Saturday, July 13, 2019

Elizabeth May's Absurd Reasons For Hiring Warren Kinsella

As I said in my last post, Elizabeth May's decision to hire the toxic Trudeau hater Warren Kinsella is one of the most bizarre political decisions in modern Canadian history.

And tweets like this one only make it sound crazier.

For asking Kinsella not to be offensive or insulting is like asking a pit bull or a hyena to be happy on a diet of lettuce and tomatoes.

And her party's stated reason for hiring Kinsella is so dumb, it sounds more Godfather than Green. 

After months of hand wringing and negotiation, the Greens have hired Kinsella to set up a “situation” room for them. His principal task, according to party sources, is to “protect” Elizabeth May from the kinds of attacks that are now routinely made on political leaders, on social media and by other parties. 

“Lying and personal attacks in politics have become the new norm,” Green Party deputy-leader Jo-Ann Roberts told The Tyee. 

“Elizabeth had to admit that she does not have the sophistication it takes to deal with this stuff. We can play to her great strength, climate change, but only if we don’t let other people take her apart at the knees. Kinsella knows the dark world much better than we do. By hiring him, we are sending a message to other parties: we will not just let ourselves be attacked.”

And makes absolutely no sense. 

Not when the Cons are the only party that goes after its opponents with lies and personal attacks, and as Althia Raj points out, Kinsella is one of them.

A cheerleader for Andrew Scheer and Doug Ford, who is only interested in pursuing his pathetic vendetta with Justin Trudeau, and has no place in a party that calls itself progressive.

As these Tyee readers point out:

Furthermore if Elizabeth May actually said this:

“People will accuse us of swimming with the sharks, but we have to keep reminding them we are dolphins.”

She is clearly out of it, and doesn't seem to understand that her strength was her decency, and that by recruiting a man like Kinsella she has debased herself and her party.

Nobody can trust them not to form a coalition with the Scheer gang.

And anyone who votes for the Greens from now on is either a Con or an idiot...


  1. Social media is a vomitorium and nobody deserves bullying, but if she can't "protect" herself from legitimate political criticism or the credible assertion that throwing away a vote on the Greens is helping the Cons and not helping their climate cause, then she has no business in politics and is unfit to even think about the long-shot of becoming PM. Never mind the fact that the people who need to protect themselves are anyone who even mildly criticizes Kinsella, causing him to lash out. Especially women. The man is toxic and has no business calling Trudeau a fake feminist when all Kinsella does is use and discard women in his sick vendetta against him.

    I hope this boneheaded move shows up in the polls soon, and causes those disaffected Liberals who parked their votes with the Greens after the Stupid Nothingburger Controversy to return home en masse. And maybe even pick up some new ones from the Greens itself, if they can be swayed on the Liberals' balanced environmental transition approach. If they really care about the climate (and innumerable other issues affecting the people living in it), they'll do whatever's possible to avoid a fascist government and get off the "Liberal/Tory same old story" train. These are not your father's PCs. Don't Jill Stein the election by letting perfection be the enemy of the good.

    As for May (one of two political leaders with that surname who's been an absolute disaster), she needs to retire, while her party of one should collapse and be remembered as the pseudo-lefty version of Mad Max's vanity project. If that ends up being the case, happy Green Day, Liz. Good riddance, I hope you had the time of your life.

    1. Hi Jackie....We'll have to wait a few weeks to see how all of this shakes down. Will disaffected Greens go to the Liberals or the NDP or stay where they are? From the online reaction I would think the Greens are going to lose quite a few supporters, but the MSM is ignoring the story, and it is the heart of the summer, so who knows what might happen. But you are right to worry about vote splitting. Both here and in the U.S. The left is its own worst enemy...

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM

    You are absolutely right Simon,what was May thinking! A bizarre alliance designed to attack the liberals and cheapen the Green platform at the same time. Wonder if any actual money changed hands or just ego stroking and promises of fame/reward once the job is successful. The Con doublespeak "to “protect” Elizabeth May" is a giveaway ... just switch out protect with attack and May with Trudeau. The attached article is a reminder on how pervasive the use of Newspeak became under Harper and if anything it has expanded since then.


