Monday, July 11, 2016

Michael Harris On The Many Delusions of Jason Kenney

As we all know only too painfully, Jason Kenney is trying to reinvent himself as the Saviour of Alberta.

Even though he was born in Ontario, has spent the last twenty years in Ottawa, and couldn't save anything or anyone.

Including apparently HIMSELF.

For as we also know, he just got that other Ontario cowboy Stephen Harper to give his campaign a plug or a blessing...

Even though some pundits in that province are pointing out that kind of an endorsement, from that kind of unholy pimp, might not help him. 

It could actually hurt him. 

Melanee Thomas, political scientist and professor at the University of Calgary and former provincial NDP candidate, said Kenney’s bid — and the endorsements by Ottawa politicians — could do more harm than good. 

She said Albertans haven’t historically liked having federal politicians return to the province to try saving it.

“It didn’t work so well for Prentice,” she said

But then Kenney doesn't seem to know what century he is living in...

And to make matters worse, as the political strategist Stephen Carter points out, doesn't seem to understand why the NDP won the last election. 

“He’s been living in Ottawa for so long, he forgets what is a real Albertan,” Carter said. “A united right wouldn’t have stopped (the NDP’s provincial election win).” 

He said during the last provincial election, the centre didn’t reflect centre values, causing voters to move left.

“I’m concerned about Jason Kenney and the federal Conservative party saying they’re here to save everyone and move everything to the right,” Carter said. “I don’t think that’s the model that will work here.

And that he's running for leader of the wrong party.

“If he wants to lead a right wing party, there’s a party right here: the Wildrose.”

Gawd. How many mistakes can you make before they call you a rodeo clown, and put a big red nose on your face?

But then as Michael Harris writes, Kenney has always been delusional. 

He may be ready for Alberta, but is Alberta ready for Wild Jay Kenney? 

You can just tell when guys in cowboy hats and neckerchiefs haven’t spent much time in the saddle. You just know they couldn’t hogtie a kitten, or shoot a lamp shade let alone a silver dollar off a fence post.

There was a time when I thought that Harper was the ultimate identity chameleon — an Easterner who had managed to convince the country he was a cowpuncher. I was wrong. Kenney may not be King of the Cowboys, but he is definitely king of the chameleons. Like his former boss, who was a son of Leaside, Kenney was born in the wilds of Ontario — Oakville to be precise. Home on the range meant the stove to Jason.

He's trying to make Albertans believe that he's a real cowboy, or the new Ralph Klein.

When he'd have to drink like a fish to look and sound like Klein. *Burp* *Barf*

And he's as much of a cowboy as his fallen leader was...

He's just a grubby opportunist who after the Con's disastrous election results, has seen the writing on the wall, and is running away from Justin Trudeau.

Is there anyone who believes that Kenney on his best day could take out Justin Trudeau in any forum or in any event? True, they are both celebrities. Trudeau is a world class attraction around whom state dinners are planned. Kenney’s celebrity is the kind bestowed on game show hosts who give away washing machines and trips to Puerto Rico.

A hopeless bigot and buffoon who having bet the house on old King Harper.

How delusional is Wild Jay Kenney? He still thinks it’s a good thing to be endorsed by Stephen Harper. 

Me? That’s a hand of aces and eights.

Will no doubt sooner or later end up in the same place he did...

You know, the day we finally defeated those ghastly Cons, after the decade of darkness, was one of the greatest days of my life.

And I'm still celebrating eh?

But now I think watching those bullies and Con artists slowly fall apart, as reality hits them in the face like a big pizza pumpkin pie.

Could be even more entertaining....

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  1. .. keep up the good work Simon !
    .. & keep in mind that Jason Kenney is just another dreary n mealy career political animal.. his brokeback backtrail is very very clear.. a muddy legacy in the shallow political ponds.. where Nigel Kellie Ezra Ray & the frightening Arthur Hamilton paddle about.. spouting like Stockwell Day of the coming Rapture.. an earth but 6000 years old.. and ready to follow dear old Pudge Harper to Kentucky eh.. and board the Ark of Noah .. perhaps set sail or ride the tide to Israel.. or come aground in Palestine to repopulate the world with white kristians, knights Templar .. or droogs.. who in hell knows what's really cookin in those overcooked brains ?

    1. Do we really know for certain how old the earth is? All dating methods
      have assumptions.

    2. hi salamander....thank you, I certainly will keep on Kenney's case, for the man is a bigoted buffoon but he could also be dangerous. Alberta is going through hard times and it could be fertile ground for either Kenney or Harper to do this country great damage. Their main objective is to stamp out the Progressive part of the PC party, and drive the NDP from power. But after that the old firewall gang could focus their sights on the rest of Canada, and create a national unity crisis like we have never seen before...

