Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Continuing Adventures of the Annoying Oil Pimp Brad Wall

Canada's premiers have made more progress in the last few months than they made in the almost ten years Stephen Harper ruled this country.

And they do have good reason to celebrate.

But there is always one party pooper, and it would have to be Brad Wall. 

The grubby little oil pimp from Saskatchewan, who spent much of that meeting complaining that Justin Trudeau wasn't there.

So he could tell him how much he hates the idea of a carbon tax.

Just like his role model pimp Harper did.

Even though most sensible people think the idea of a carbon tax shouldn't be acontroversial. 

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, in his Speech from the Throne in May, characterized the struggle to reduce carbon emissions as "misguided dogma that has no basis in reality." If one doesn't believe a problem exists, every solution seems unnecessary.

And that ghastly climate change denier should be ashamed of himself.

Saskatchewan has possibly the highest carbon emissions per capita in the world and that needs to change. As the world gets serious about climate action, the province will have to diversify its economy and energy sources and address its over-reliance on fossil fuels, regardless of the premier's opinion on the science of climate change.

But then as we all know when Wall starts yapping, it's usually because he wants to distract people from his own many failings. 

And this time it would be this one.

The final numbers have come in on last year's Saskatchewan budget deficit and it's worse than previously projected. The Ministry of Finance said Friday that the deficit — the amount spending exceeds revenues — was $675 million as of March 31, 2016.

That's 58 per cent higher than the deficit projected in the finance ministry's third quarter financial update. It's also a far cry from the $107 million surplus predicted when the budget was released on March 18, 2015.

Which sadly only proves again that Wall doesn't know what he is doing, and is leading his province to disaster.

And of course, since the angry oil pimp likes to threaten other provinces for not rushing to build pipelines to ship his tarry guck to market... 

He would also like to distract Canadians from this oily mess.

Attempts to stop a pipeline oil spill from flowing down a major river in Saskatchewan failed Friday and new steps were being taken to try to contain the slick. A government official said booms placed on the North Saskatchewan River by Husky Energy to contain the spill were ineffective because high water levels lifted the oil over the barriers.

North Battleford saw signs of the spill as early as Friday morning and shut down its water intake plant.

Prince Albert issued a statement late Friday afternoon urging its residents to fill bathtubs and water jugs with water over the next 24 hours. Oil from the Husky spill is expected to reach the city by Sunday, the city said, adding it will likely be shutting down its water treatment plant's intake from the river.

Or that creeping catastrophe.

For he is a shameless tool of Big Oil, a climate change denier, a yapping prairie dog Con, and the most annoying Premier in Canada...

And one can only hope that that the people of Saskatchewan will come to their senses and evict him from power as soon as is humanly possible.

And that in the meantime somebody, anybody, will politely tell him to STFU. 

Tell him nobody cares what he has to say about ANYTHING.

Or even better, tell him to go cool down with a refreshing dip.

In an oily lake of his own making...

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Anonymous said...

Like I said prior Simon, the Alberta stench will spread to SK......Yep SK voted for that Clown. Nestle will make up for the polluted drinking water in SK. I think that GREEDY HOG Corproation has the same broken moral compass as Brad...........ha ha FS

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wall has created all sorts of problems inside his home province. His protestations on the federal stage are at least in part an attempt to divert the attentions of the folks back home from the messes his government has created provincially.

e.a.f. said...

They voted for Wall so they are going to have to live with their decision for several years. It is hard to know if the voters will learn anything as the result of the oil spill but I doubt it

Anonymous said...

Didn't Brad Wall actually say he believed climate change was happening during the election debate? Yet he is clearly Big Oil's puppet. How are both views actually possible unless he is clearly a two-faced liar.