Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Jason Kenney's Desperate Plan to Defeat Justin Trudeau

As you know I am delighted that today is the day Jason Kenney is going to announce that he is leaving Ottawa to ride back back to Alberta.

After twenty miserable years of spewing manure in every direction.

And I had thought that from now on that grotesque bully bigot would be the cowboy province's problem.

But according to Postmedia's David Akin I might have counted my chicken hawk before it hatched.

For he says Kenney is returning to Alberta to be the Con's Kathleen Wynne !!!!

As the leader of a big influential province, Wynne was the Liberal in the best position to slow, alter or even halt the Conservative agenda. Case in point: pension reform. 

So now comes Kenney who, close associates say, is more keen to be a national champion of a conservative movement than he is necessarily keen to wield power. 

And if we are in for several years of a Liberal government in Ottawa, Kenney has calculated that perhaps he can do what Wynne did to Harper -- be a conservative leader of a big influential province that can slow, alter or halt the Trudeau Liberal agenda.

Which is a scary thought, because while the dress does suit Kenney, red is definitely NOT his colour.

And if you don't believe me read this.

The Cold War ended decades ago, but it seems Jason Kenney's still fighting a culture war.

You see, according to Kenney, too many kids these days are wearing t-shirts that "unconsciously" promote communism and it's high time we, as a free society, took actions to stamp out these unfashionable activities once and for all.

Which should be enough to disqualify him from running for dog catcher.

Or hog catcher...

And while I prefer to focus on what his departure means for the Harper Party 

Jason Kenney’s imminent departure from the federal scene marks a sea change for right-of-centre politics in Canada. It is a significant setback for the federal Conservatives, however they may choose to cast it. 

And it is the clearest signal yet that the party Stephen Harper built, with Kenney as his principal go-to guy, is preparing for a lengthy time in opposition.

And as I said yesterday, celebrate the beginning of the Con Apocalypse...

Kenney is going to Alberta, so I can't be sure what might happen.

He's already up to his dirty tricks...

As only a Con hog could.

And I find this rather alarming. 

Kenney, it’s reported, has his sights set on the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative party, which he hopes to merge with the breakaway Wildrose party. As the CBC’s Eric Grenier suggested in a recent analysis, that won’t be easy. But it’s never a good idea to underestimate Kenney.

Could he pull off a merger in Alberta? I wouldn’t put it past him. Kenney has developed a knack for doing — and being — the unexpected.

Because I'm sure you all know what a Kenney victory might mean...

And the good news? I don't think any of this is going to happen. I can't believe that Albertans would elect a leader as bigoted and crazy as Jason Kenney.

So all I can say is, good people of Alberta we are counting on you.

Don't be fooled by anything Kenney says.

Lasso that maniac monkey...

Before he finishes off your province.

And tries to destroy our Canada...

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  1. Anonymous8:48 AM

    I really have the impression that JK is not really a threat to anyone. I don't think he was viable even for leader of CPC, but Alberta is even more tenuous. They have had so many leadership issues with a couple of parties.

    But unite the right seems to spell maybe your cautious attitude is appropriate. But can he pull off more than crashing an ethnic free dinner?


    1. hi TS...well from what I've read it isn't going to be easy. But the province's right-wing elements are so stirred up against Rachel Notley, its economic problems are hardening attitudes, and Kenney has the money and a lot of faithful supporters, so I suppose anything is possible...

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I think he will end up in the same boat as Rob Anders. There should be no such thing as a lifetime politician in this country.

    1. hi would be nice to see Kenney end up the same way as Rob Anders, but I hear Anders is supporting him, so who knows what they might do together....

  3. e.a.f.4:00 PM

    I don't care how many dresses you put Kenny in, he is never going to look as good as Wynne. Although I don't agree with everything Wynn does, she is a progressive thinker and understand the needs of a province/country. Jason, not so much. He understands his and big oil's needs and that is about it.

    Now back to him riding the donkey, can you put him on a small tractor? I know Jason sees himself as the second coming of Christ and all that, but I feel so sorry for the little donkey. the pig I know can take care of itself.

    Jason is not going to get the leader of the Wild Rose party to give up his job. If nothing else, he doesn't have a day job. He could try buying him off, but I've got a feeling the Wild Rose party may just see through Jason and the federal Cons. As to taking over the P.C. party. They may reject Jason. They have seen what happened federally to their party and want no part of what he has to offer. He may "steal" the leadership, but then expect people to either drift over to the Wild Rose or Liberals or even NDP, if they think Notley will keep Jason from office.

