvious what the Legault-ites really mean by "distinct society." If it really had anything to do with language, you think they'd be bitching about Haitians fleeing Trump across the 49th?

I couldn't be more disgusted with the attitudes and behavior of so many people with whom I consider myself ashamed to share the same pigment shade. As though skin color or professed religion or lack thereof makes anyone superior. "Race science" isn't science either but the only kind it seems these alt-right garbage humans want to believe is fact.

Jackie Blue said...

FYI: Speaking of science (computer science and... abnormal-psychological profiling), apparently TrudeauMustGo hashtag was started by a Max Bernier supporter (so he claims). He replied to a conversation between Tabatha Southey and National Observer's Caroline Orr (@rvawonk) who wrote an article about it, and his name is Dave Erickson. Someone needs to expose this guy and find out who he really is.

I created #TrudeauMustGo. And if you don't understand how #memewarfare works you are doomed to succumb to it. That's neither petulant nor arrogant; it's reality.

After that chilling remark that could only have come from someone with the Dark Triad mentality of a 4channer, I braved a look at Dave's twitter account (@DaemonDave). Yikes. Raw sociopathy to own the libs. Worth noting that he claims to be a Buddhist and... Bob Rae retweeted an article recently about "militant Buddhists" waging war against the Muslims in Myanmar. Seems this guy might relish the opportunity to be their Lawrence of Arabia.

The Internet continues to elevate the worst examples of humanity. Another WMD that, like the A-bomb, was developed by the U.S. military and has wreaked havoc everywhere in the world. Sorry, Canada.

rumleyfips said...

Sheerly-not thinks that the food Canadian farmers produce is so bad that if we read the labels and know what is in it we won't buy it. Way to support em andy.

Steve said...

It should make everyone who eats puke at the level of deciet he is going. Does he realy believe in milk quotas, but sold the Wheat Board to the Saudi. How stupid are the con voters?

Jackie Blue said...

If I was a strategist here's the angle I'd go with to paint weak Andy as weak Andy. He can't even get his own kid to eat more vegetables and had to "compromise" by shoving more sugar in his face. If he loses a battle negotiating with a five-year-old, how the hell is he supposed to stand up to Chairman Xi or Hair Furor Trump?

lagatta à montréal said...

You are stereotyping Québécois people. Yes, of course we have our racists and nativists, but Québec is a historically oppressed nation - the national struggle hasn't led to outright independence but to an array of national rights. Some people are using la laïcité as a cover for bigotry, but it derives first and foremost from a reaction against a highly oppressive Catholic hierarchy (as in Ireland and Poland). We were proud of our vanguard role in women's rights (including abortion rights and workplace equality) and LGBTQ rights, and of ridding the school system of confessionalism.

And many people here welcome Haitians.

lagatta à montréal said...

Canada has become a leading producer of pulses. The lentilles du Puy (variety, not origin) I'm about to prepare were grown on the Prairies. Another crop Canada should be producing is industrial hemp. Unlike cotton, it grows in Canadian climates and requires far less water. Hemp fibre is very strong. It can make anything from rough rope to very fine fabrics.

The main problem with milk is that in some families, it is replacing water, as are sugary beverages.

lagatta à montréal said...

Chocolate was unknown in the Eurosphere until it was brought back from the Aztec world. And sugar far rarer before slave plantation labour. Consuming some ewe's, goat's or cow's work was once an important source of calories (in a hungry world) and calcium, but nowadays it is overconsumed. Even upper-tier Third World countries such as Mexico and Brazil now have extremely high obesity rates, often among poor people who can afford "enough" food and more than enough calories, but have limited access to highly-nutritious food.

Scheer is an idiot.

brawnfire said...

Take heart.
Reverting to dirty ain't gonna cut it this time either. Don't forget that nasty as a tactic was also the Con's desperate last-ditch stand in 2015. Snitch lines and burqa bans backfired big-time.
Cons forget that its appeal to their own base arouses strenuous passions in their opposition--of which there's more of us than them.
Like the Cons, Trump doesn't learn from his mistakes.
The Scaravans stategy of 2018 bigly lost him the House.

Simon said...

Hi Greenthumb....yes, Diefenbaker would be appalled to see what his party has become. And you're right he is beating his bigot drum again, but only because he's desperate. His mentor Stephen Harper tried to play the same racist game when he was desperate, we all know how that worked out. And the same thing will happen to Scheer, especially since his racist game only makes him look like our Trump....

Simon said...

Hi lagatta....I think what you say about our belle province is true. People outside the province sometimes don't understand the secular crusade it has been on since The Great Darkness when the Catholic Church held Quebec in its iron grip. But although I agree with secular supremacy, I find the regulations regarding what people can and can't wear quite absurd. As long as the religious can keep their beliefs to themselves, I have no problem with them and they should be left alone....

lagatta à montréal said...

Oh, I do too. I don't feel comfortable policing anyone's dress. The niqab can be a security risk (almost always on the part of men, by the way) but it is extremely rare anywhere in Québec. I've seen a few in Parc-Ex, but mostly among shy, frightened people (often referring to couples) who seem to be refugees from Afghanistan or nearby so-called "tribal" regions in Pakistan.