Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Racism of Trump And Our Con Bigots

There can now be no doubt now that Donald Trump is a foul bigot, who is disgracing himself and the office he holds.

There is no doubt that whatever he says he is racist to the bone. 

But what I also find interesting is how political leaders in this country reacted to that sordid episode, because I think it says a lot about them.

So while I thought Justin Trudeau's reaction to Trump's foul klan show was measured and dignified.

I thought Andrew Scheer's reaction was rambling and very unconvincing.
But then who can be surprised that he looked so guilty?

When Scheer has made it abundantly clear that he is a racist himself...

So are many of his supporters...

And so are some of his MPs like the Con bubba Larry Miller...

Whose comments a few years ago couldn't have been more Trumpian. 

A veteran backbench Conservative MP has apologized for telling Muslim women who want to wear the niqab while taking the citizenship oath to "stay the hell where you came from."

Or more disgusting.

Even though, believe it or not, he is known as the "Keeper of the Flame" or the "voice of principle" in the Con caucus. 

And as this graphic makes only too clear he is not alone...

You know, the other day in one of his many rambling incoherent posts the dreadful old Disaffected Liberace, the one who has suggested that Trudeau should be raped in jail, wrote these words and aimed them at me:

There are those among us who persistently vilify Conservatives as "ghastly" and outside the company of "decent" Canadians. That sort of thing plays directly into the hands of those who pursue our division. It ought not to be condoned. 

And all I can say is how dare that ghastly collaborator try to censor my words, when they are my only weapons?

Like other decent Canadians I don't hug Cons, certainly not when their racism is poisoning my country.

I will fight them and all other bigots until the day I die.

And this shall be my slogan...


  1. Your friend (and I use that term very loosely) is dangerously misguided, Simon. This isn't even "conservatism." What used to be called conservatism is now more properly called centrism. It's called moving the Overton window. The Sanders/AOC wing of the Democrats are what could be called progressive liberals, while the Pelosi, Obama, Hillary center is where the Republicans used to be in a bygone halcyon era. Obama himself said he was a Reagan Democrat but hinted at the obvious reasons why he wouldn't feel welcome in the party of today. Canada's multiparty system is slightly different and the Tru Grits are an interesting mixture to study, compared to the Liberals of, say, Chretien, Martin, and his own father. The most hardcore of Dippers will still say that Trudeau has "governed from the right." They're probably annoyed that he isn't Fidel Castro Jr. But in terms of "partisan stripes," I see him as a Fuchsia Tory with orange polka dots. A little of this and a little of that. His governing philosophy is, of course, common ground. By god, he even gives a damn about Alberta even though they threaten to kill him. So, the pragmatic center.

    But he will never, of course, find common ground with this current crop of Deform Party, GOP North Kudatah Koch Klansmen. So-called conservative parties and movements the world over are nothing more than hate groups and terrorists feeding off inchoate rage, religious fanaticism, and the psychopathic greed of nihilistic financiers and dinosaur energy magnates. Almost entirely white men, with some Stepford foot soldiers and minority tokens or kapos in the mix here and there. The proper term is not conservatives but fascists. Or "Vanilla ISIS," "Y'all Qaeda."

    Scheer is Trump with a rubber Chucky face and none of the bombast or tacky reality-show appeal. Which makes him all the more dangerous because he's boring, wooden, and, thus, stealth. But he has all of Trump's bigotries and willingness to Con the low-info populace with vague bromides in order to line his own pockets and satiate the same prejudices he shares with the, yes, deplorable base. In other words, he's a mutant hybrid of Trump and Pence together. If Muppet Man there really wanted to treat "conservatives" decently he'd quit slagging "liberals" like Trudeau, Hillary, Obama etc. I keep posting the memorable quote from Yeats over and over again hoping that it won't come to fruition in Canada like it has in the USA: When things fall apart, the center cannot hold.

    1. Hi Jackie...I have always wanted to see progressives unite into one mighty party that would keep the Cons out of power hopefully forever. The new party would be to the left of the Liberal Party especially On environmental matters. But not so left, at least in the beginning, that it couldn't win over most Canadians. I have no time for the precious snowflakes who have no time for compromise, the supreme Canadian value that has made us the successful country we are today...

