Friday, July 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the Great Dumb Fart-In

I know many progressives wish that the Democrats had a better candidate than Hillary Clinton to confront the dangerous demagogue Donald Trump.

And like me wish that Bernie Sanders had won the nomination, and are bitterly disappointed he didn't. 

But the fact is, whether we like it or not, Clinton is now the only one who can stop Trump.

The failure of many of Bernie's supporters to accept that reality is starting to resemble insanity.

And this really stinks. 

A group of political activists are planning to raise a stink about Hillary Clinton’s Democratic nomination — by eating can after can of beans. 

Stuffed with beans, the delegates will head to the convention at the Wells Fargo Center and when Clinton takes the stage for a speech, they’ll let her know exactly what they think of her by passing gas.

“Because we think (Clinton) stinks, we’re going to hold a fart-in,” Cheri Honkala, the event’s organizer, said. “We’re expecting this thing to be a real gas.”

It's childish, it's disrespectful, it makes all progressives look dumb. 

And since Cheri Honkala, the organizer, is the vice-presidential candidate of Jill Stein's Green Party.

It also tells me two things:

One, Stein my be a decent person and a good progressive, but the Green Party is not a serious alternative, and can only help Trump win by splitting the vote.

And two, that it's time that Sanders' supporters stopped raging against reality.

Bernie Sanders ran an extraordinary race. But he lost and Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. Thus we have two choices in November: Trump or Clinton. Yes, I know who Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are, but neither of them will be president. This isn’t ideal. We ought to have more than two plausible choices. But we don’t. Sanders supporters can engage with that reality or they can ignore it. In either case, we have to confront it.

Bernie has explained why progressives need to support Clinton:

“This election is about which candidate will nominate Supreme Court justices who are prepared to overturn the disastrous Citizens United decision which allows billionaires to buy elections and undermine our democracy; about who will appoint new justices on the Supreme Court who will defend a woman’s right to choose, the rights of the LGBT community, workers’ rights, the needs of minorities and immigrants, and the government’s ability to protect the environment.

While creating a grassroots movement to pressure her into doing the right thing, and still working for the political revolution that will bring real change to America.

It shouldn't be that hard to understand, and neither should this:

The brute fact remains: it’s Trump or Clinton. An experienced Democrat who aligns with liberals on most issues and will make hugely consequential SCOTUS nominations or a race-baiting TV huckster who thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax and has vowed to build walls and ban Muslims. Is that really a choice?

Hillary Clinton may not be the ideal candidate, far from it. But she is better than Trump.

Who as I pointed out yesterday could ignite a race war in America...

As well as cause a new and devastating recession, do nothing to save the planet, and lead us to the brink of nuclear destruction.

And whose values, as the Clinton campaign points out in this latest attack ad, are not ones any progressive can share...

So there really is no choice. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to stop the extreme right from destroying the world.

And save it for the generations who will follow us.

And right now, nothing is more important than defeating this dangerous demagogue...

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Steve said...

I fear the Hillary I know more than the clown I dont. Hillary will continue the phony war on terror, Trump will end it. Hillary will pass the TPP which will enslave the world, Trump will block or re appeal it. The race war is comming with or without Trump.Black lives matter has no moral authourity when it comes to racism. They hate white people.

Anonymous said...

I get real tired of the vote splitting argument, as though voting for a party other than the Dems or GOP were an act of utmost disloyalty. It's not.

As five-time Socialist Party presidential candidate Eugene Debs once said, "I'd rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don't want, and get it." Both Trump and Clinton fit into the "something I don't want" camp, and I'd never vote for Clinton just to stop Trump. It's only when people start voting for alternatives to the duopoly, that the main parties are forced to take note and change.

luceforma said...

yup, emerika is either about to go out in flames (and the rest of the world with it) or it's going to unravel slowly and the rest of the world with it. for no matter what magic clinton pulls, the trump maggots are alive and they want to keep on living. they won't go away.

luceforma said...

if you really believe that tump will end the war on terror, you need to check in with the news (or something).

the world has been enslaved since several chapters of NAFTA were accepted as part of that agreement (namely, chptr. 11 and chptr. 19)... and then again and again.... FTAA anyone?

as a woman (who cares what shade) i can tell you that talking to a board of men to change advertising messages in our school's bathrooms has been nothing but a frustrating and an embarrassing nightmare. this is because dynamic systems are hard to change, steve, and many prefer to be the status quo keepers than challengers. that's where the moral authority lies - with those who have perpetuated the injustice... and they are in no hurry to give up their perks.


luceforma said...

thank you for solving nothing

West End Bob said...

