Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Day Donald Trump Declared War On His Own Country

Once upon a time Donald Trump's passionate bromance with Vladimir Putin had its comic qualities.

But not any longer. Not after this.

And what Trump said yesterday was not only dangerous and crazy.

It had the stench of treason. 

Donald Trump's call on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's emails has shocked, flabbergasted and appalled lawmakers and national security experts across the political spectrum, with one saying it was "tantamount to treason."

Leon Panetta, a former CIA director, told CNN's Christiane Amanpour that Trump's comments were "beyond the pale" because he was "in fact asking the Russians to engage in American politics." Later during a panel at the University of Pennsylvania, Panetta ramped up his rebuke, calling Trump’s remarks a “threat to our national security.”

Even many Republicans were appalled.

An aide to House Speaker Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Republican who has endorsed Trump, added, meanwhile, that "Russia is a global menace led by a devious thug" and that it should stay out of the U.S. election.

And the scariest thing is nobody can be sure whether Trump is a Russian agent, or dangerously evil, or dangerously ignorant...

Or a maniac who doesn't even realize he is declaring war on his own country.

But what we do know is that if he ever becomes President he will trigger a race war in the United States, eliminate the minimum wage, give millionaires even more tax breaks, rig the Supreme Court to roll back the rights of women and gay people for the next twenty years, abandon the fight against climate change.

And in pursuit of all of the above turn the U.S. into a police state.

For all you have to do is watch this video on his Twitter site, to see the shape of things to come should he ever become President...

And the idea of letting a dangerous demagogue like him anywhere near the nuclear  button is simply unthinkable. For he would almost certainly lead America and the whole world to catastrophe.

Just like the ghostwriter of Trump's big selling book the Art of the Deal, a man who spent a lot of time with him, recently warned.

While also revealing that Trump can't listen to anyone, or read anything, for more than two minutes, before he starts talking about HIMSELF.

Which explains why he spends so much time on Twitter, trying to fit the world into 140 characters. 

While going after anyone who dares challenge his judgement, like the TV reporter Megyn Kelly with whom he is obsessed, or any of his other enemies real or imagined.

Which alone should make it clear why he should never be President...

He really is too dumb and too dangerous.

As the great American President Barack Obama said so powerfully last night, it is a battle between good and evil.  

In passionate support for his successor and righteous anger for her opponent, in a voice we have rarely heard since those heady days of “Yes We Can,” Barack Obama rallied to Hillary Clinton and took it to Donald Trump, Wednesday night, casting this election, not as a contest between Democrats against Republicans or progressives against conservatives, but good against evil. Nothing less.

Anyone who believes anything that absurd Trumpolini says...

“The Donald is not really a plans guy. He’s not really a facts guy either,” the President derided. “Does anyone really believe that a guy who spent his 70 years on this Earth showing no regard for working people is suddenly going to be your champion, your voice?

Should have their heads examined.

He has revealed himself to be capable of treason.

And nobody will be safe until the day he is defeated...

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Anonymous said...

The fucking idiot comb over versus Jim and Tammy Faye Clinton. Helluvamess.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Simon, that you included a post from the Globe and Mail in here. I await the Globe's endorsement of Republican's without Drumph as leader.

rumleyfips said...

Can he make the trains run on time ?

Steve said...

Totally disagree. It was a throw away line. Where are the missing emails. Hillary is a liar and the fact that all the masters of the universe are lining up behind her makes me believe Trump is the better choice. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The seperation of powers will keep him from going over the edge.

Anonymous said...

It's a battle of good versus evil? I agree. The only side representing anything remotely resembling good is Jill Stein and the Green party.

I pray that the Russians did hack Clinton's private email server she deleted 30,000 emails from. They contain enough evidence of the Clintons taking bribes through the Clinton Foundation to put Hillary behind bars for the rest of her years, right where she belongs.

BTW, I like Trump's 'bromance' with Putin. Far better than what Hillary offers: i.e., sicking NATO on Russia. Apparently Hillary believes that World War 3 is a business opportunity.

-Bernie Orbust

Dan said...

Only to send them to bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

No Trump fan here but why would it be "treason" even if he had really encouraged Putin to hack the missing 33K emails (Trump claimed today that he was just being sarcastic)?