  2. Anonymous6:59 AM

    According to Ipsos on July 17 Trudeau had an approval rating of 32%. That's lower than President Trump.

    1. Anonymous8:58 AM

      Not to mention Trump's approval rating went up 2% after his racist tirade against... *giggles* "The Squad".

      Occasional-Cortex her friends are pushing the Democrats so far left that Trump might win a second term.

      It's glorious that they're being called Israel haters, time for progressives to have a taste of their own medicine.

    2. "Popularity" is not necessarily an indication of quality, otherwise Fox News' high Nielsen ratings would translate to credible journalism and McDonald's would be considered gourmet food. Often it indicates appeal to the lowest common denominator: hence, populism, or as I call it, the pox populi. Ipsos-Reid is Canada's version of Rasmussen and one of their executives met with the Cons and Big Oil this past spring to discuss "polling your way to victory." Smells like baked-in bias to me.

      This particular poll was commissioned by Global, which employs the biased hacks Akin and Stephenson and ran a bunch of fake stories and hit pieces about Trudeau in just the past month, from Snubgate to Forkgate and now Pollgate. IR also ran a poll surveying Republican response to Trump's racist comments about the four congresswomen. Wow, big surprise, they love it, especially in the mid-summer. Nice to see they're basically surveying Nazis. Anyone can sign up for an Internet panel. Have you seen the bot activity pushing stupid hashtags as of late? Try reading real journalism like National Observer instead of Harper's litterbox liner like the Nationalist Compost.

      Now, I'm not denying that there are a lot of stupid people in America as there are in Canada, but other than the Con-infested CBC which treats their numbers like gospel and junks the very accurate Nanos for "liberal bias," nobody with more than two brain cells to put together takes Ipsos-Reid seriously. Reality has a liberal bias. The question is do we still live in a reality-based universe. Because that same poll said the party of rape apologists, abortion opponents and incels was leading among women voters. Sure, Jan. If #ScheerBullshit is a feminist icon then I'm the queen of England. Corgis know what to do with those polls.

    3. What a great Blog this is.
      What with Simon's mission and passion and tireless message. The raised fist NO SURRENDER is imprinted on my brain.
      And, what with such as Jackie, our warrior-wordsmith.
      LOL. "Harper's litterbox liner"
      Jackie, your erudition/eloquence/articulation/wit is matchless.

    4. HI brawnfire....I second what you say about Jackie. I was going to answer that Con Trumpling, but I'm on holiday, the heat is making me feel a bit lazy, so I just lay back in my hammock, watched Jackie demolish him, and enjoyed every second...

  3. Not long ago, when Trudeau was saying " a Canadian is a Canadian " for the first time. In response Sheer-nonsense was advocating stripping Canadians of their citizenship and sending them back. Weak Andy talks and acts like Trump; just another vile racist.

    1. Hi rumleyfips...l completely agree with you. Scheer may fool a lot of people but he is an alt right racist and Canada's smarmy Trump....

  4. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Why is that Disaffected guy always picking on you? I get that he's obsessed with a pipeline and hates Trudeau, but doesn't he think that racism is a problem? My advice is to try to ignore him and don't give him any publicity.

    1. Anonymous8:26 PM

      The Disaffected Liberal has been trying to get Simon to quit blogging for years. He's jealous of him and wants to have Progressive Bloggers all to himself. i'm sure Simon would like to ignore him, but if he is attacked he will respond.

  5. Hi guys..l'd rather not get into the details,Mobutu my enmity with the Disaffected Liberal goes back many years. It started when he became jealous of me during the time when Progressive Bloggers had a rating system and I beat him all the time,mane he started sending me vile "anonymous" messages that are still among the worst I have ever received. And when he directed some of them at my companion he became my enemy for life. I do try to ignore him now, but if he attacks me I will not let him get away with it. He does want to make me stop blogging but he won't succeed...

  6. Cartoon: Trump’s Squad

    “R" is for racist