Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Day Donald Trump Was Totally Humiliated

It was already the most bizarre political convention in modern American history. A third rate Nuremberg rally if ever there was one.

But for Donald Trump yesterday had to be the worst day so far.

For first he had to try to defend his wife, for the way she stole parts of her speech from Michelle Obama.

Only to look ridiculous.

And then be humiliated again, this time by the loser Ted Cruz.

Who addressed the convention but refused to endorse Trump.

The Republican convention erupted into tumult on Wednesday night as the bitter primary battle between Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz reignited unexpectedly, crushing hopes that the party could project unity. 

In the most electric moment of the convention, a clamor broke out as it became clear that Mr. Cruz was not going to endorse Mr. Trump, pointedly snubbing the party nominee from center stage on the eve of Mr. Trump’s formal acceptance speech.

And was booed off the stage, as Trump looked on angrily.

As hundreds of delegates chanted “Vote for Trump!” and “Keep Your Pledge,” Mr. Cruz attempted to dismiss the outburst as “enthusiasm of the New York delegation,” only to have Mr. Trump himself, stone-faced and clearly angry, suddenly appear in the back of the convention hall and flash a thumbs-up at the delegates.

As you can see in this video.

Only to try to claim later that it was no big deal.

Which only made him look ridiculous again.

And was not the way many Republicans felt about that slap in the face.

“I’ve seen some crazy things,” said Brandon Bell, the chairman of the Rhode Island Republican Party, who was still stunned as he absorbed what happened on the convention floor. “I don’t think this is going to play well.”

Trump supporters won't forget how Cruz humiliated their Fuhrer.

Cruz supporters won't forget the way their man was booed, or the way his wife had to be escorted out of the hall for her own safety.

The whole shabby episode revealed the sad state of the Republican Party...

The rumpus on the floor, which broke out shortly before 10 p.m., captured a reality that Republicans had hoped to minimize: that significant factions of the party remain hostile to Mr. Trump, while his own base of supporters are fervent and unyielding.

And all this as Trump prepares to deliver his acceptance speech today, and channel another Republican loser...

The disgraced president Richard Nixon. 

As Donald Trump searched for a template for his acceptance speech, the model he chose was Richard Nixon’s infamous 1968 “law and order” speech on behalf of a silent and sullen middle class.

In that speech, given only months after the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy and amid rioting in many U.S. cities, Nixon cited the fears and resentments of “forgotten Americans” and vowed to return “order” to the streets and country.

The aim was not to “unite” America, as Nixon claimed, but to target enough white middle-class support (as well as support from a smattering of other groups) to win.

Whose ghost  Trump and his campaign manager Paul Manafort are hoping will help recreate the winning conditions of 1968.

Manafort made clear that Trump’s core strategy in 2016 is the same, and that in the campaign’s view, the “angst” created by recent police shootings of African-Americans, as well as attacks on police, create an “opportunity” for the campaign.

Protests outside the convention hall will only amplify Trump’s message, Manafort argued. “It will show a lawlessness and lack of respect for political discourse.” 

But sadly for them 2016 is not 1968...

There have been no violent protests outside the convention hall. Dozens of cities aren't burning. Hundreds of Americans aren't dying every month as they were in Vietnam back then.

And most importantly in 1968 the U.S. was 90% white, while this year 30% of voters will be racial minorities. Most of them are against Trump, so are most women, and most young Americans.

And with his party so divided, and the Democrats able to use so many Republicans against him, to make a mockery out of his claims to be a Great Unifier...

Trump may indeed try to channel Richard Nixon.

And he may leave on a helicopter like Nixon did after he was forced to resign...

But he will never get anywhere near the White House.

And the humiliation he experienced yesterday...

Will pale in comparison.

With the one that awaits him...

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  1. Totaly disagree, Trump knew and he used it all Gobbels style.
    Does it matter, well yes, hopefully it keeps Crzuz from every getting to be
    President, cause compared to Trump he is a true anti christ.

    1. hi Steve...well Cruz is at least as bad as trump, but he will never be president. And for the sake of us all, neither should Trump....

    2. this is a nation that picked GWB over Al Gore. This is a nation that elected GWB twice. Get ready for President Trump.

  2. You're right Simon. It's not 1968!

    Did those guys not realize that 2008 and 2012 were the first two national elections in US history that a president won an election but did not win the white vote?

    The way the convention has gone, shows that Trump's campaign is about to go waaaaay off the rails. As a guy who would also be booed off the stage at this shit show once said: A house divided against itself can not stand.

    1. hi dan...I have to believe you're right. The convention only exposed all the problems the Republicans face. That fascist circus would collapse if the media didn't keep covering it like a normal political story. The Trump Party is much weaker than it appears. And since it shouldn't be hard for the Democrats to have a better convention, they should get a good boost...

  3. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Listening to Trump's nomination speech. Little hands, lots of lies. Fascism is what comes to mind. Hope that young Americans are able to google that :((


    1. hi TS...I've never seen anything quite as insane, or so obviously fascist. Apparently Trump had been working on it for weeks, and it was still the worst speech I've ever seen. I cannot believe that any decent American could be swayed by that maniacal rant, and I have to believe that it will only damage him...

  4. It's profoundly sad just how vacuous Trump's thinking and policy is.........and how readily the uneducated masses will swallow it. They are practically bathing in the fetid waters of their own stupidity.

    1. hi Way Way is sad and frightening. When I heard one of his flunkies describe him as a "blue collar billionaire" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I only hope that sanity prevails, or we are all in real trouble...

  5. e.a.f.4:07 AM

    there were moments of the Republican convention which reminded me of the old Nuremburg rallies, not as well done and cheezie as only Trump events can be, but the themes were there.

    The convention and its question and answer, with "guilty" was very well done. It will be played over and over on commerciaLS IN the lead up to the election and they will gain traction. Never over estimate the public.

    Jon Stewart handled half of the Stephen Colbert show Thursday evening and it was wonderful. He called the Republican out on many issues, but the best one was, their signs of Blue Lives Matter. He pointed out these same politicians had refused to extend medical benefits for First Responders from 911. He called them hypocrits and said, "he saw them on the floor". When Congress refused to extend medical benefits to 911 First Responders, Stewart would call out the Republicans on it during his shows. He actually brought on a group of first responders, who spoke to the audience. Over the years, they died, one by one, so that in his last year of the show, only one man was left.

    Trumps tweet regarding his wife's speech is exactly as I thought it would be. He doesn't care what they say, as long as they spell his name right.

    this election isn't over and neither is Trump, unfortunately.

    if you study the conditions in Germany which led to the rise of Hitler and then have a good look at American society today, it is quite possible Trump will be the next president of the U.S.A. if that happens we will all be in trouble.

    1. hi e.a.f....the problem for Trump is that the U.S. is not in the apocalyptic state that he makes it out to be. So while his approach may resonate with those who are suffering, I very much doubt that it will help make him more popular. He is playing to his echo chamber like Harper did, and will almost certainly reap the same result...