Exactly, Anon!

VULT CULT said...

Agree with both commenters. And as I've stated many times on many forums and blogs, holding one's nose to vote for what you hate the least is never a good option, and that has shown to never work.

Not to mention that I've maintained for some time that Trump is nothing more than a Hillary strawman (you do know that he was a Democrat for many years, and supported Clinton's NY Senate race, and has been friends with the Clintons for many years).

And finally, there are many in this country who know what Hillary Clinton would be a disaster for the United States were she installed as its President. Her voting record, her repeated inability to learn from her mistakes, and perhaps worst of all, her criminal behavior with the private email server scandal - conveniently swept away by the establishment and the Democratic Party - demonstrate clearly that she's a much bigger danger than a caricature of the Republican.

Anonymous said...

Hey Simon. He never said ban muslims he said "put a pause on muslim immigration" until we can figure this terrorist shit out. I'm sure you heard about what happened in Nice, France and I don't want to jump to conclusions but I think a "pause" isn't a bad idea. How many terrorist attacks are going to happen in France? Are we supposed to just get used to it?


Anonymous said...

Annon, you are as bad as Trump who is nothing but a liar and a total misfit. American's deserve better then Trump. I am not fond of Clinton but she is a lot better then The idiotic Trump. He is simply a basket case.


Anonymous said...

Terrorism's power comes from people and governments acting stupid in response.DN

Scotian said...

Wow, the Clinton Derangement Syndrome is STRONG in this thread.

Seriously, HRC is so far better than Trump or any of the other main GOP contenders from this year's GOP primaries that for anyone to argue otherwise shows delusion, derangement, and/or deception, because reality does not actually show this at all. I so love how the Clintons are supposedly hard core ESTABLISHMENT, this despite the actual factual reality of the old school Washington Establishment being horrified by the Clintons from day one, spending 8 years of the Clinton Presidency finding any and all "scandals" with which to discredit both of them with, and in general hating their guts. Then HRC dares to run for the Senate and win, and does so twice in fact, nearly becomes the 2008 nominee in a FAR closer race than this year ever saw at any time, and then became a Sec of State for Obama's first term.

Yet still the old school Establishment still hate their guts, and hers in particular, take the NYT, supposedly the bastion of the liberal media elites, who consistently run hit pieces on the Clintons and have for a quarter century, and not just on the op-ed pages with Maureen Dowd but even in their news pages as well, remember the claim she was under criminal investigation that the NYT trumpeted some months back only to have the FBI and DOJ come out and make clear this was not the case? That was NOT an outlier.

Seriously, this HRC hate/derangement is almost worse these days on the left than it is on the right, and at least to the right she and her views/positions actually are a real threat. That is after all why they have spent literally billions to try and destroy her or use her "radical liberalism" to destroy her husband since the 1980s.

Sure, she isn't perfect, and by Canadian political standards is on the conservative side, but for her own context her actual record overall of her life shows her to be quite on the liberal side despite all this wailing she is a GOP in DINO clothes.

Get a grip people. Seriously.

Especially since she is not history's greatest monster, but a President Trump could well be in the running for such should he ever get to the Office. This time this isn't a metaphoric choice of the lesser evil, this time this is a choice between real evil and a classic politician with liberal social values. HRC is not merely a lesser evil to Trump's true evil, and anyone that fails to see this, well your disconnect from reality is beyond reaching you with obviously.

Sorry Simon, I'm getting really tired of these Hill haters trying to make her into what she so clearly is not. I've watched the Clintons since they were still in Arkansas and I know what they are, good and bad, and this shit is really getting old to me.

thwap said...

Nope. I wouldn't vote for Hillary. Too much "evil." Not enough "less."

Trump would be a disaster. Hillary would just make Trump's followers angrier.

Obama has done shit-all for ordinary people.

The whole system is corrupt and the sooner people stop enabling their own exploitation and oppression, the better.

e.a.f. said...

There hasn't been much Obama has been able to do. He needs the Senate and Congress to pass legislation and if they don't he is screwed.

Once Obama was elected the dream was over. Corporate elites and the politicians they own will ensure no person of colour lives in the White House for at least another 50 to 100 years. Blaming Obama for the lack of progress in the U.S.A. is useless. The Americans have a very different political system than Canada. Even some of Obama's own Democrats wouldn't cooperate in his first term.