    The first thing Jason is going to have to contend with is the Mayor of Calgary and then Edmonton. He might do alright in Red Deer, but that does not make a winning premier.

    Alberta maybe a conservative strong hold, but they had better day care and seniors housing than other provinces and that goes back to the 1980s. The day care was positively "advanced" compared to B.C. So in a province which took care of little kids and seniors, I don't think Kenny is going to make the cut.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes I think that Akin was stretching that one a bit. And what we're really talking about is that Kenney is desperate and will do anything to try to get back to power again. He been a professional politician for the last twenty years so it's all he knows what to do....

  4. .. as always.. thanks Simon de Montreal ..

    That great & fervant 'catholic' Kenney knows the brass ring as Sucksessor to Harper is unattainable.. perhaps living with Mommy or in myriad mysterious hotel rooms has a downside when you're a political animal trumpeting your 'values' .. Nothing against hotels or motels.. but p'raps they don't quite define 'family values' y'know ..

    But all that aside.. ol Jason Kenney knows where the bodies are buried so to speak .. but then so did saint Flaherty, James Moore, Peter McKay & 'black ops' Findley.. as would by simple association, Ray Novak, Arthur Hamilton, Jennie th Byrne.. and many other subhuman wanks cranks - weenies winkies - trolls & partisan moles .. did I mention Ken Boessenkool ? Or Tom Flanagan ? Or the convicted frauds currently in jail or appealing endlessly.. or dead now.. and will tell no tales unless triple deleted emails pull a zombie woof & come back, so to speak to speak for the dead ..

    Kenney seeks his own level, just like an overflowing septic tank seeks lower ground. His future political arc may be descendant .. following in the footsteps of the infamous ms Redford, the fallen Mr Prentice.. The Alberta political whirl is just that.. a disaster that keeps on giving.. I just can't remember though, if a toilet drains counter or clockwise.. but Jason Kenney should provide a distant echo, one way or t'other ..

    1. hi salamander...yes I think you're right, Kenney's toilet will drain clockwise in a rightward direction, but hopefully the turbulent political scene in Alberta will drag him down with it....

  5. During Kenney's speech today, he referred to the Harper government years as "centre-right" government. Not far-right. (Then what the heck would he call their proposed barbaric cultural practices tipline-- a centre-right idea?)

    The chances of Kenney uniting the right in Alberta are very slim because the Wildrose Party (far-right) and the Progressive Conservatives (centre-right) BOTH want to have the control. The best Kenney could hope for is become the leader of the Wildrose Party.

    1. hi David...well from Kenney's perspective the Harperites were centre-right. Too liberal for him. But of course way too right-wing for most other Canadians. Kenny remains what he has always been, a right-wing extremist, who seems since the Cons were evicted to be travelling even further in that direction...

  6. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Simon I think Kenny is more likely to be gone from politics soon. This is just the stepping stone to his demise. Honestly I think Brian Jean is too full of himself to let Kenny step into his shoes. Hope they fight each other to the point where they both fade into the abyss. Maybe this is the start of both of their comeuppance. Bring on karma!!!! FS

    1. hi FS...well one would hope that his Alberta crusade will be the final chapter in his sordid political career. But don't forget he has the enthusiastic support of some powerful friends in the federal conservative organization, including Lord Harper himself. So he will need to be defeated before he will finally give up...


  8. e.a.f.4:45 PM

    oh, well if he strikes out in Alberta he can always march through to B.C. the last strong hold of HarperCon beliefs and practises. Yes, so many of HarperCon's old team are working for B.C.'s premier Christy Clark. she even runs ads which look like Harper's old ads. Jason would find a wonderful home here in B.C. where mining companies can apply to have the electricity bill deferred and single parents on welfare and disability have to have go fund me pages to pay theirs. Jason would be much more comfortable in B.C.

    Trust me, Alberta's P.C. party did not go as low as Christy Clark and her B.C. Lieberal party have gone. Allison Redford liked flying around by herself, Christy Clark's private jet bill is around $600K at the moment and climbing all the time. She takes private jets because she needs her videographer, her RCMP officer, and one other person, all the time.