Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tony Clement and the Con Clown Meeting in Muskoka

As announced, today is the day Tony Clement, the King of Muskoka aka Gaz Boy or Gas Bag, will make what he calls an "important announcement." 

When he will solemnly declare that he too wants to be the new leader of the Harper Party.

And while the poor scribblers in the MSM draw straws to see who gets the deathly assignment of covering that Con clown's "important announcement." 

And who will be forced to stifle their yawns, and try not to die laughing.

I'm happy to report that Clement's doomed leadership bid just got even more hilarious.

Yes, believe it or not. Kevin O'Leary, our would be Donald Trump, wants to be his financial advisor or "financial czar." 

Kevin O’Leary is meeting with would-be Conservative Party leadership candidate Tony Clement this week to talk about the possibility of joining his team as its financial czar. 

“He’s coming up here on Friday, we’re going to get together, play some guitar together up at my cottage,” Mr. O’Leary told the Globe and Mail on Monday on the phone from Muskoka. 

 “I can’t imagine a better way to talk about politics than looking across the lake … This is the Canadian way to do politics. You always do it on the dock.”

But before you think this means anything, or try to imagine what that meeting might look like...

Don't worry it doesn't mean a thing. It's just the coming together of two desperate men.

Clement is desperate for any kind of publicity.

And O'Leary is desperate to undo the damage caused by this story. 

According to the Instagram account of a man who says he's considering running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada – and even appears to be leading in some polls – it looks like O'Leary spent Canada Day weekend down in Nantucket, Massachusetts celebrating a "magical" 4th of July weekend: 

But as a number of astute Instagram users point out, O'Leary's patriotic declarations about the 4th of July stand in stark contrast with a notable gap in his Instagram feed: zero mention of Canada Day!

Which should he decide to throw his own clown hat into the small shabby ring of the Con leadership race.  

Could make our would be Trump look more American than Canadian...

And remind us all where he has lived for the past TWENTY years.

"I spend most of my time in Boston," O'Leary told the Boston Business Journal in 2014. "Boston is my home."

And the good news? 

None of those Con clowns are going to get anywhere near power. 

Not as long as Justin Trudeau still wants to be Prime Minister. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals continue to command the support of half of Canadians, according to a new poll that projects the party would win 80 per cent of the seats if an election were held today. 

Long after a governing party’s honeymoon with voters would have traditionally ended, the Forum Research survey of 1,429 people instead found the Grits are buoyant with 52 per cent of respondents, saying they would vote Liberal compared to 28 per cent for the Conservatives and 11 per cent for the NDP.

For while Trudeau just keeps getting more and more popular. The Cons are heading in the wrong direction.

They're still the same old Harper Party.

They're still going nowhere.

And neither are the Con clowns Clement and O'Leary...

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Marmalade said...

This is a Joke, right Simon? You are making this up so I could have a laugh with my morning coffee!!!!

Enough said!

Anonymous said...

This is the Canadian way to do politics. You always do it on the dock.”

LOL! I think he meant "in the dock," i.e. on trial. This is the Harper Party after all! Del Mastro, Carson, Brazman, Sona, Porter, Findlay, Gerstein, Ol' Duff, etc. all did politics "in the dock."

rumleyfips said...

I feel so much safer seeing that picture of a border security gazebo.

Anonymous said...

"I spend most of my time in Boston," O'Leary told the Boston Business Journal in 2014. "Boston is my home." Well I spend plenty of time in Boston and am married to a Bostonian ..... Don't think the good people of Boston consider him anywhere near being part of that community!!!!!! I suspect grubby, GREEDY, morally depleted, O'Leary is not on anyone's radar in Boston!!!!!! just like Canada!!!!! GO SOXS GO!!!!! ha ha FS

Anonymous said...

Tony Clement is my MP, and still well liked around here. Recall that his is a rural district, incomes are fairly low and much of what the Conservatives have done has helped: the 2% GST cut, lowering the first tax bracket and the employment tax credit. And those gazebos, like them or not, kept local people employed in the depth of the 2009 recession. These are trivial things when you live in wealthy Toronto, but for us these little things count.

With that said, as you say Simon, neither Tony nor anyone else (my personal choice would be Max Bernier) will ever be PM. Kevin O'Leary? C'mon. In fact there is a good chance the CPC may not even last in its present form. This party is really the brainchild of Stephen Harper and like all parties designed and led by 'strongmen' it may not survive its founder's departure. Think about Union Nationale in Quebec, it withered after Duplessis death (they won another election in 1966 but it was more a fluke than anything else). Same with Ernest Manning's Socreds in Alberta.

