Friday, July 08, 2016

The Day Jason Kenney Denied He's a Social Conservative

I've written quite a few posts recently about Jason Kenney, and his plan to unite the right in Alberta.

By destroying the Progressive Conservative party he wants to lead.

And since that's crazy enough, or Kenney enough, and I think that the MSM has given that ghastly Con far too much free publicity.

I wasn't planning to write another post, until I saw this.

Jason Kenney being asked by Rosemary Barton whether he's still a social conservative. 

And lying like a thief.

For he was, is, and always will be a religious fanatic and a grubby social conservative.

He never stops sending out dog whistle messages to his rabid base...

Like he is doing here.

Uh, what got stuck in Jason Kenney's dog whistle?

According to Kenney, the Government of Alberta is preparing "radical changes to the school curriculum," part of some vague but sinister sounding goal of "social engineering," a thought which Kenney doesn't seem to believe requires any further elaboration:

And the reason he doesn't feel the need to elaborate, is because his supporters in Alberta and elsewhere in Canada know EXACTLY what he means.

Campaign Life Coalition, one of Canada's biggest anti-abortion groups, described Ontario's recent sex-ed curriculum as part of a "radical" goal of "social engineering." In fact, they suggest it's all part of a "gay agenda" to plant ideas in the minds of kids.

Alberta is trying to modernize the curriculum to include LGBT children, and protect them from being bullied...

And those religious fanatics don't like it.

For this is who they are...

And Kenney has always been their friend, and a vicious enemy of the gay community...

He claimed that gay marriage would lead to polygamy and incest. He told gay people who wanted to get married, that they were free to marry someone of the opposite sex.

He has opposed every bill designed to protect them from discrimination. 

He's always speaking to social conservative groups as he's doing here two years ago...

At a symposium on God and Government.

He's no friend of women's rights.

Kenney said he has always supported the former federal Conservative government's stance not to initiate abortion legislation. "Frankly, I think these are just issues designed to distract voters from what Albertans are really concerned about." 

But in 2012, when he was the immigration minister, Kenney defied the wishes of then prime minister Stephen Harper and supported a motion to set up a parliamentary committee to study when life begins.

He has always danced with the crazies...

And during the last election campaign he blew his hateful dog whistle so loudly he triggered an eruption of anti-Muslim bigotry in this country.

Which alone should have made him unfit to be the leader of ANY Canadian Party.

So yes, maybe Kenney can get away with claiming he wants to be leader of the Progressive Conservative party, while secretly planning to destroy it...

And no wonder he is seeking the endorsement of Stephen Harper.

MP Jason Kenney says his ex-boss Stephen Harper has "the ultimate credibility" when it comes to merging parties and a nod from the former prime minister would help his own efforts to unite-the-right in Alberta. 

"I think that Albertans would listen if he were to express himself on this, but that will be up to him to do," Kenney told The Canadian Press in an interview. "I would more than welcome that."

For birds of a feather do flock together, and one is as disgusting as the other...

But Kenney will NEVER get away with claiming that he is not a creepy social conservative or a grotesque bigot.

And hopefully before he destroys Alberta.

His ghastly record will help destroy him...

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  1. The unfortunate piece about this is that now that Notley (a gifted, and competent leader) has been thoroughly tarred and feathered by the media and the red meat alberta conservative crowd., the likes of that creepy little harper clone "uniting the right" and winning the next election are more within reach than the hapless Jim Prentice. However, despite his attempts to cloak himself in sheep's clothing, he may end up alienating the sane people who chose Notley's vision over the same old, same old...

    1. hi bcwaterboy....yes I suppose you're right, he might have an easier time than Prentice had. However, he still has to get the PC's to support him, the Wildrose Party thinks it can win the next election alone, and Kenney might split the right into three factions, and drive enough moderates out of the PC's to give Notley another chance. And I find it hard to believe that Albertans would take such a giant step back into the past, and shame themselves by voting for a guy like Kenney....

  2. Anonymous10:47 AM


    Yes, keep the masses dumb. See how well it works south of the border? True con goal, keep people dumb and unnerved with no social structures (like Medicare). Except when it doesn't work any longer because the masses are too distressed...

    Scores of women of all ages and social backgrounds have had to resort to the difficult choice of aborting a fetus, cons really don't know what they are up against. Women can't talk about this because it is (and always will be) a taboo subject for general discussion. But we vote!!

    Similar realities exist on the LGBT side of the equation, which is outside of my personal experience but not outside of my sense of justice and compassion. I read with interest on this subject.

    These con fools are just too dense to really get it. As others who follow your blog have eluded, I think that JK is an over the hill hack on his way out.


    1. hi TS...well that's what I want to believe. I believe Kenney's baggage will come back to haunt him, and that that he won't get the Con nomination. He may work hard, but he also annoys a lot of people, so who knows what chaos he might cause, only to end up on the outside looking in. I guess a lot depends on the economy, if the price of oil stays low he stands a better chance of winning, but if it improves, I hoping that many Albertans might opt for Notley if only to stop Kenney from becoming premier...

  3. I think even red meat people can smell rot these days.

    1. hi Steve...yes, Alberta is a different place than when Kenney was last there and King Ralph ruled. So I'm hoping that he looks like a grasping opportunist, and is rejected by those who really care about the future of that province. If not of course, we will have to build a firewall... :)

  4. Tory refugee Jason Kenney treks thousands of kilometers westward to seek better life

    Archive: Jason Kenney

  5. God loves everyone, whether straight or LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender).

    Show this Bible verse to Christians who are social conservatives:

    "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." (Galatians 3:28)

    1. hi're the Christian so I think you should tell them... ;)

  6. Anonymous8:43 PM

    The Reforma-Cons have similar traits to serial abusers. Instead of abusing individuals the Cons abuse the society that trusted them with political power. The aims and warning signs are the same as for individuals.Just to name a few of their traits; they are blamers,resentful,have a sense of superiority and entitlement backed by a degree of self righteousness.Canada has rejected them at the federal level so it is only natural that they will seek potential victims elsewhere especially those that were victimized in the past.
    Kenney will never match up to his mentor but Albertans would be wise to give him a pass with so many warning lights flashing red. The thing about blame is that eventually it gets placed on the people/society closest with devastating consequences.

    1. hi RT...well this is definitely the last stand of the ReformaCons. And I'm hoping that Kenney will be caught between the warring factions. Too reactionary to be a PC, and not reactionary enough to attract the Wildrose crowd. I suppose it's possible he might be able to unite the right, but I can't see most Albertans voting to make him their leader.....

  7. e.a.f.11:51 PM

    David, thanks for the laugh. I'm sure Jason hasn't read that part of the Bible. Hope someone sends his office a reminder of that one.

    Simon, I don't consider Jason Kenny a social conservative. I'd say fascist or something along that line, bigot perhaps, some thing along that line.

    I once knew a social conservative, but always it was their belief about how they lived. They in no way wanted to impose their beliefs on anyone else. One can be a social conservative and not hate. People who proport to be "social conservatives" are neither. You can be "conservative" in your views of social issues and still not impose restrictions and bigotry on others. Part of being conservative really is not to be a bigot. Its just that people like Harper stole the word and used it for their own, just like all those crazy American "social conservatives". There isn't anything social or conservative about them.

    1. hi e.a.f...well I'm talking about the real reactionaries, not the merely deeply religious. The ones that share his Cold War views, and see a Muslim behind every bush. And needlessly to say I will be flooding them with propaganda, reminding them how he flooded the province with temporary workers. And if necessary claiming that I KNOW he's gay, and at least FIFTY of his lovers. Of course I'd have to leave the country after that, but it would be worth it... ;)