    1. Hi RT....You're right, it's another example of Con projection where those that claim to be under attack are those who are doing the attacking. From what I have read it seems that the very naive grand council of the Greens came up with the deranged idea of hiring Kinsella and May approved it with the equally deranged caveat that the dolphins must swim with the sharks. And the only thing for sure is that the election campaign will be the craziest and the dirtiest this country has ever seen...

  3. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Michael Harris is really soft on the Greens, what a based old hack he has become. If the Liberals had hired Kinsella he would have been screaming like a banshee. The MSM isn't even bothering to cover the story what a bunch a losers.

    1. Hi anon...yes, I didn't want to say anything about that, but it's only too obvious that Harris isn't who he once was. Like other toxic Trudeau haters hoping for the Greens to split the Liberal vote, he must be very depressed to see the Greens splitting their own vote. Especially since everything he predicted is turning out to be wrong. Somebody should buy the old geezer a new crystal ball...

  4. Kinsellout has been so enraged that Trudeau and Butts didn't give him a plum job that I have wondered how desperate he is for cash. Maybe his business should be called the Pushing Up Daisies Group. This latest dash for cash seems to fit right in.

    1. The fact that Fife broke this story and SNC -- and that Wornout's M.O. is releasing drip-drip details to media, as we found out with that story about the corrupt Toronto city councillors -- does anyone doubt at this point that he was the SNC leak and he has Fife on speed-dial? Who the hell notarizes his own wife's "emergency" affidavit after getting caught "sharing a platform" with JWR and hounding off social media the woman who caught them? Bonnie and Clyde. I still wonder if he was the source of that trial balloon about Mark Carney from back in the spring. "Liberal insider" says -- puh-leeeeeze.

      Brick by brick he seeks to dismantle the big red house where, by his own actions, he is no longer welcome. I hope Trudeau has a special "war room" of his own to go after him. He got Butts ousted, now he's salivating to see Trudeau go down in flames and destroy the Liberal Party, no matter what happens to millions of innocent people all over Canada who would suffer under a Con government. All to satisfy his ego and line his pockets. Pathetic.

      The damage he's done with his grabs for money and attention, and vendetta against the Liberals, Trudeau and Butts for not wanting anything to do with his dirty-tricks tactics, is unconscionable. Excepting the mirror image in 2016, I have never been so nervous about an election in my life. I really hope the worst doesn't happen in October, and enough disaffected Greens are aware of this atrocious decision and can be brought into the Liberal fold to stop the Oil Can Cons despite their misgivings about Trudeau. But in any event, as for Wornout, I hope karma comes back to bite this washed-up, demented fame whore and fake punk rocker where the sunny ways don't shine.

    2. Hi rumleyfips...It seems obvious to me that Kinsella has been looking for new clients, for he has been buttering up the Cons and the Ford Nation as well as the Greens. And let's not forget all the time and effort he spent promoting the two Connies. The man has burnt all his bridges and my guess is he must be getting pretty desperate...

  5. I have a feeling that Elizabeth May did this to play regular politics. With the current climate and electorate focusing more on Climate Crisis, she knows her party has much to gain and little to lose when it comes to the October election.

    With Warren's political experience, she probably thinks he will provide her with the edge needed to attack and defend, once the increase in the polls becomes more apparent.

    If anything is certain in politics, once your power increases and more eyes lay on you, prepare for a fight.

    While Warren Kinsella can be defined as toxic, Jagmeet Singh and the NDP better watch their back, because he may be going for the jugular with a green dagger in hopes of bringing the Green Party to third party status.

    Its unlikely that Kinsella will ever take down Justin Trudeau, but what collateral damage can we expect in his attempt this upcoming election? That is the real question!

  6. Hi Anthony....I think a major reason May decided to hire Kinsella is that after a bountiful spring the Green numbers have stalled, and she's desperate to get them climbing again. But you're right about the NDP. With the state of that party a person like Kinsella might be able to carve off enough votes to reach the magic 12-seat number and replace the NDP as the third party. As I said earlier, we need to wait until early August to see where all this is going...

  7. Hi Jackie...I don't the Liberals have to go after Kinsella, for he too is his own worst enemy. He is demoralizing quite a few Green supporters, and motivating Liberals all across the country. It is however going to be a nerve wracking election, for with all the combinations and the presence of so called foreign players it could be a veritable madhouse. The important thing is not to get distracted but choose our targets carefully and hit them as hard as possible...

