Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Andrew Scheer's Big Religious Bigotry Problem

It's the one question Andrew Scheer would rather run away from than answer.

For he knows that if Canadians ever learn the truth very few of them would vote for him.

But his dark secret will not go away. 

And Michael Coren is the latest to ask this burning question.

Does Andrew Scheer have a religion problem? 

The son of a Roman Catholic deacon, he is a committed and conservative believer and like Jason Kenney is on the right of the Church. The catechism of that institution teaches that, “homosexual acts” are “intrinsically immoral and contrary to the natural law,” and that even such tendencies are “objectively disordered.” In other words, those in same-sex relationships are immoral and unnatural and even those who are gay but celibate are disordered. It’s an ugly and jarring language, and while Canada holds to an informal separation of church and state, if a politician’s faith is directly influencing his politics, surely the electorate has a right to know what he believes.

Or as I would put it, does that right-wing religious fanatic have an anti-gay problem?

And the answer to that one must surely be yes.

For as I've said before, Scheer doesn't have a religion problem, he has a religious bigot problem.

And his failure to condemn conversion therapy, is just the latest example of his virulent homophobia.

There are various forms of this alleged therapy but they are all based on the premise that homosexuality is undesirable, a product of nurture rather than nature and that people can be “cured.” The implication is obvious, and runs against all that Canada embraces scientifically, morally and politically. Yet Andrew Scheer argues that he needs more time and more details before he comes to a decision. That simply doesn’t make sense.

A visceral hatred for gays that goes back to the very beginning of his political career, when he signed up to work for Larry Spencer, an Alliance MP who wanted to jail all LGBT Canadians.

Spencer, a former Baptist preacher, was so extreme he was eventually thrown out of that bigot party by its leader Stephen Harper.

But that didn't stop Scheer from rushing to the defence of Fred Henry, the virulently anti-gay Bishop of Calgary...

Who as Neil Macdonald reminds us also wanted to jail LGBT Canadians. 

He also defended Alberta Bishop Fred Henry, who told parishioners in a 2005 letter that gay sex is "an evil act, whether it is performed in public or private" adding that: 

"Since homosexuality, adultery, prostitution and pornography undermine the foundations of the family, the basis of society, then the state must use its coercive power to proscribe or curtail them in the interests of the common good."

And what makes Scheer's reaction so outrageous, is that he wasn't bothered by the threat to jail LGBT Canadians. But was enraged that anyone should dare threaten to report Henry to the Human Rights Commission. 

"To think that a Catholic bishop must answer to a civil authority over matters of faith is abominable. It is abhorrent to me, to other Catholics and to every member of every faith community," he said.

Which along with his long record of voting against any and every LGBT right's bill, tells us exactly how Scheer feels about gay people...

You know, the other day Justin Trudeau dropped into a gay bar in Vancouver while campaigning with Hedy Fry...

And when he saw that, the conservative media personality Charles Adler tweeted this:

And along with a torrent of hateful Con comments, received this as one of his replies.

Which is funny, and in the year 2019 makes Scheer look even more pathetic.

Just like this latest Con attack ad leaves him and his Cons looking even more like religious fanatics...


But still leaves us with Scheer's big religion problem.

Which is that while Scheer has the right to believe whatever he wants to, even if it is hateful garbage.

A man who has such a passionate hatred for so many Canadians is unfit to be a Canadian prime minister.

A bigot is a bigot is a bigot.

Andrew Scheer cannot be redeemed, and his bigotry will help defeat him...


  1. Scheer Schit attracts fascist flies. Toronto Star just announced they hired a reporter to cover LGBT issues, and Aryan Andy's Bigot Grandma campaign staffer, Georgeanne Burke, was freaking out about it on Twitter. Radio silence from the media as they hyperventilate about portraying gentle college pal Gerry Butts as Trudeau's personal Roy Cohn. Meanwhile, "wax Trudeau's balls" is trending on Twitter, another emetic contribution from the worst examples of humanity (and human-created bots) to populate the vomitorium. Very fine people. Be best.

    I'll wait to see if Adler's epiphany is genuine; Coren's seems to be and I think he really hit the nail on the head, not just about Scheer but his Deplorebel supporters, staff and even a lot of the pundit class. They just hate Trudeau because they're envious of him and he makes them feel insecure, in a way that dare not speak its name. It's not about SNC or election reform or the climate/energy file. It's that they're obsessed with where he puts his pipeline at night. Not that he believes in science, but science might conclude that Andy has a crush and wants to destroy what he can't have. (Same with Kinsella. Yuck.)

    Things that wouldn't be a blip on the radar for any other leader get the volcano-out-of-a-molehill treatment because it's a Trudeau, it's that Trudeau, and this Trudeau is not the "patriarch" that the other Trudeau was. He just has a different personality and way of carrying himself than his father, and so what? Instead of appreciating him as an individual, the militant trolls pile on him as "Margaret's son," an insult he's been used to for years and addresses in his book. He knows, and they know, exactly what they're going for with that and it only angers them further when he either ignores them or shoots back by saying how proud he is to be Margaret's son.

    The treatment of Justin Trudeau by the pundit class and the Internet troll brigade is a trial run for what Canada can expect if it ever does have an actual gay PM or (another) woman. Adler laid some pretty obvious troll bait saying Mayor Pete would make a great PM, and no surprise, they went for it. Someone posted a video clip of an interview with Kim Campbell where she talks about how harshly she was treated, in particular by the media, and not only as a catch basin for anger over Mulroney's failures. How many female PMs have there been since? How many one-term female premiers? One of whom was a lesbian and look at how the Ford Nazionalists treated her! The line of attack against Trudeau fils is Crooked Hillary all over again, portraying her as more "corrupt" than Trump when the real problem they had with her was that she's a woman and she dared challenge the status quo. In Trudeau's case it's that they think he's gay, and even if they don't think he is personally, direct their hatred at him as a proxy for their anti-LGBT bigotry in general.

