Friday, July 15, 2016

Rona Ambrose and the Disposable Canadians

Rona Ambrose did a lot of bad and stupid things during her years of faithful service to Stephen Harper's monstrous Con regime. 

And most of them were things that just made me shake my head, or laugh, or wonder how an idiot could be a minister.

But there is one ghastly act of deliberate cruelty, for which I could never ever forgive her.

One which made it even harder to save the lives of thousands of Canadians.

For Ambrose was the Con who after failing to shutdown Vancouver's marvellous InSite clinic, rammed a bill through Parliament that makes it almost impossible to set up similar supervised drug consumption sites anywhere else in Canada.

Even though the evidence was clear, those clinics do save lives, and she knew it. But still she treated those drug addicted Canadians, as if they were bad people and their lives were disposable.

So now, even in British Columbia, they can't use them to help fight this killer epidemic. 

New numbers from the BC Coroners Service show the shocking rise in deaths from illicit drugs in the province has continued through the first half of 2016, with approximately 60 per cent of the deaths involving fentanyl. 

From Jan. 1 to June 30, there were 371 illegal drug overdose deaths in B.C. That's an increase of 74.2 per cent from the same period in 2015.

Or help save drug abusers from the misery and dangers of their addiction...

Even as they die in record numbers all over Canada.

Which for a person like me who believes in the sacred principle of harm reduction, is both depressing and infuriating.

So you can imagine how happy I was to see that Toronto is acting to tackle its drug overdose crisis. 

Happy that my city councillor, the excellent Joe Cressy, led the charge to save lives.

And I'm also happy that one of the sites will be in the South Riverdale Community Health Centre.

An excellent and very Canadian place where the poor and the vulnerable and the addicted are treated with respect and kindness.

And where they even have a memorial where those lost to drug overdoses can be remembered by those who knew and loved them...

And the only very sad thing is that Brooklyn McNeil, who advocated so powerfully for those sites, didn't live to see them become reality...

And must now speak from the grave.

McNeil, an Ontario scholar, singer, artist and harm-reduction advocate, died of an overdose in an east-Toronto alley last month. She would have turned 23 on Tuesday. 

“She was so amazing at helping so many people,” said her grieving mother, Thia Massaro, on the phone from Thunder Bay where McNeil grew up. “But in the end, she couldn’t help herself.”

“Instead, she was (found) sitting in an alley, by a dumpster, by herself. That is the most heart-wrenching thing.”

Which couldn't be more tragic, or make me feel sadder.

You know, I don't encourage drug use. I think it's absolutely insane to inject unknown substances of unknown potency into your blood stream. 

But drug users are not criminals, they are some of the poorest and most vulnerable Canadians, who need to be helped not punished. 

And their lives are not disposable...

They are our lost children.

And for not doing enough to save them.

And putting their cruel ideology before the lives of Canadians.

Rona Ambrose and her monstrous leader Stephen Harper can never be forgiven...

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Anonymous said...

Rona Ambrose is a creep, and will always be one. A total embarrassment to females everywhere!!!!!! Self serving, two faced, ignorant arse!!!!!! Not two clues to rub together. Love the way these Bigot CONS are destroying themselves from within. The scummy bowel of their human ignorance coming to light before our very eyes. She is soon to also become irrelevant like the rest of the morally depleted, ignorant, bigot, self serving, CONS. We are lucky in Canada that the greatest stench from these CONS is contained in Alberta, and not spreading their hatred and ignorance throughout the rest of our beautiful country. FS

luceforma said...

you know how fresh, simple, clean water can sometimes feel sooooo good?
well, your post is like a fucking waterfall of that beautiful, divine liquid:
"... [t]he scummy bowel of their human ignorance... is soon to also become irrelevant like the rest of the morally depleted, ignorant, bigot, self serving, CONS"...
your words, your way of seeing it... i feel much cleaner now.
thanks fs
thanks, simon

Anonymous said...

That Vile Hag only cares about votes and she she's only too happy to kill the non Con voters. I bet she's a Wino like her buddy Michelle. The drunks think they're better than people that smoke a little medicine. They couldn't be more wrong. Sorry about Brooklyn, I'm sure she was a far better person than the Hag will ever be. ❤️Pamela

e.a.f. said...

Safe injection sites are cost effective. They reduce the spread of costly diseases. Politicians such as Ambrose may not care about drug addicts, but you'd think they would at least figure out how to save money.

Of course the injection site helps. However, the F. problem in B.C. is huge and the premier and queen of photo ops, Christy Clark refuses to ban the sale of pill making machines. The only people who use those machines are making illegal drugs which contain F.

So B.C. has one safe injection site and all the pill making machines any drug dealer would want. You'd wonder why a premier would want those machines around, given how many deaths we have had. Oh, well Christy does have a lot of those Cons working for her in Victoria.

Pill making machines for f. laced drugs and the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 14 of the last 15 years.