Thursday, July 07, 2016

Jason Kenney and the Ghost of Ralph Klein

It was supposed to be Jason Kenney's Big Day. The day he announced he was leaving Ottawa to go save Alberta from the commie hordes. 

Jason Kenney has confirmed he is leaving federal politics to try to unite the right in Alberta in a bid to fend off another "catastrophic" NDP victory in his home province.

So there he was, quivering with excitement and sweating profusely, trying to make it sound like the Second Coming. 

But judging from their faces the people behind him weren't too impressed, and neither were a lot of others.

Like the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation, which Kenney once headed, that accused him of wasting the taxpayer's money.  

Jason Kenney did not step down as a member of Parliament when he officially launched his bid to lead Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives – a decision fiscal hawks say is an inappropriate use of taxpayers’ money.

“He should definitely be taking a leave of absence that is unpaid,” Aaron Wudrick, the federal director for the organization, said. “There is a problem when a member of Parliament is being paid by taxpayers and seeking office elsewhere.”

And along with a lot of others also complained about the way the would be saviour of Alberta had linked his parliamentary website to this propaganda site...

Which besides being tacky, and a waste of money, is also against the rules of the House of Commons.

But then as we know, Kenney likes to cling to power like an octopus...

And will do ANYTHING to win.

But what was even more bizarre, was that although Kenney is joining the PROGRESSIVE Conservative Party of Alberta. A party that is trying to become more moderate and more modern.

He seems determined to take it in the other direction, by reaching out and embracing the ghost of Ralph Klein. 

“And then, lo and behold, the most remarkable leader emerged right here in Alberta. That man with a twinkle in his eye,” Kenney said. “The late, great Ralph Klein. Ralph, well, he did the impossible.”

“We miss you Ralph! My goodness, we miss you!”

You know, King Ralph...

Who even when he was sober was no progressive. 

Klein slashed government spending by deep cuts – more than 20 per cent – in public spending resulting in massive job losses in the public sector. His government took a knife to funding for arts and health programs, going so far as to demolish hospitals, laying off thousands of nurses, and selling off the provincial public telephone company, AGT to private interests.

And then there was the sighting of the religious fanatic Rob Anders in the audience...

Who also spoke volumes about where Kenney would take the Progressive Conservative Party...

But it was the young woman standing right behind Kenney. 

The one with the strange look in her eyes.

Who sent out the clearest message in that regard...

For Caitlyn Madlener is a right-wing activist who is associated with Ezra Levant's ghastly Rebel Media. And is best known for a video she made attacking the PC Party. 

The video jabs the PCs for racking up debt, not understanding how to live "within their means," turning Alberta into a "have-not" province, as well as various scandals, accusing the party of entitlement, abusing taxpayers' dollars and simply not caring about average Albertans.

Just like Kenney did for the last three years before deciding to run for leader.

Which suggests that the chubby chicken hawk and grubby bigot is planning to take the party far to the right, so as to drive out the moderates, and make it easier for him to unite with the Wildrose rednecks.

In short, weaken the PCs rather than build them up. As the ex-Con Brent Rathgeber  also suggests here.

Of course, the whole thing could be a ruse. Perhaps Kenney is a Trojan Horse, convinced that the best way to unite the right in Alberta is to destroy (or at least weaken) one of the legacy parties to the point where it can be easily absorbed by its rival.

Which would be a first for a party leader. Would be bizarre.

But is so Jason Kenney...

A hopeless reactionary, stuck in the past.

Unable to change.

And hopefully heading for the final chapter in his ghastly story...

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  1. Anonymous3:10 PM

    The practice of poli stumpers using live stage props is just plain goofy.

    1. hi anon...yes, I thought Stephen Harper had taken those human props to the absolute limit, but Kenney's poor props look even more miserable than Harper's wax figures. According to reports during the last campaign the Harperites would spend about an hour shuffling them around until the PMO thugs were satisfied. One of our own managed to infiltrate a Con meeting and was asked to become a prop, and his account of that after he was finally discovered and thrown out, was both scary and hilarious...

