Friday, July 12, 2019

The Day Elizabeth May Went Over To The Dark Side

As I've mentioned many times I've always liked Elizabeth May. She always struck me as the kind of decent politician I admire.

I liked her so much that I would have been quite happy to see her and her Green Party prop up a Trudeau minority government if that turned out to be the election result.

But not any longer, because this is shocking.

And this is appalling.

And the reason it's so appalling is that anyone who teams up with the toxic Trudeau hater Warren Kinsella is a Con or a Con sympathizer. Period.

And as a result the Greens now can't be trusted not to prop up a Scheer government. 

Or return the favour so to speak...

For while I could easily forgive Elizabeth May for this lapse in judgement.  

Elizabeth May says she’s sorry for giving a rambling, profanity-laced speech at Ottawa’s annual press gallery dinner, blaming her performance on a strenuous travel schedule that left her tired and with little time for preparation ahead of the Saturday night event.

And I did at the time.

I can never forgive her for teaming up with the so called Prince of Darkness, and by so doing threaten to stab her fellow progressives in the back. 

For that's not only morally deficient, it betrays a terminal lack of political judgement. 

Sadly, too much is at stake for her and her Green Party to ever be trusted again.

And judging by the reactions to this tweet I'm not the only one who feels that way.

For there are a lot of angry and disappointed progressives out there who expected better from someone like Elizabeth May. 

And this is so sad...

Or just plain pathetic.

Warren Kinsella in a Peace Room or a Room of Zen how naive can she be?

And the good news?

After a really good spring, the Greens appear to have hit their poll ceiling.

Having scored a federal byelection upset and a provincial breakthrough, the Greens were riding a wave of momentum this spring — but that wave could be cresting as this pre-election summer begins.

Normally, a drop (or gain) of a few tenths of a percentage point in the Poll Tracker isn't noteworthy. But since multiple pollsters show the same trend line, it's a signal that the Greens' momentum could be grinding to a halt.

And since other polls show that in a tight race between the Liberals and the Cons most Green supporters would move to the Liberals.

We can expect the Greens to continue trending downwards, as many of their shocked supporters head for the lifeboats.

And the best news?

Yet another poll shows the Liberals surging.  

The Liberal Party of Canada led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finds itself in the lead with less than a hundred days left to go before the federal election in October.

“The Liberals have rebounded thanks to a dip in Conservative support,” said Quito Maggi, President and CEO of Mainstreet Research. “The Liberals have significant leads in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada and would be the favourites to win if the election were held today based on these numbers”.

And I expect that trend to also continue, and even pick up speed.

For now it is only too obvious that Justin Trudeau must receive as many votes as possible to try to ensure a liberal majority.

For only with a majority can he hold off the Cons and their Green/Blue collaborators.

And help save this country from destruction...


  1. This is Jack Layton all over again, personal gain at the countries expense.

    1. And Wornout is a poor man's Roger Stone. He's jealous of Trudeau on all other aspects, so I wonder if he's got himself inked: instead of a tribal artwork or Nixon, a tattoo of Harper on his puckered ass.

  2. I sent an email to her office that was polite but blunt

  3. Take it from a Yank: been there, done that. Told ya she was Maple Jill Stein, a RepubliCon plant looking to split the vote against the star candidate "because it's 2016." Read the Financial Post article about May's true character. Leaking Privy Council conversations, hm, who does that sound like?

    I hope this backfires spectacularly and ends up being the turning point that the TruGrits desperately need, and not a moment too soon. With a boner move like this, Dizzy Lizzy Mayhem deserves to end up a party of one sitting in the dugout with other losers like Mad Max and her partner in slime Judas Wilson-Raybould. She basically hired Hamish Marshall with a middle-age paunch and needs to face a drubbing for it at the ballot box. As for Wornout, he needs professional help for his Trudeau obsession. Like I said, he's Green with envy.

  4. NB: Just had an interesting thought. Hopefully Trump will be brought down by Elizabeth Warren... while Trudeau gets saved by Elizabeth and Warren.

    1. Hi Jackie....I see you're inspired, which is more than I can say for myself. 🙄 I should be in Scotland at this time of the year, and being in Canada seems so strange. But it does give me a lot of time to think in my hammock, and I believe that it's important to remember that the Liberals must be able to attract the disaffected Greens and Dippers if they are going to recreate their majority. OK that's my deep thought of the day, now back to my hammock...

  5. Don't you think your being overly dramatic?

    1. Dude, I know you're a Dipper partisan, but come on. The man is an unhinged menace who blocks and threatens his critics -- especially women -- and has a dangerous obsession with getting revenge on Justin Trudeau. I read about his divorce case. He's certifiable. And if his shameful brand of nasty politicking doesn't have the effect on Trudeau's career that he wants, I wouldn't put it past him to escalate and be the Canadian Oswald. Or Hinckley -- he wanted the attention of someone named Jody too. But I digress.