Recall that Hillary had repeatedly claimed that the missing emails did not contain official secrets but were merely personal emails containing details about Chelsea's wedding, shopping lists, etc.

Thus even if Russia had really hacked into Hillary's unsecured servers (nobody knows if that had occurred, or how many countries had hacked into those servers), it would have been a federal crime but not "treason" since they were only personal emails according to Hillary.

Interesting that Hillary's campaign spokesman now claimed that hacking into those 33K emails is a matter of "national security". However, if those emails were "national security", then Hillary must have lied when she had claimed that they were merely "personal" emails, no? Surely Chelsea's wedding plans could not have been national security?

Also, if the emails were really a matter of national security, why in the heck would she have them on 3 unsecured servers (recall that the U.S. itself had been exposed for hacking into Merkel's phone conversations during the G7 summit in Canada, thus they all do it). Can't have it both ways, eh?

Here is the rub: we have two candidates who, in a rational world, would not have become nominees of their parties. Yet it seems the rest of the world is now on the verge of seeing one of these two having their fingers on the nuclear button come November. God help us all.

For those Clinton fans who would argue that she is still better than Trump, I would strongly encourage you to read this about the Clinton Foundation:

Trump had apparently taken full advantage of laws to declare bankruptcy 6 times while boasting about his business prowess. Guess who paid for those bankruptcies? The Clintons apparently had also taken advantage of laws to enrich themselves, apparently through the Clinton Foundation. I do not see much difference, do you, except perhaps that the Clintons appear to be smarter about not attacking minorities or saying obnoxious things outright?

Steve said...

hear hear, if we are going to have to pay the band, put the price tag in Trump

Anonymous said...

Trump was just joking around, he doesn't care who releases or hacks the e-mails he just figures it'll ruin Shillary once and for all.


Anonymous said...

This was clearly mostly a joke, mocking the ridiculousness of the Clinton campaign’s baseless claim that Russia hacked their emails to support him. At the same time, it is pointing out the absurdity of the claim that foreign states didn’t have access to Clinton’s unsecured server, but breached a secured DNC server.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's worry about missing emails, that's clearly more important than stopping a dangerous lunatic. What idiots. They really do deserve him. As horrific as it would be for the entire world it really will be fun watching the idiots suffer under the "Blue Collar Billionaire". Sorry Simon, it's just hard to believe how dangerously stupid some people are. ❤️ To the good people. Pamela.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Trump but his ability to turn the War Machine and supporting media into a frenzy with a few sarcastic comments is admirable. Deep down the people realize that after decades of war and personal/family sacrifice they have actually fallen behind with respect to personal safety and freedom and that their leaders are to blame. For Trump to even sarcastically suggest that the media painted monstrous Putin could perhaps locate some missing emails is pure heresy.Bernie supporters and many others get the joke but the Dems just dug themselves into a deeper hole by releasing the war hounds and media shrills for everyone to see and be reminded they have been had by these Cons for decades.Few victories, none of the 'liberated' countries thanking them,just enormous social, economic cost and more fear.The score on this one is Trump 1 , Hillary 0.Unless they modify tactics the Dems well oiled political machine may just not be a match for Trumps brand of gorilla warfare. Hopefully Trump looses but anything he can do to scuttle the war monopoly along the way is a very good thing for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Smug centrists believe ignorance is strength. Just ignore 30,000 deleted emails on a private server in Hillary's basement that violated federal law. A private server that had no purpose other than to destroy evidence of designer legislation in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Just ignore the millions Hillary has received from Wall Street: no big deal if she deregulates the banks. No biggie that this exact form of corruption caused the 2008 global financial meltdown we have yet to recover from -- which created all the political chaos the world is facing now. Just ignore the fact that another financial meltdown -- perhaps this time triggered by car and credit card asset-backed-security derivatives -- will likely trigger fascist revolutions and world war.

Just ignore the fact that Hillary lets the military industrial complex define foreign policy. Drop smart bombs and fire guided missiles at "enemy combatants" at a million bucks a pop, do some good business for Boeing and Lockheed Martin and they will make you whole. NATO encroaching on Russia causing a new Cold War? The profits will be explosive!

