Thursday, November 28, 2013

Marie Antoinette Wente and the Senate Scandal

I must admit when I first saw the headline "THE SENATE SCANDAL'S OUT OF LEGS !!!!" I was shocked, and my heart dived into my boots.

I felt like running to a window, opening it wide, and screaming: "Nooooo !!! Nooooo !!!  How could this be HAPPENING ??!!#!@!!

How low can we go ?!@#!!!! How dumb are my people !#@!#!!! How short their attention spans !#@!#!!!

But luckily it was too cold to open the window eh? And it was only Margaret Wente. 

I love a juicy scandal. What better way to fill a column than stories about greedy, lying politicians getting their comeuppance, and secret payoffs, and explosive revelations, and the decline of democracy as we know it? Besides, Stephen Harper is not most people’s favourite guy. So it pains me to report that despite the most recent breathless headlines, the Senate scandal has run out of legs.

Reprising her favourite role as Toronto's very own Marie Antoinette, haughtily declaring that the Senate scandal is over. Because there is no scandal, and there was no crime.

No one can seriously believe that Mr. Wright engineered a vast criminal conspiracy from the PMO. Even my most Harper-loathing friends don’t think he did anything wrong, and that if he did, it was an innocent mistake.

So if there’s no crime, how can there be a cover-up? Here’s where ordinary people lose the thread. The story has been buried in a blizzard of minutiae and dark insinuations that don’t amount to much. So what if the PMO’s staff leaned on Conservative senators to manipulate the doings of various committees? As Mr. Walsh points out, it happens all the time. It’s called politics.

And after staring at that article, with my eyes, and my mouth, wide open. And trying to think if I had seen that original interpretation of the Senate scandal anywhere else. Because with Marge you never know eh?

I decided that YES it was original, no sane person has ever written such nonsense. But NO the thought wasn't original, because that's exactly what Stephen Harper would like us to think. Marge has been feeding him cake again. Naughty, naughty.

Or posing as a fortune teller...

Or a quack hack with the morals of the Ford Nation.

And I was just about to write her a long and angry note pointing out that yes it is a crime, it's called Section 121(1)(b) of the criminal code in the section Frauds on Government. The Cons have not answered the questions, the police have not yet finished their investigation. So the scandal still has legs.  

And since it is a scandal, and the Cons are all in it up to their necks, I'm reasonably confident that if charges are laid they will all hang TOGETHER.

But then I caught myself. I thought that you my long suffering readers might question MY sanity eh? For wasting my time attacking Wente, when nobody takes her seriously, she's just being provocative to try to save her job. And she's just a Con shill.

And for that I would have no defence. Or dare I say it, not even ONE leg to stand on.

So instead I'm taking preemptive action and challenging YOU.

With this little quiz:

Which hollow instrument is Margaret Wente?

And of course, how could it be otherwise?

The answer is this one...

It can't follow a tune, or a plot. But it does make a lot of noise to try to attract attention. Its arguments are right out of the Ford Nation. It is as Con as they come.

And it's going to be REALLY disappointed:

Mr. Harper’s version of this morality play is very simple. He saw senators behaving badly, and now he’s gotten rid of them, and any funny stuff that happened in between is not his fault. He is betting that’s as deep as most people care to go, and I’m betting he’s right. The bad guys were punished, and all the rest is too hard to follow.

Because I'm betting Marie Antoinette Wente is wrong eh? Canadians are not as dumb as she thinks they are. They don't want cake they want justice.

Stephen Harper can run but he can't hide.

It is a crime, the scandal still has legs.

And sooner or later, it's going to walk all over him...

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  1. Heh! Margaret Wente is ONE OF THEM. A serial plagiarist with massive credibility problems, she only hopes her past indiscretions are buried deeply enough that she can take Pamela Wallin's seat in the red chamber.

    1. hi's funny but as I was writing this post it crossed my mind that Wente must have hoped that she too would be made a Senator for her loyal efforts on behalf on the Con regime. No wonder she's so bitter about Duffy eh? Because after him, and Wallin, there will be no journalist appointed to the House of Pork until the regime is dead and buried...

  2. .. we wee salamanders spewed coffee on our keyboards, laughing ..'let them eat cake.. and Duffy' ... oui oui !

    1. hi salamander...I'm sorry about your coffee, but sometimes it's just impossible to take those Cons seriously, or not laugh at them. They deserve absolutely no respect, and laughter is the best medicine...

  3. Anonymous8:08 AM

    "Yes, your honour, I did pull the trigger, but it was an innocent mistake.". Will a Harvard trained lawyer make this plea while he's still on the stand?

    Ms. Wente is - how can I put this politely - an idiot.

    1. hi're right, Went has written many dumb articles, but this one has to be one of the dumbest ever. Although as I hope I made clear while joking around, her casual dismissal of the rule of law is as sinister as it is stupid. And thanks for the link to that Leonard Cohen song. I thought I was a pretty good fan of his but I'd never heard it before. However, one of his other poetic tunes is this humble blog's theme song. First we take the Cons, then we free Canada... ;)

  4. Anonymous10:00 AM

    And now for something completely different . . .
    Some of your erstwhile right wingnut readers might like to try and answer this one . . .
    Riddle me this: Crude oil prices have dropped from over $110 a barrel to just over $92 a barrel in the last couple of months so why haven't wee seen a corresponding drop in pricing at the gas pumps?
    There's no sellout or collusion here with the oilbertans against the Canadian public and there's no fucking Senate scandal either!
    Tell wente to take a long straight walk off a short winding pier with a 50 gallon oil drum strapped to her neck!