    It is like I've been saying for a long time: misogyny against men is homophobia. Trudeauphobia or Trudeau derangement syndrome is gay-bashing by any other name, just like Obamaphobia was and is racism pure and simple. Hopefully it hasn't reached terminal epidemic proportions and will be cured (or at least put in remission) at the ballot box this fall.

    1. Hi Jackie...yes, your last paragraph sums up the situation brilliantly. It's too bad our MSM isn't sophisticated enough to explain that to Canadians. Fortunately the new generation will soon sweep those Con fossils away. Justin Trudeau , whether they like it or not, is a member of a new generation of leaders and represents for me a new kind of male, decent and progressive, of the kind I aspire to be. I don't agree with everything Trudeau does, but the more the filthy Cons attack him, the more I want to vote for him...

  2. FYI: OT but Andy might have just activated the IDU troll brigade from India, by tagging Modi in a tweet to blast Butts for correctly pointing out that Modi's government and the Con media had a role to play in the India debacle. Convenient that the statement from Butts comes in an excerpt from Ivison's new slam book, an excerpt released to the Postmafia network and retweeted by Cousin Coyne. Note that Harper was just there about a month or so ago to stir up more shit. I can't be the only one who feels like this is a coordinated Kudatah. Trudeau is an innocent victim of all of these fake scandals, a deer (or moose) caught in the headlights and set up by Harper and his propaganda stooges in the M$M. I think we're eventually going to find out THE truth (not "her" truth or Modi's truth or John Ivison's truth or other such Orwellian subjective BS) when Gerry writes his own tell-all to counter their crap. Andy is a useful idiot. Scumbag Steve's come unhinged and wants to start a war.

    1. Hi Jackie....Like Scheer Modi is a religious extremist whose Hindu mobs are terrorizing Muslims and Christians. The Cons are going to pay for jumping into bed with him...

  3. God Squad LT in an age that knows better

    1. Hi Steve....You'd think most people would no better. But even though right-wing evangelists are on a rampage from the U.S., to Brazil, to India, far too many in this country still believe it can't happen here...

  4. Harm reduction, Conservative style

    “They should be lined up and needles thrown at them like darts” This abhorrent, disgusting rhetoric is brought to you by a @YourAlberta sheriff—that’s right, a sheriff is promoting harm on people who use drugs. Is this what #Alberta stands for?

    Someone ask Andy if this is what he stands for. Or is he more of a "pray the heroin away" kind of guy.

    1. I don't know what it is about Alberta, but they sure produce more than their share of brutish cave men. Deadly drug overdoses are killing thousands of Canadians, and the Con War on Drugs would add to that total. They must be defeated, they should be put on trial....

  5. OMG -- Scheer is even worse than I thought... and therefore more dangerous than I thought. All the more reason to not vote for these KKKonservative Regressives.

    1. Hi Loni....yes, Scheer is dangerous. He is both a far-right sympathizer, and a member in good standing of the religious right. And what makes him and his Cons so dangerous is that the media doesn't dare write about religious extremism, so many Canadians have no idea what's happening...

  6. Anonymous4:10 PM

    I always knew that Scheer was a social conservative, but I was shocked to read about his record as an all-out bigot. He is as you say unfit to be a Canadian Prime Minister. Why is the media allowing him to cover up his past?

    1. Because they hate Trudeau above all and for them, the ends justify the means. Just like with Trump and Kenney they know they can score bigger ratings with performative outrage after they've delivered the results their right-wing corporate masters demand. Never thought I'd say it but the media really is the enemy of the people.

    2. Hi anon....As I told Lioni..what makes Scheer so dangerous is that he is both a far right sympathizer, and a religious fanatic, who hides behind a Howdy Doody smile, So many people have no idea what's happening, or claim it couldn't happen here...

  7. Speaking of bigotry: Just read about a new Forum poll with some numbers for the parties' results in Quebec. That the Cons would show strong results among Caca Party racists who hate Muslims and non-Muslim allies who treat them as equal human beings doesn't surprise me. They probably weren't happy that Trudeau called out Trump and stood up for the Squad. But to be so way off the other firms and have the Liberals be neck and neck in la belle province strikes me as total bullshit.

    The fact that this poll is being trumpeted in a Postmafia paper and retweeted by the likes of Lorrie Goldstein should put anyone on alert. Someone is cooking the books and feeding favorable numbers to the Con-friendly rags. The last one had the Cons way ahead among millennials, FFS. The guy at 338 even says that "Forum is in its own league."

    All in total however, the fact that anyone at all continues to vote for racists like Scheer, Legault and Trump is sickening. White-wing bigots continue to represent the worst elements of humanity. It's too bad the climate crisis doesn't just selectively target US red states and ridings in Canada that vote blue to "make the great North white again."

  8. Trudeau, Singh and May together at the Montréal Pride parade. Notice that someone is missing...

    1. Vancouver, but point still stands. Max wasn't there either, not that anybody noticed or cared. But I'm kind of willing to give him a pass because he spent the weekend on Twitter calling Andy a fraud. I guess even a broken cuckoo clock is right at least twice a day...