Good people stand up to corruption. They would NEVER support government-by-bribe. They are opposed to the establishment owning what's supposed to be government of the people. They are opposed to murdering innocent people for kickbacks. They inform themselves, ignore nothing and do the right thing. People who fool themselves into believing they are good people, don't do anything; don't put any thought into anything; never take stock; they just eat up whatever prolefeed the establishment shovels in their feed bags -- all while patting themselves on the back for doing such a wonderful job.

❤️ To the actual good people. If there isn't enough of them willing to do the right thing, civilization will collapse under the crushing weight of establishment corruption. People who are not dangerously stupid are aware of the what the real dangers are.

-Bernie Orbust

Anonymous said...

There ought to be a law to rein in the kind of shady dealings that Trump was involved in. But he didn't break any laws. The Clintons, on the other hand, made over $100-million in speaking fees for designer legislation they enacted taking promissory bribes while pretending to represent the people.

Who's the lesser of evils? The criminals who should be locked up for life for receiving over $100-million in bribes and want to sweeten the pot? Or the law-abiding citizen?

Who's more qualified? The buffoon? Or the criminal who will auction off government to the highest bidder while pretending to be a progressive?

With Trump you don't know what you're getting. And in this particular case, that is a tremendous strength. ANYTHING is better than what we already know will happen if Hillary wins (emphasis on "winning" because aside from taking bribes, Hillary is pure, relentless ambition for ambition's sake with a side order of ambition.)

-Bernie Orbust

Kirbycairo said...

It is amazing to think that in 1972 Nixon's men broke into the DNC and Nixon's involvement and cover-up of the event led to the president's resignation. Because everyone understood that it was wrong for a president to condone and/or cover-up such a thing. Today we have a presidential candidate that openly calls for a foreign country to break-in (electronically, but legally the same thing) to the DNC and it is par for the course. I wonder if the US media will finally begin to subject Trump to the kind of scrutiny that once demonstrated that Nixon was unfit for office?

Anonymous said...

One of the points that Peter Schweizer had predicted in his book "Clinton Cash" was that if Hillary wins, the Clinton Foundation will most be raking in even more "contributions" and that Bill's "speaking fees" will be even higher now that his spouse is the head honcho. Schweizer had already documented that Bill's speaking fees had trebled almost simultaneously with the appointment of Hillary as SOS.

Interesting that Schweizer had pointed out that Obama, apparently fearful of the obvious conflict of interest between Hillary's SOS appointment, and the Clinton Foundation's activities, had made her sign an agreement of transparency. The agreement had also mandated the Clinton Foundation to inform and seek approval from the State Dept before receiving contributions from various individuals or governments around the world. Schweizer thinks that Bill and Hillary, being clever lawyers, had been able to skate really close to the legal line.

Trump's business practices, while dubious, if not actually despicable, but apparently legal, could at least be seen from the point of view that he never pretended (until now that he is running for public office) to be anything other than a money grabbing capitalist. The Clintons, on the other hand, had always claimed that they were in politics to fight for the little fellow (the Clinton Foundation was set up to be a nonprofit charity, I believe). Perhaps what they did not wish the great unwashed to realize was that they were fighting even harder to enrich themselves. Lol.

So who is the lesser of evils ... the money grabbing businessman or the self serving politician? While the answer would depend on one's values, it is clear that both types must not be allowed to grasp the reins of what is the most powerful office in the world. Because inevitably both types will use the power to enrich themselves more, eh?

e.a.f. said...

wonder what would have happened if someone in office or running for office had asked ISIS to hack in to an American computer? I would suggest they would have been arrested and charged. Trump, not so much. Either they think he is an idiot or its ok for stupid white guys to say stupid stuff, this man ought not to hold public office anywhere. he would be dangerous even as a dog catcher.

Anonymous said...

It's not admirable, he's just using hitlers way of getting people on his side, he is a modern day hitler and look how that ended up for Germany. They are still in debt and that's how america will be if trump gets office, trump should be disqualified just for saying he'd get another country to hack into servers. It'll be funny to watch America go to shit with him in office then everyone who voted for him will be complaining, what America needs is to keep Obama in office because even the best, cleanest candidate Bernie doesn't have a chance vs the modern day hitler and Clinton