Whether you like her or not, Clinton is the best candidate for the job. Not the ideal candidate but you work with what you have. Trump would be a nightmare. IF you have a look around at some of the Republican positions on any number of subjects, with the majority in the Senate and Congress, all sorts of laws can and will be passed and Trump will only be too happy to sign them.

If Trump and the radical right wing religious nut bars control the political system, Canada can expect a lot of political refugees to move to Canada. His choice for V.P. signed legislation in Indiana which allows companies to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Now take that to a national level. Americans either get behind Clinton or they can look forward to seeing some of that legislation go federal, not to mention making "choice" for women even more difficult.

On Trump's list of possible candidates for the American supreme Court is a guy by the name of Proyor,(blog Legal Schnauzzer) besides appearing on a gay porn site as a university student his other claim to fame is his homophobic comments.

Simon said...

hi Luce...I see the next election as an election to stop Trump. And the election after that the one when the Americans will finally get a chance to vote for real change. Because if we don't stop Trump we may never have another election...

Simon said...

hi CV SoG...I'll never agree that the bigot Trump is better than Clinton. Bernie Sanders has endorsed her and with his movement will pressure her to be honest. So if you trusted him before why wouldn't you trust him now?

Simon said...

hi MC...the may be qualifying his Muslim ban, knowing that it would be ovetuned by the courts. But what about all those Hispanics? Can you imagine what might happen if he tries to deport them all. And what will happen if reappoints anti-guy judges to the Supreme Court as he is promising to do now. The man is pure evil and he must be stopped...

Simon said...

hi Scotian...I can understand your frustration. But as you know the left has a tendency to eat itself. It's a dangerous flaw, and if it splits the anti-Trump vote it will be fatal.
However, polls show that most of Sanders' supporters are prepared to vote for Clinton. And if the election is still close as it goes into its final weeks, I'm pretty confident that others will join them. And let's not forget that there are many republicans who won;t vote for Trump. So in the end I think it will work out well....

Simon said...

hi thwap...I don't understand. You admit that Trump would be a disaster, but still you would do nothing to stop him? It doesn't make sense especially since real change is now just over the horizon. The new generation that Bernie Sanders has motivated will make the revolution. But a fascist dictatorship could destroy our chances of making that happen...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...Trump must be stopped if only to prevent him from appointing the worst kind of reactionaries to the Supreme Court. For it would condemn any future progressive government to live in its shadow for years, and would roll back years of progress for women and gays, and all kinds of other people. It would be an unmitigated disaster that could destroy the U.S. and the rest of the world....

Steve said...

we also need body cameras that stay on, and a court system that does not automaticly give the police a pass. When a cop is arrested in the USA its like Game of Thrones.

thwap said...


Voting Hillary to stop Trump is soul-destroying. You're voting your approval for the devastation of Iraq. (Remember the "debate" before that war? Remember how only a total shit-head could have ever believed bush II's lies about WMD's? Hillary was on the shit-head side. In a just world, helping unleash an illegal war that has killed over a million people and devastated the lives of millions more, calls for more than the perpetrators saying "oopsie" and moving on.

You'd be voting your approval for the coup in Honduras (which Hillary orchestrated and provided practical support for) and all the horrors that were unleashed as a result.

A vote for Hillary is voting your approval for the devastation of Libya.

Hillary has vowed to be even more friendly to Netanyahu and his genocidal policies against the Palestinians.

Hillary has coddled Wall Street criminal scum. Those ass-wipes who caused the Great Recession that cost me a job back in 2008.

The choice of Trump vs Clinton is like the choice of having an eye gouged out or your teeth kicked-in.

Vote for Hillary and toss your "progressive" credentials in the garbage.

Simon said...

hi thwap...I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you. I'm leaving the country soon and I've been incredibly busy. But as for supporting Hillary Clinton, I understand what you're saying, but I still think you're wrong. If I was an American, I would vote for Clinton not because I approve of her past actions, but because I want to stop a fascist. A Trump victory would roll back all the progress the women's and gay movement have made in the last forty years. It could lead to economic collapse and to a world war. But the other reason is because while Clinton may own the Democratic party right now, she won't own it for much longer. A new and more progressive generation is preparing to take it over, and in the next election its wishes will finally prevail. So don't throw the baby out with the bath water for it will belong to us...