  8. Sooner or later
    cognitive dissonance waves
    erode the reality
    distortion field.

    A tsnami is going to hit the Cons in Oct. No self respecting voter will be voting green now.

    1. HI Steve...I hope you're right, but I'm afraid it's not going to be as easy as that. The Cons have a lot of Big Oil money and a lot of Canadians are as bigoted as they are. This country is dying, and the election is the last chance to save it...

  9. Ms. May has been the Green Party leader for a long time. She could do what she wanted without worry. However, she has also fought four election campaigns without moving the Green Party dial forward one iota.

    No other party leader could have done that and still have a job but this is the Green Party we are talking about and there was no obvious successor to her.

    That has changed. Two new Greens have come to prominence within the Party, mostly without her help, and if Ms. May fails yet again to secure more than just her seat and more than 5 to 7 percent of the vote the voices calling for her to step aside will become plentiful and loud.

    Ms. May has been put on a pedestal by many who beleive she has always done politics "differently". That is and has always been BS. She is a typical politician and she has always been one and like all politicians who are seeing the end of their career approaching she will do what it takes to try to prevent or at least postpone that fate.

    She will not succeed. For the whole of her tenure as the Green Party leader the Green Party has been a fringe party. She utterly failed to bring it any farther than the fuzzy edge of the mainstream. If she believes that hiring Warren Kinsella as a political advisor for her campaign will change that she is in for a rather unpleasant surprise.

    1. The Green Party has been a disaster for Germany. I believe in Green Eggs and Ham, but not radical change for the sake of radical change.

    2. Hi Ottlib....I have to admit until the last few months I found it very easy to ignore Elizabeth May. And I must also admit that I was one of those who put her on a pedestal for not being like the ugly Cons or their yapping ultra partisan collaborators at the NDP. But you're right, her record of failure would have got her kicked out of any other party, and what I find even more troubling are the number of Green supporters who hold very conservative views on social and economic issues.To my knowledge May has done nothing to counter them, and her decision to hire Kinsellla only confirms my worst fears...

  10. Simon, if you haven't already, you should read these threads from lawyer and writer Mark Bourrie about the horrific harassment Kinsella dealt to Mr. Bourrie and his family, including his wife, whose grandparents fled the Holocaust, and his father, who was dying of Parkinson's. Mr. Bourrie now considers himself a FORMER friend of May's and rightly says he feels betrayed by her.

    As if that wasn't bad enough, WK also can be seen in this video making ignorant and offensive comments about a Chinese restaurant:

    This is disqualifying on the part of May and the Green Party. She and WK deserve to be drubbed at the ballot box, disbarred as lawyers, and publicly shunned as social pariahs throughout Canada. WK exhibits the classic projection tendencies of a Con narcissist: not just his fake feminism and bogus allegations against Trudeau, but the fact that has no leg to stand on even with his supposed credibility as an "anti-hate activist" either. He and Lisa's case against the likes of Your Ward News amounts to nothing more than deflection from his own actions toward Mr. Bourrie and no doubt others who've faced his wrath.

    I know people have been trying to get him removed from Progressive Bloggers for a long time, but maybe leaning on Anti-Racist Canada (are they part of the network too?) will help. They have WK's blog on their blogroll sidebar, and if this is the kind of behavior he exhibits towards people of Chinese heritage (a prominent voting bloc in the Greens' stronghold of B.C.), and the family of Holocaust survivors, as far as I'm concerned, he is no better than the fascists themselves. The Green Party has now proven themselves to be just the CPC/PPC rolling in biodegradable manure, and WK is clearly no antifa hero. He's Ezra Levant with a guitar.

  11. Hi Jackie... Here's a funny story. I had to unblock Mark Bourrie to read his tweets, at the same time as Kinsella blocked me. And the moral of this story? Ignore both of them, we have more important stuff to concern ourselves with, like how can those of us on social media do the Cons maximum damage, before they and the Russians turn this election into a nightmare? I've just discovered how deeply involved Big Oil is involved in the Con campaign, and it's both stunning and scary. More on that soon...

  12. Kinsella will in no capacity speak or represent the Green Party of Canada. His is a minor role. In an era of divisive, acrimonious politics, it is imperative to understand how the other side thinks so you can prepare. Reacting to attack ads or media never works. Having a plan and sticking to it, does. As EM said in Guelph this week, "if you have a hacking problem, you may as well hire a hacker"