      Anyone with that kind of temperament, toxic relations with women, and fanatical obsession with a high-profile public figure that he has, not only doesn't deserve to be trusted in a professional capacity, but deserves to be monitored and be served with a protective order. In your guts, you know he's nuts.

    2. Hi Gyor....Are you accusing me of being dramatic? Thank you, I'm sure you wouldn't want me to be boring 😉 But seriously, I think the Greens hiring Kinsella is a big deal. It tells me one of two things. Either they are more Con than most Canadians imagine, or too dumb for the big time. Although I suppose they could be both, and in that case are too dangerous to be trusted...

  6. Anonymous7:42 AM

    I'm afraid May has made a mistake in hiring Kinsella. She wants protection but he's an attack dog. He'll use his position to go after Trudeau. And, when May tries to reign him in he will turn on her.


    1. This is my take too. His blog is named "The War Room" after all. He was pumping Doug Ford's tires like crazy to help get him elected in Ontario last year. --Scott in Montreal (on mobile)

    2. It's already started on day 1. May said on Twitter she didn't want to call it a war room, but a Zen room or "Warren peace" room or something else hippie-dippy and ridiculous. She got ratioed immensely and then he threatened to dox someone else who was pushing back against him over the previous doxing of that woman with the shamrock who called him out during (as Dale Smith calls it) the Double-Hyphenate Affair. In which case maybe "rubber room" is more appropriate, since she's apparently lost her mind and he clearly needs a visit from the orderlies with butterfly nets.

    3. Hi UU...I don't think May needs to be protected from anyone. Especially since the Cons are the only ones who viciously attack their opponents, and Kinsella is one of them, and is only interested in attacking Trudeau.

    4. Hi Scott....I can't imagine Kinsella fitting in with the more peaceful ethos of the Greens, so I think it's a match made in hell. Kinsella is a man so bitter he's toxic, and May can call it a Zen Room but he will try to turn it into a War Room...

  7. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Wow. Just wow.
    I was all set to vote Green and they acquire services of a maniac.
    ItsI like they might as well have just sidled up to GM to talk about the merits of nuclear power.
    Wornout Kinsellout finds more sellouts.
    Canada needs another option and fast!!!

    1. Hi anon...I can only imagine how Green supporters must be feeling, since I'm not a Green but I am also shocked and disgusted. I could support any progressive party capable of defeating the Cons, but not one that includes a person like Kinsella...

  8. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Elizabeth May has lost her mind. Hiring someone like Warren Kinsella will only damage her party, and make it seem more like the Cons. May doesn't know what she's doing and her party needs to get rid of her if it's going to go anywhere.

  9. According to this person, Warren's hatred of Justin goes back to before he even was an MP. It's more than just not being approved as a candidate, it's other LPC business that he really should have gotten over by now. Justin was what, 35 here? A newlywed, and still a teacher!

    Warren backed Ignatieff in 2006. He has been out to get Justin ever since Justin (as a delegate) supported Gerard Kennedy in the 2006 Liberal convention. Gerard Kennedy, in turn, threw his support to Stéphane Dion causing Ignatieff to lose. My MP said Warren was 'livid'

    Someone tell this myopic Mooch that there's more to life than Liberal Party back room handshakes. He needs to retire and get a fucking hobby, and pursue a psychiatric intervention. This kind of grudge is unhealthy, and I can predict some major backlash if he does end up helping the Cons burn the country just to get rid of Trudeau. It reminds me of Trump complaining about Obama or, heck, John McCain.

  10. Lizzie is about to live in interesting times. Not long ago, both she and Wornout were best buds with JWR and Philpot. Sadly, when May proposed the dynamic duo jilted her and are running as independents against everybody including our little green friend. Their ridings are also places that greenies must be lusting after. Kinsellout, once a Donkey Hoti riding of in all directions for those two will now be charged with destroying them . Conflicts of interest all around.

  11. yikes ---this is baffling and/or insane, I used to read WK but it got soo right, that I was disgusted. Then he propped up Doug Ford---im like wtf and I stopped reading.
    I mean I know its his job to be a PR consultant but his list of clientele and who he is willing to destroy or help has no moral compass
    so yeah greens just went right out the window as when ---and I dont mean if I mean when, he turns on them, it will be ugly

  12. Anonymous7:27 AM

    He's just sore because he seems to think the Liberal party owes him something. Trudeau wont bend a knee to him so he stomps his feet and whines about him on a constant basis. And for someone who thinks they're punk he sure blocks people like crazy on twitter!

  13. Where I live Boulerice got a strong vote, and the runner-up was ... the Bloc québécois candidate. So thank the Cat Goddess that I can vote on principle with no risk whatsoever of helping the Cons.