    1. hi anon...your treasonous words against the Duchy of Oilberta have been recorded and placed in your file for action at a later date. It is the duty of all Conadians to make Oilberta richer even if that means the rest of us become poorer !!! Furthermore don't think that Wente will sink to the bottom of the Black Lagoon even with 50 gallon gallon oil drum around her neck. There is so much air between her ears she will float like a cork... ;)

    2. e.a.f.8:02 PM

      Simeon, you obviously haven't seen the english language journalist in China interview "the dummy" christy clark, premier of B.C. . According to "the dummy" not only will B.C. make a trillion dollars from LNG and create 100K jobs BUT B.C.'s NATURAL GAS WILL BE MORE IMPORTANT TO CANADA THAN THE ALBERTA OIL IS. O.K. you got that.

      So you see Alberta really isn't a problem, it isn't big enough. anyhow Alberta oil isn't used in Canada all that much, if any. The corporations do not want to lower their profits so they continue to sell gas at its usual high price. Canadians continue to purchase it. Canadians continue to vote for governments which want to export our natural resources instead of using them for Canada.

      If anyone wants to see dumb, just check with Rebel with a clause blog and click on the link to the interview christy clark did in China. At least Rob Ford has an excuse. he has substance abuse problems. So its seems Wente and clark went to the same school of "let them eat cake". While on her 6 days of swaining about China, the B.C. government announced a 25% increase in electricity rates over 5 years. It was also announced that B.C. has the highest rate of child poverty in Canada at 18.5%. That is one in 5 children in B.C. live in poverty.

      So here's the contest: who is more "eat cake" wente or clark?

      wente is simply shilling for the cons. People frequently don't read the article, just the headlines. Look to see more of this type of article. It is the "sanitization" of the scandal by the corporate elite media.

  5. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Here is a tough question: who takes the cake, Wente or Blatchford? Lol

    1. hi that is a hard question. Can we make sure the cake is as stale as a rock, and serve them both a slice? ;)

  6. Anonymous11:28 AM

    It's quite simple. Any scandal involving non-Conservatives is a "real" scandal. Any scandal involving Conservatives (such as Pierre Poutine, Gazebo Tony, anything MacKay gets involved in, Duffy-Wright) is nothing to worry our pretty heads about. WHAT'S SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?


    1. hi Briguy....I'm sorry, I apologize, my last brainwashing session was a total bust. When they wheeled me into Vic Toews old office and forced me to listen to Great Leader's speeches, I closed my eyes AND my ears. They may have an army of trained seals, but I'm not one of them. Woof Woof Clap Clap... ;)

  7. Rev Effect11:49 AM

    I've heard that Rob Ford has more than enough cake to eat at home.

    1. Anonymous6:44 PM


    2. hi I've heard. But in his case, if we're talking about the French Revolution, let him eat the Bastille !!! ;)

  8. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Wente is a total laughable ditz. She is just one of Herr Harper's trolls and, one of his henchwomen. Herr Harper only has those, he can dictate to and is able to control freak them, to his will. Harper controls his team, in Parliament and out of Parliament. Harper dictated to the Police? They are not to speak to his team, without his approval. How anyone with self respect, honor, dignity, morals and ethics, could support a monster such as Harper, boggles me.

    Stalin, Harper and Mussolini were all dictators. All of them lied, deceived, thieved were corrupt, used dirty politics, dirty tactics, were sociopaths and, all of them cheated to win. Sound familiar? It should.

    1. hi're absolutely right, and I usually do stay away from commenting on Wente's appalling excretions. And I did apologize in my post for inflicting her upon you. But the story was so outrageous I simply couldn't resist. Memo to myself: try harder next time... ;)

  9. Anonymous11:40 PM

    You know Simon reading your blog makes me wish that meteor had vaporised Montreal and it is such shame that didn't happen.

    Air in Canada would so much cleaner if Montreal vanished in a flash of light, hopefully along with many of the "politicians" it spews out on a regular basis.

    Well, maybe next time.

    1. This is a vile thing to say. Should we wish Toronto to vanish because of the likes of Rob Ford and Wente, or Alberta because it is a nest of ecocidal Cons?

      Please stop willing the death of millions of human beings, as well as other beings, of fur, fish and feather, the little bugs and the big trees... Not cute or kosher.

  10. hi anonycon...I had no idea that you were Wente's groupie. Do you care to dispute any of the arguments I made in this post, or does your blind hatred prevent you from thinking like a person instead of an animal? Oh well, look I don't blame you for feeling bitter, it must be horrible watching your Con regime go down in fIames. However, I'm warning you, I shall have to instruct the people of my planet to direct the next meteor at rural Alberta...

  11. I like Leonard Cohen even more since he gave his Denise-Pelletier award for lifetime achievement in arts and culture to the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) to promote Quebec song to young audiences: