Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the Young Americans

Well he took his time, and it couldn't have been easy.

It was probably the hardest and most painful thing he has ever done.

But Bernie Sanders has finally done what he had to do.

And endorsed Hillary Clinton. 

After 14 months of policy clashes and moments of disdain, Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday, clearing away the last major obstacle to a united front for the party heading into its convention this month and the fall election.

Yet for all the smiles and hugs between the former rivals here at their first joint rally, Mrs. Clinton’s next challenge was on vivid display as some Sanders supporters jeered her name and held signs saying “Won’t Vote Hillary” while Clinton partisans hissed “shhhh” and others chanted “unity.”

And although many of his young supporters were bitterly disappointed... 

“I’m a Bernie guy,” explained Noah Levin, a college student in Hampstead who wore an “H” for Hillary sticker on his T-shirt but said he wasn’t sure he would support Mrs. Clinton in the fall. “I won’t vote for Trump, but November is a long way away,” he said.

And I share their pain.

The fact is that November is not that far away, and Bernie Sanders did the right thing, for all the reasons he explained here. 

In terms of the presidential election this November, there is no doubt that the election of Donald Trump as president would be a devastating blow to all that we are fighting for. His openly bigoted and pro-billionaire campaign could precipitate the same decades-long rightward shift in American politics that happened after the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.

I cannot in good conscience let that happen. To have all of the work we have done in elevating our progressive ideals be dashed away by a complete Republican takeover of Washington — a takeover headed by a candidate that demonizes Latinos, Muslims, women, African Americans, veterans, and others — would be unthinkable.

So what I would say to that army of the young is that they should not feel that Bernie let them down. 

For he did push Clinton further to the left than she ever would have gone without their energy and their idealism.

The political revolution he started will continue.

This movement of ours — this political revolution — must continue. We cannot let all of the momentum we have achieved in the fight to transform America be lost. We will never stop fighting for what is right.

They are the future of the Democratic Party, and this will be the last election the views of most young Americans will not be taken into account.

And with an election this close:

If they don't vote for Clinton, or vote for a third party candidate, or worse heed Donald Trump's siren call...

It would be absolutely fatal for the future of that revolution, and the future of the world.

For let's never forget what kind of monster we are dealing with...

So now is the time to shoulder your disappointment, like a soldier does a rifle. 

Unite to defeat this bestial fascist.

Who would drown America in hate and blood, and almost certainly lead us into a nuclear war.

Thank Bernie for all he has done to point the way to a better world. 

Adopt this slogan: 

Forever committed, forever fighting, forever forward.

And never forget that although you are hurting right now. 

The revolution continues.

And the future belongs to YOU...

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  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    So there's going to be a revolution in 2020 AGAINST Hillary Clinton? I don't think the headless chickens have thought this one through. Probably because they never think ANYTHING through.

    If Trump wins in 2016, Elizabeth Warren can run on a New Deal platform and change the world in 2020. If the Empty Bribe-Taking Husk wins, the Democratic party will have overseen the longest economic slump in American history. That spells Republican revolution: "It's the economy, stupid!"

    So the revolution is in 2024 now? Will the world still be around then? Or will it be a smoldering pile of radioactive waste? (Let's wage a war against Russia! War is a business opportunity! Boeing just upped the ante! Woohoo!)

    -Bernie Orbust

    1. Hi anon....well who knows what's going to happen in the U.S. On days when I'm feeling particularly creative I can imagine anything from an all-out race war to a military coup. But one thing seems clear, if Trump wins it could set off the same explosion of hate that the Brexit referendum triggered in Britain. In that country squads of self styled guardians of Little England have been going around telling anyone who looks or sounds vaguely foreign they've got to leave the country. Now imagine what could happen in the U.S. If Trump wins and hordes of heavily armed rednecks patrol the streets telling anyone who looks like a Mexican or a Muslim they've got to leave. There would be so much blood in the streets you'd need to wear a life jacket to avoid drowning in it....

    2. Anonymous11:41 AM

      The establishment hysteria over the Brexit had nothing to do with race. They are reeling over the possibility of their neoliberal empire crumbling.

