Saturday, July 23, 2016

Donald Trump's America and the Values That Protect Canadians

It speaks to the horror of the Republican convention that although Donald Trump did declare it an enormous success.

As only he could.

The Washington Post editorial board has seen enough.

And has decided to endorse Hillary Clinton about three months earlier than it normally would.

By declaring Donald Trump a unique threat to American democracy. 

Donald J Trump, until now a Republican problem, this week became a challenge the nation must confront and overcome. The real estate tycoon is uniquely unqualified to serve as president, in experience and temperament.

We recognize that this is not the usual moment to make such a statement...But we cannot salute the Republican nominee or pretend that we might endorse him this fall. A Trump presidency would be dangerous for the nation and the world.

And when I read that stunning editorial, and its chilling warning about what that dangerous demagogue might do if he ever came to power.

Most alarming is Mr. Trump’s contempt for the Constitution and the unwritten democratic norms upon which our system depends. He doesn’t know what is in the nation’s founding document.

Worse, he doesn’t seem to care about its limitations on executive power. He has threatened that those who criticize him will suffer when he is president.

And when I see how racism, hatred, and violence, are threatening to tear America apart.

I'm so grateful that I live in my peaceful Canada...

Where on the island where I spend my summers the gentle rhythms of life continue.

The leafy lanes are quiet and cool.

Despite the wilting heat the flowers are blooming.

And where hope still lives, so many Canadians are happy.

Given a choice of a few adjectives to describe their current outlook on life, almost three-quarters of Canadians (73 per cent) said they were either “happy” or “hopeful”, compared to only 22 per cent who were “discouraged” and two per cent who were “angry”.

So few are angry, unlike so many of our neighbours.

And I can give thanks for the values that protect us from the horror of Trump's America. 

For they are worth celebrating, as is our very different leader...

Who we can trust to uphold them.

Unlike so many progressive Americans who must live in fear about what this fascist monster might do if he ever comes to power.

A monster most Canadians reject absolutely.

In June, EKOS asked what kind of impact Canadians thought a Trump presidency would have on Canada. Only 6.8 per cent thought it would be positive.

How lucky we are.

And as I prepare to leave the country, all I can say is hang on to those precious values with both hands.

For they are what makes us Canada...

Celebrate our peaceful land.

Enjoy the summer while it lasts.

And have a great weekend everybody...

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Anonymous said...

The Washington Post? Hmmm The Washington Post... You mean The Washington Post that hosts joint fundraisers with the DNC? I couldn't imagine why they'd endorse Hillary and be against Trump.

That's right up there with shockers like Ezra Levant endorsing Steven Harper. What a surprise.


Anonymous said...

{serious} Who would our leaders endorse?
Trudeau? Clinton
Ambrose? Trump
Mulcair? Clinton
May? Stein

Steve said...

It seems like a setup, we have a bad choice and a horrible choice. I think many people are going to see it the same way hold their nose and vote trump just to say fuck yuou masters of the universe.

Anonymous said...

The Clinton that said the 9/11 hijackers crossed into the US from Canada?

You mean that Clinton?

Omar said...

Seeing as you reject so out of hand the WP's reasons against a Trump presidency, perhaps you could offer up your reasons for one. Not holding my breath.

e.a.f. said...

this election will be all about getting their vote out and not having people sit at home on their hands. those who don't like Clinton, may decide not to vote, but that only increases trumps chances of winning. Anyone in the latino, black, lgbtq community who does not vote democratic is voting for trump and that will have some very nasty impacts on their community. this is not an election anyone can sit out in the usa.

Anonymous said...

Part of me wants a Trump Presdiency in a watching a train wreck / morbid fascination kind of way... is this bad of me?