  2. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Finishing off his career with a prenticeship in Alberta.

    1. hi anon...well let's hope it finishes off Kenney's career like it finished off Prentice. Who let's not forget had he not been flushed by Albertans would almost certainly have been the next Con leader. So we already owe Albertans something...

  3. e.a.f.4:32 PM

    At least Ralph was entertaining, something Jason will never be.

    If it is Jason's intent to destroy the P.C. party and it maybe his intent, given he already wants to change the party name, they will either go to the Liberals or the NDP. Hey if they hate Jason and see Notley as an alternative to decent government they may simply hold their noses. The idiot extremists may not want to leave the current Wild Rose Party and their leader doesn't have a "day job" so its doubtful he is going to do much to join with Kenny.

    Kenny is a spent force, yesterdays damaged goods, but still wants to be a "star". He must miss those limos, perks, etc. This is a way to get some of the "good life" back. Doubt if its going to work, but I've been wrong before.

    1. hi e.a.f...well only entertaining in the sense of being a drunken buffoon. But yes, definitely more entertaining than Jason Kenney, who hasn't an ounce of humanity in him. And yes, if Kenney does manage to become PC leader, but doesn't convince most Wildrose members to unite in the creation of another party, I wouldn't be surprised if Rachel Notley manages to win another mandate. Which would leave Kenney without power again, just this time in Alberta instead of Ottawa...

  4. Why is Kenney continuing to collect his monthly MP salary if he doesn't plan to return to federal politics???

    1. Hi David...I have no idea. He's claiming that he wants to return to the House of Commons in September so he can say goodbye to his colleagues, and fight Justin Trudeau's plan for a carbon tax. So please keep forking over your tax dollars to give Kenney the long goodbye he thinks he deserves....

    2. Err, he's a Harper Con is he not? They are not usually bothered by little things like that.

  5. Anonymous9:46 PM

    "chubby chicken hawk and grubby bigot" yep Simon, a freak show indeed. All he needs is freaky, bigot, Rempel to add to the Alberta traveling freak show!!!! Ignorant, morally depleted, double dipper, living of the avails of the taxpayer and not giving nothing back in return. No moral compass near that GREEDY, self serving, bigot Kenny. FS

    1. hi see the way the MSM is bending backwards to make Kenney look like a real leader instead of a grotesque bigot is truly nauseating. Somebody brought up that subject on the Rosemary Barton show, and the response from all her media guests was "Summer." Which just isn't good enough....

    2. Anonymous10:31 PM

      Not a big fan of Power and Politics, or as I call it the giggling show!!!!! When someone like Stockwell Day is a regular you can bet Rosie and the CBC is scraping what lies under the bottom of the barrel. Not too impressed with Rosie.... Soloman was much better. She just does not have the woman balls to ask the tough questions. Simply annoying for me. Bias reporting at best. FS

  6. By launching his campaign early Grubby Bigot also avoids the limits of any PC Party fundraising rules. Until October 1, his campaign can accept unlimited donations from corporations and individuals. How sad considering the government here banned donations from unions and corporations alike. This was something I know many Albertans supported regardless of where they fell on the political spectrum. Kenney really exposes himself as the power-happy opportunist that he is.

    1. hi Way Way Up....yes I saw that, and he really is a sneaky bastard, and a shameful opportunist. But as I said in my post I'm counting on all good Albertans to teach him a lesson he'll never forget, and finish off his political career once and for all...

    2. Anonymous6:29 PM

      The good citizens of Alberta cannot possibly be that gullible Simon. Looking forward to our Alberta taxpayers slam dunking the Grubby Bigot, sneaky bastard, racist, self serving opportunist out of Canadian politics forever. The end is near for that "bachelor",,,,,, FS