Monday, July 25, 2016

The Con Leadership Race Gets Even More Desperate

As you know the Cons are having a desperate time trying to attract good candidates to join their leadership contest.

The only worse line-up than the one they have right now would be this one...

And I'm afraid the latest leadership candidate to join the race isn't going to help matters.

Because Deepak Obhrai isn't exactly Mr Excitement. And he's not going to lead the Cons anywhere, no matter what he thinks.  

The seven-term Conservative MP from Calgary likes to stand out. It’s why he sent out an e-mail to supporters in 2011 proclaiming himself the party’s elder statesman and the most senior MP of South Asian and African descent – known as Mzee in his birth country of Tanzania.

And it’s why the 66-year-old has declared his candidacy for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, when few believed he would.

And no matter how large his ego, or his burning ambition...

Not with this record.

What an Obhrai-led party would look like is unclear. Mr. Obhrai is considered by insiders to be a bit of a wild card, cited by some as having the unpredictable attributes of a “kooky uncle.”

And not with his extreme views on the European Union. 

Canada lost its bid for a United Nations Security Council seat because of the European Union and the country would be better served if Britain left the organization, a long-time Conservative MP says.

Or his failure to acknowledge reality.

Paul Heinbecker, Canada's ambassador to the UN from 2000 to 2003, told the CBC after the vote that the Conservatives' foreign policy — from decreasing African aid, to staunchly supporting Israel, to a lack of engagement on climate change and peacekeeping operations — had been unpopular with the international community.

Or reflect the views of most Canadians. 

Canadians overwhelmingly think that the United Kingdom’s eventual separation from the European Union will lead ultimately to negative consequences, according to new EKOS numbers. 

Most Canadians — 81 per cent — think a Brexit will have negative consequences for the EU, while only 8 per cent think it could have positive consequences.

So the only thing we can look forward to is this monstrous clash of egos...

But yes, now they are five...

And the leadership race just got even more mediocre, if that's possible.

The Cons are still the Harper Party.

And they are still going nowhere....

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  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    What a sad line-up. I can't stand any of them except Maxime Bernier. Kelly Leitch is the worst. I think I'm going to be sick.


    1. hi is a sad line-up, and it's probably Stephen Harper's most devastating legacy. He should have groomed a decent successor, but he was only interested in himself, and left his party in an absolute mess...

    2. repost from XXX - That's the weirdest barbie doll voice I ever heard come squeaking out of a bull dike's (sucking up to HarperCON brown) mouth. The Cons parachuted “star” candidate Dr. Kellie Leitch into Helena Guergis' old riding, Kellie is a neocon puppet, her role is to privatize our national health care system. They have been grooming her since she was 14 years old. Her dad Kit is a bigwig oil man in Alberta !!!!

      at the 0:37 min. mark

      bull dyke

    3. Anonymous12:31 AM

      Letting the homophobes post here now?

  2. You're right Simon that it doesn't matter which of these clowns they ultimately choose because the Cons are going to exist in the political wilderness for at least the next decade. Last week we watched the American right in chaos during the RNC, it's no different here. Conservatives are fractured and too busy dealing with infighting to mount any kind of comeback soon. And that's at both the federal and provincial levels. As in the States, the extremists have taken over and are trying to direct the party in their backward narrative. At some point, we have to move forward, the Leave it to Beaver years they yearn for never really existed.

    1. hi Joe...yes, I really can't see how they are going to renew themselves, and unless they do they are doomed to exist in the political wilderness. Maybe some blue knight will ride to their rescue, but since they are in such a mess I can't see anybody wanting to do that. And you're right, so many of them still hanker for a Leave it to Beaver world that never really existed. The left is the future and only it can save the world...

  3. e.a.f.4:46 PM

    the last picture with the five of them is hilarious.

    just a bunch of has beens not going anywhere. If his is the best the Conservative Party of Canada can up with, they and those who vote Conservative are in trouble. Oh, well, perhaps some one will start up the Progressive Conservative party of Canada again.

    1. hi e.a.f...I'm glad you like that last graphic. It was a lot of monkeys to dress up, but I thought it made the point better than anything I could write... ;)

  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Canada's loser list!!!!!!! We certainly do not have to worry about a CON PM anytime soon!!!!! Is this Leadership race only open to the BIGGEST, BIGOT, Losers in the CON Regime????? ha ha FS

    1. hi is indeed a sorry collection of losers, and it does seem as if anybody can run for leader of the Harper Party. I'd run for the position myself, but I've already filed my application forms for the Senate. If Duffy can be a Senator in good standing so can I... ;)

  5. Anonymous4:53 PM

    New Campaign song? "Obhrai-Dee, Obhrai-Dah life goes on, " - the Beatles.

    Of course it is all the bottom of the barrel for their leadership, Simon. That is all they have. GS

    1. hi GS...yes that would be a good song to sing, as Deepak putters by on his scooter with one of his 60 scarves fluttering in the breeze. After twenty years as an MP, and nothing to show for it, he really has a nerve. Although I suppose when he looks at the competition, I can't blame for thinking he could win...