      The European Economic Union is founded on 3 neoliberal principles sold as "peace, love and unity": 1) free trade; 2) a common currency area (to force fiscal discipline through empire-wide monetary policy); 3) open borders (to flood EU states with permanent foreign workers: the same as Canada having unlimited Temporary Foreign Workers.)

      The cause of hyper-nationalism and anti-minority sentiment in the 1930s and today is economic collapse. Hillary's government-by-bribe could cause another financial meltdown (fraudulent bankers are peddling a lot more asset backed security derivatives -- this time unloading car and credit card debt) which would likely produce fascist revolutions and world war.

      Then there will be real blood, not just a lot of manipulative hyperbole.

      -Bernie Orbust

  2. I maintain Trump will beat Hillary like a rented mule, they will outlaw the seal hunt because he beats her like a baby seal

    1. Hi Steve..,I know that's what you would like to see, but I fear you may be disappointed. The two candidates may be close in the polls, but remember Trump used to be leading Clinton, and now almost every poll shows him trailing her. And that's before the Democrats run their most devastating attack ads, or deploy their much stronger ground game. As I've said anything could happen, but I think Trump is probably the one who is going to get humiliated....

    2. I would like to see it only because the Hillary Democrats are more eviel than the trump republicans.

  3. Anonymous10:31 AM

    It's a sad day for democracy in United States. Vote for Hillary who represents Wall Street and the 1%, or a fascist like Trump. in the end not matter what Wall Street and the ultra rich win, and the average American looses.
    Bernie was their only hope for a renewed and more egalitarian society. In the end stupidity of the masses and the power of a monied elite won out.

    Sad just sad.

    1. Hi anon....I feel like you, it is a dreadful choice, and I am very disappointed that Bernie didn't win the nomination. But as Insaid in my post, the progressive movement he started has made great progress, and there is no reason it can't keep growing, and over the next four years become a mighty force that will not be stopped by anything or anyone. So don't be discouraged....

  4. All Sanders has done is fractured the Political Revolution he's called for. Not to mention the that many of the Democratic Primaries were stolen from him by the Party Leadership. There are millions of Americans who see Hillary Clinton as the bigger and more terrible threat to America simply by judging her actions.

    Barring some last-minute indictments over her private email server, endorsing a criminal over her strawman (yes, Trump is Clinton's strawman candidate, nothing more) when he should've stuck it out till at least the convention I believe will prove to be a mistake.

    1. Hi CV SoG...maybe Bernie should have waited until the convention before endorsing Clinton, and I agree with you the primary process was stacked against him. But the sad fact is that Clinton gained a decisive advantage in the southern states where she won most of the black vote, and Bernie was forced to play catch-up from then on. Still, he did advance the cause tremendously, he inspired a new generation who don't feel threatened by the word "socialism." The seeds have been planted, and if properly watered they will grow....

  5. Can't agree with you on this one, Simon.

    Supporting the "Lesser of two Weevils" candidate only moves future candidates further and further to the right. The clintons are a prime example. They have done more to destroy a once acceptable progressive party than any people in my 55 years of voting.

    Jill Stein or bust . . . .

    1. Hi Bob.....I don't blame progressives for being attracted to Jill Stein. She seems like a decent candidate, except for one thing, she can't win. And worse she could split the vote. The way I see it our principal objective now should be to prevent Trump from winning, while Sanders, and others keep building the movement. By 2020 the new generation will be strong enough to impose its will on the country, and that's when the real revolution will begin. I know people are impatient, but if Trump is allowed to win it could have devastating consequences, and the forces for change are still not ready to mount the assault that will be needed....

  6. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Come did you hear the way he "endorsed" her? Did you see the way the youth reacted? They were not happy at all he sold out to Crooked Hillary.


  7. Hi all those who supported Bernie I was bitterly disappointed by the result. But polls show that about 85 percent of his supporters are prepared to hold their noses and vote for Clinton, to stop Trump. The way I see it we're in a holding action now, while we build up the movement for real change....