  2. it would be funny if it weren't for real.
    oh gawd, help us!

    1. hi Luce...yes, I try to make fun of those Cons as much as I can, but it is a real threat to the stability of this country, and the last stand of the Harper Party. Let's just hope that Albertans see through this charade, and finish off those Cons once and for all....

  3. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Simon, I think about a year ago I heard a reporter on CBC say that JK would be a serious contender for the leadership after Harper, I nearly choked when I heard that. The emperor is wearing no clothes. Glad people are saying the obvious. JK is such a clown, really hard to imagine Albertans flocking at him.

    Harper really did surround himself with minions.


    1. hi TS...Kenney has always been a threat because he has or had a lot of support in the caucus, and the most fanatic members of the base the Cons count on to send them money. And although he is unelectable in a national election, in Alberta the economic turmoil has provided him with at least a chance of winning. And yes, Harper's legacy will also include the damage he did to his own party....

  4. Anonymous6:58 PM

    This guy thinks Jason can do it!
    Political strategist Stephen Carter Carter said. “A united right wouldn’t have stopped (the NDP’s provincial election win).”

    The popular vote numbers give the win to the right:
    NDP = 604,515 WR = 360,511 PC = 413,607,_2015

    1. hi anon...if you add up the numbers that might seem to be the case, but remember that those numbers are swollen in ridings where the WR or the PC's swept the vote. In other words got many more votes than they needed to win. But in other ridings where the vote was closer, a drift to the centre left could work against both of them. And finally, since Kenney is so much closer to the WR party, if he does win the leadership, who knows how many more PCs could defect to the NDP?


  6. Anonymous12:18 AM

    How about a piece about Canada participating in NATO posturing in eastern Europe? Or do you only attack the poor policies of the cons?

    1. hi anon...well I do normally spend most of my times attacking the Cons. But I too am concerned about NATO expansionism, so hopefully if I have the time, I might write something about that soon. What good would it do to try to improve our country, if we lose it and the planet in a nuclear war?

  7. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Good work Simon. We can't let The guy that helped Harper dismantle Canada anywhere near Alberta. I just talked to a friend in Alberta and warned him what's coming of he's elected. Barbaric Practices tip line, Women's clinics shut down. Abortion criminalized, Marriage equality gone, Open season on our gay community and LGBT youth with segregated bathrooms in schools. Jay and his Master are calling it Social Engineering to let kids use the bathroom of sexual identity. Kids will be traumatized. School is tough enough. It will be North Carolina North.
    By the time an Alberta election rolls around a lot of those high school kids will be voters. Not a lot of young people will vote for a right wing authoritarian party that wants to take them back to the 19th century. Maybe after their (him and his master) next crushing loss will they finally face reality. I hope people boo'd hard when Rawna went by. I probably would have been arrested. Sunny Ways Simon and good people. Pamela. PS so proud of Justin, Canada Day, Pride, the Holocaust Memorial. It's such a relief not to have a Scumbag for a Prime Minister.

  8. hi Pamela....yes as I told salamander I can't let Kenney get away with anything, because he is still a dangerous right-wing extremist. We are lucky our country was able to grow off the Harper regime. But until Kenney and his followers are defeated, we will not be rid of them. I keep hoping that some Progressive Conservative will come along and take back the Harper party, but as long as the Reform base is still the "beating heart" of the conservative movement that will be very difficult...

  9. e.a.f.7:21 PM

    wonder what Jason will do when he is a strike out in Alberta? Come to B.C. and join the rest of the left over Cons working for Christy Clark? He'd love it here. The mining companies still owe the province over a billion and the biggest debtor is Tech Mining Corporation at around $600K, but not to worry they just appointed an "elected" official of the Communist government of China to their B. of directors. that is the equivalent of an M.P. or Congress man.

    So with Lord Harper's blessing the Communist Government of China with a 31 year trade deal, I'm sure Jason can find a place in a province which has corporations with Communist Chinese officials on its board of Directors, which still owns the B.C. government, sorry, owes the B.C. Government at least $600K. So Jason come on over to B.C. after you strike out in Alberta. We have the highest rate of child poverty and the lowest min. wage. You're going to love it. Just in keeping with all those old Con "principles".

    Now in keeping with Jason's old gang who formerly ran the country, and didn't want a commission to look into the missing/murdered Aboriginal women, you're going to love B.C. Turns out the B.C. Lieberals "triple deleted" some of the Highway of Tears files also. so Jason forget Alberta, they're not going to love you the way they will in B.C.

    We have way better ethnic food in B.C. also. You know you're going to love it.

    Simon, don't worry if Christy clark is re-elected next year, I may have to move to Alberta, so it would be better if Jason were here.