Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Con Leadership Race and the Religious Fanatics

When I wrote a post about the sad state of the Harper Party's leadership race the other day, and ran a group photo of the sorry losers that contest has so far attracted.

I forgot to say that with the departure of Jason Kenney, there will be at least one more candidate.

The candidate of the Con's rabid religious base.

And sure enough as John Ivison reports, the social conservatives are mobilizing to make sure one of their own is appointed or anointed leader. 

Johanne Brownrigg, head of public affairs at Campaign Life Coalition, said her organization is waiting for more candidates to come forward before endorsing a leadership hopeful, but said anecdotal evidence suggests 30 to 40 per cent of the Conservative base is pro-life and highly motivated to vote for a candidate who opposes abortion.

Not only will the CLC endorse a candidate, Brownrigg said it may campaign actively against anyone considered “detrimental” to the cause.

And since they are such a big voting bloc in the shrunken Harper Party, and are already threatening any candidates who dare oppose them.

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that Tony Clement has found Jesus...

Brownrigg says she has heard Clement has been describing himself as “born again.” “I take him at his word,” she said.

Clement told the Post he started attending a non-denominational church, the Harvest Church, two years ago. 

 "I was historically attached to the United Church but dropped off about 10 years ago. I was going through some faith issues and through a series of events I came to a strong belief in my faith. It’s a big part of my life — it has centred me and how I want to live my life,” he said.

No doubt to try to make up for the sin of building false gazebos. And to try to change this light to green from satanic red.

And neither should we be surprised that Andrew Scheer is now the hallowed candidate of the Con's religious base...

And that the Con MP Garnett Genuis is trying to start a draft Scheer movement.

With both the Conservative and New Democratic parties heading into federal leadership campaigns, this may not stay true for long, but generally speaking in politics, it isn’t every day you get to see a draft-so-and-so movement at its inception.

Which is why the email from Conservative MP Garnett Genuis was notable. 

Genuis sent up a flare to supporters Tuesday with the subject heading “Our next Prime Minister,” promoting the idea of a bid ahead of a visit by opposition house leader and former House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer to Genuis’ Alberta riding of Sherwood Park.

Because Genuis is also a social conservative, and Scheer is the real deal. 

The one who was known as the robospeaker for the way he served his lord and his earthly master Stephen Harper...

And who is now paying homage to Jesus Kenney...

Because he knows that it is Kenney who will determine who his religious base should support.

And the good news?

As John Ivison points out, it will be hard for the Cons to serve two masters.

Politics is a delicate business, and rarely more so than when trying to satisfy both movement conservatives and the moderates who determine general elections.

They will not be able to expand their support as long as that religious base holds sway in the party.

And yes, it is another example of Stephen Harper's legacy. 

He depended for so long on those unholy fanatics for money and support, now the Cons can't afford to lose them.

So instead of leading that party to the promised land.

He has led them all the way to the gates of Hell...

And really what more can one say?

Except the Lord works in mysterious ways.

And burn baby burn...

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Anonymous said...

Guess McKay and the Tories really did not think it through when they merged with the Reform/Alliance party. Padding the support base with religious zombies must have looked attractive but not so much when they take over.The progressives really need to shed them and return to being a party that contributes to the betterment of all Canadians.Not a bunch of "crisis actors" with the objective of locking the population into an ever decreasing control circle of fear, blame and punishment.Like a contagious disease Turkey is the latest victim of this type of political skullduggery with the US potentially next on the list.

e.a.f. said...

loved the picture of Jason in his new outfit. Just enough matcho with the boots to off set the wings and dress, I'd love a poster of that.

as to the gong show this will become, sort of reminds me of the republican gang south of us. Ah, at least things won't be dull,

Gyor said...

I think its inapproitate for a former Speaker to run for the leadership of a party.

And I'm amazed that prolifers are a minority in the CPC, I'd have guessed 60% to 70%, but I'm happy to hear it could be as low as 30%.

Simon said...

hi RT...yes, depending so heavily on that religious base for money and support has done the Cons incredible damage. If the Cons were a more centrist and Canadian party they wouldn't need those crazed fanatics. But Stephen Harper kept them hanging on, and now they are going to help hang his ghastly party....

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...thank you I'm glad you like Jason Kenney's new outfit. His boots are a bit too macho, but I couldn't find any sparkly slippers. At least not yet... ;)

Simon said...

hi Gyor....well at least we know that Scheer is a partisan beast just like all the others, which explains why he always favoured the Cons. And as for the size of the religious base it may be only 30 to 40 per cent, but the party is smaller than it once was, so their influence cannot be discounted. And of course the more the merrier, for they will only prevent the Cons from renewing themselves, and hopefully help keep them in the political wilderness for at least a generation...

e.a.f. said...

leave the boots but p.erhaps a couple of rhino stones but that's it. its a nice counter to the dress.