Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Jason Kenney and the Day of Decision

For weeks Jason Kenney has been playing a game of hide and seek. Or what I would call if Kenney wasn't still clinging grimly to his chastity vows, playing hard to get.

Whipping the Con media into a frenzy by hinting that he's thinking of leaving Ottawa, only to quickly deny it.

In an obvious attempt to try to build up the suspense, so he can make his decision sound like a historic announcement. 

Well now it seems the chubby chicken hawk has finally made up his mind.

And he will be riding off to Alberta on a crusade to try to unite the right, and become the next Premier of that province. 

Conservative MP Jason Kenney will announce he is making a bid to run for the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party in Calgary this Wednesday, CBC News has confirmed. 

Sources also say he is looking to merge the right in his home province by calling on Progressive Conservatives and members of the Wildrose to come together to better fight the progressive forces of the current NDP government.

And of course the announcement is carefully timed to come just before the Calgary Stampede.

Kenney's announcement would come just before the Calgary Stampede, a key cultural and political event in Alberta.

So he can reap, or cook up, even more free publicity...

And maybe even get an endorsement, or just a nod, from his old friend Steve who is also planning to attend. 

But although Kenney will try to make it sound like leaving Ottawa was a tough decision, and he's only doing it to save Alberta from the godless commies.

The fact is he really had no choice. He must have finally realized that he has no future in the new/nouveau Cons...

Just like those desperate Harper stooges have no future or no chance of winning the next election.

And it also must be said that his career has been going downhill for a long long time.

For in the last eight years I have written about 400 posts about Kenney, and while skimming through some of them last night, I noticed that it has been six years since his career really peaked. 

"For what it's worth, if Jason Kenney wants to seek the leadership some day, nobody will come close to defeating him," an Ontario Tory MP said. "He appeals to the party base, new Canadians love him, social conservatives know where he stands and he is a caucus favourite."

But sadly for him that warm glow didn't last. His long stint as Immigration Minister ended badly.

Over Kenney's tenure, convicted criminals were allowed to enter, all the while barring some of the best candidates to build Canada's future.

With one blunder after the other...

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney opened the door to too many "temporary foreign workers." As the Finance Minister has said Canada's economy is still fragile, flooding the country with temp workers seems counterproductive to the thousands of unemployed Canadians. 

When he became Defence Minister the verdict was even harsher. 

Jason Kenney has long been considered the Conservative party’s best approximation of an heir apparent; a dauphin, if you will. In a caucus notably lacking in strong performers, save for the Prime Minister and a handful of ministers, Mr. Kenney is a star. 

Or was.

For it has been reinforced lately, most recently Wednesday, that this minister has a potentially crippling Achilles heel; his very confidence and combativeness, coupled with instant access to social media, lead him to one snafu after another.

And of course the final blow came during the election campaign when despite all those banquets he attended...

He still managed to lose the ethnic vote by coming up with the idea to put niqabs on the menu...

Only end up with a bad case of political indigestion...

So whatever he says tomorrow, he is damaged goods.

It will be just another sign of the Con apocalypse...

And the verdict of history will be a harsh one.

All that burning ambition came to nothing.

We made sure that he never became Prime Minister.

And that his legacy will be a foul one...

He came, he prayed, he lied, he lost.

And that Con nightmare is also finally over...

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A Political Junkie said...

Alberta's loss is Canada's gain.

Mr. Kenney was always one of the most egregious examples of politicians selling out to gain votes. His departure from federal politics is one of the best news stories of the post-Harper era. Let's hope that Michelle Rempel follows his lead and returns to the "Western Canadian stream from which she was spawned".

Anonymous said...

This is good timing. He'll have a couple of months to work on his costume for the Calgary Pride parade on Sept. 4. I'm liking Simon's toga and crown suggestion - maybe even a float with Alberta PCs dressed as zombies.

Nadine Lumley said...

that cartoon should have Jason telling Harper he wants a hot dog instead of a juicy burger

this pics made my whole day, thanks

e.a.f. said...

do hope the old boy has his pension paid up. if he doesn't make it in Alberta politics, he may need it. giving up that M.P. salary may cause problems. well he can have a good time at the Stampede.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I lived in Steven Harper's Riding in the SW of Calgary for a couple years. They will love Kenney out in Alberta at those BBQ's and the Stampede. He is a conservative superstar, all these news outlets keep reporting on him. I think there is a huge chance he will be the next Premier of Alberta...

But! That is out west. He would never ever make it as Prime Minister of Canada, wouldn't even get close. So that's obviously why he's headed off...

Great post Simon love u


Anonymous said...

They're all headed to BC to spread their corruption. Christ Clark (BC citizens) are on the hook for hordes of unemployed Harper govt workers, of which Kenney is still one.
Alberta, if you think any one of these gives a shit about your kids, you godless fornicators! you don't know big oil & big religion like Jason Kenney does.
Harper has been humiliated, but that doesn't mean him, Jason & Ray are throwing in the towel.
They've got the Wildrosers, teabaggers, don't tread on me freemen on the land in their saggy bags. Gun nuts, hyper hetero men, some women who need a man, and pretty much any racist or bigot scardeycat on board.
That Jason Kenney is running from Fed #CPC means it failed, and he's coming with a better idea.
How many better ideas have occurred to this same challenge?
God help Alberta, cuz the beat down has just begun until morale improves.

hinofan said...

Alberta has a plan to ship containers of bitumen, solidified in an, as yet, unknown process,by rail to Churchill , Manitoba where container ships, double hulled, will be loaded. These container ships will be guided by leased Russian Icebreakers to Milford Haven, UK where a once decried source of energy is now welcomed by half of that newly "independent" country.
Is this a venture Jason Kenney would support?
Oil spills would be minor since the containers of bitumen would float and be as easy to handle as blocks of butter, with suitable salvage equipment, of course( it could give the piracy profession the legitimacy it has sought over the years,reborn as oil salvors! )

David said...

Maybe Harper will gift his favourite cowboy outfit to Kenney:


e.a.f. said...

that's funny, on the other hand it could happen, if Scotland went its own way. it would take the oil with them and ship it to Europe.

Russian icebreakers, you're giving some military guy in Washington D.C. a heart attack. Just what Trump needs, Canada welcoming the Russians, time to invade Canada to "save" them from the commies. This ought to be good.