So it will be Liberals as far as the eye can see. However we've just had 13 years of them in Ontario (and trust me, it's the same gang - same backroom boys and girls, and same blind devotion to 'climate change') and based on that performance we're in for a ride, and no amount of selfies will change that.

e.a.f. said...

O'Leary, just visiting, or some such thing. financial adviser??? Its Canada and we refer to the position as Minister of Finance or the Governor of the Bank of Canada.

Leary go home to Boston.

Anonymous said...

Its easy for the federal government to cut taxes.Reduce expenditures and pass the burden onto the provinces or simply don't do what should be done to keep Canada competitive in global markets.The Cons did both and bet that the great oily dream was the way of the future at the expense of everything else ( except possibly armament manufacture). Unless its the US with a global reserve currency a good measure of a country's competitive position is the balance of trade. Canada's went negative a few years after the Cons were elected and has never recovered.Ontario was the hardest hit and although its likely the provincial government shares some of the blame it is the federal government that holds the cards when it comes to trade strategy and the Cons bet the farm on oil exports at the expense of manufacturing and future technology.The trouble is that once a country falls behind for 10 years it can become a snowball and none of the competitors are going to give up without a fight. Its too soon to tell if the liberals can turn things around but they had a good run before the 10 years of darkness. Yes we can build gazebos in the interim but run a trade deficit long enough and eventually the majority of the population become impoverished renters in their own land.

Anonymous said...

Anon 145, You do not know what you are talking about.It was the Western Alliance party that started the Conservative party. Does Mulroney ring a bell? Trust me anon, the Federal Liberals are not the same as Toronto's. As for Clemens, go ahead and vote for him but you will be a loser big time.

Irene L

thwap said...

What drivel. A few cuts to the gst that aren't replaced by taxes on the wealthy only means less revenues for government programs.

And quit your bullshit about wealthy Torontonians sneering about the hard-working gazebo makers in Parry Sound/Muskoka.

That money was taken from a fund for border security and was doled-out with no oversight to harpercon supporters. That's called "corruption" and "graft" no matter where you're from.

I'll grant you that the Liberals are corrupt swine as well. But that's no reason to pretend that the harpercons stand up for the little guy.

Simon said...

hi Kathleen...nope it is all true. Kevin O'Leary really wants to team up with Tony Clement. But then as I said in my post, the reason is obvious. For that O'Leary July 4th story got a fair amount of play, and it must have embarrassed the hell out of him.

Simon said...

hi anon...well like all Cons he's probably also end up in the dock some day. But what I found funny was that he would assume we all have a dock and a mansion in Muskoka. And of course I couldn't help thinking about the Canadian way of doing it in a canoe... ;)

Simon said...

hi rumleyfips...well the real one is a bit bigger, and not so attractive. But believe it or not that is O'Leary's real dock, I just put different heads on O'Leary and his guest....

Simon said...

hi FS....well I have family in Maine and Boston and I absolutely love that part of the United States. So I agree with you, O'Leary doesn't go with the scenery. In Kennebunkport our neighbours are George and Barbara Bush and that's bad enough... ;)

Simon said...

hi BW...well look I have to admit that I am biased. I will never forgive Clement for gutting the census, for of all the crazy things the Harper regime did, that had to be one of the most insane. But yes, it's always useful to be reminded that not everyone who lives in the area is a millionaire. Still, surely he could have found a more useful way to buy votes, like improving a clinic or whatever. And you're right, it was the party Stephen Harper made, it was designed to serve his purposes. And while it may have served him well, until it didn't, he never bothered to groom any successors. And that's why the leadership contenders are so mediocre. The only thing that might save them is a star outside candidate, but who can blame them from not rushing forward to offer up their names?

Simon said...

hi RT...yes, Harper put all his chips on the oil industry, and did absolutely nothing to protect our manufacturing sector. Incredibly he also failed in all his years in power to come up with an industrial strategy to cope with changing times. So it was a double whammy, nothing to compensate for the job losses, and nothing to look forward to in the future...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...I'm sure O'Leary is positioning himself to run for the leadership himself. The last time I checked he was in either first or second place, and now that Kenney is gone it's not too hard to imagine him also joining that sack race...

Steve said...

The CPP just made more money on Nintendo than O Leary ever will.

Unknown said...

I see Tony & Kevin with guitars and all I can think of is...

If I stole 50 million dollars (if I stole 50 million dollars)
I'd build gazebos in the park (in every park in my riding)

If I stole 50 million dollars (if I stole 50 million dollars)
I could plant a lot of flowers (on the main street of every town)

If I stole 50 million dollars I'd buy your vote