Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Should the Governor General Fire the Cons?

Well I see Great RoboCon Leader is accusing the opposition of conducting a smear campaign.

Stephen Harper is now categorically denying the Conservative Party machine was behind misleading robo-calls that confused voters in Guelph and elsewhere, calling the entire matter a “smear campaign” by the NDP and Liberals.

Because when it comes to smear campaigns he should know eh?

But I on the other hand think this blatant attempt to steal an election is a smear against our democracy. 

And sooner or later the Governor General must intervene.

Frankly, the very existence and scope of the Elections Canada investigation is now sufficient to undermine public faith in the election results. To say this is shocking is an understatement. We now need a full, transparent and non-partisan judicial inquiry that goes beyond the current investigation into possible Elections Act transgressions.

If there's any attempt to prevent this, to trivialize it, to stonewall it, to deflect attention from it, then the governor-general should be pressed by the citizens of Canada to exercise his constitutional power to dissolve the government and send it back to the voters to obtain a clear and a legitimate mandate.

He really has no choice. This scandal just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Millions and millions of Canadians are looking to him to save our country.

For the sake of our violated democracy, first he must fire those sleazy Cons.

And then we must ARREST them...


Beijing York said...

And this time the "socialist-separatist" branding of a coalition won't wash with the Bloc almost non-existent and with Canadians having made the NDP the official opposition.

Carmichael said...

I sincerely hope that I live long enough to piss on the grave of Stephen Joseph Harper.

Omar said...

Should the Governor General Fire the Cons? I'm afraid that old twat has drank the HarperCon Kool-Aid. He ain't firing anybody.

ck said...

Governor general definitely won't fire those cons--he's expendable himself.

Read Lawrence Martin's "Harperland". Apparently, with that 2008 coalition, had then GG Mikhal Jean not ruled in Harper's favour of prorogation, he was going to go over her head and go to the queen, making his case to boot Jean out and replace her with someone more complacent and agreeable. Unprecedented, but so is fascism in Canada and it's slowly creeping up on us.

Anonymous said...

Creeping up on us, take another look it,s barrowling in like a speeding locomotive. And talking about creeps, your tight the GG will not ne doing anything that would upset Harper.

The Mound of Sound said...

That's rich, Harper accusing anyone of smear tactics. That is his very own stock in trade. What an asshole.

Anonymous said...

Using an unelected official to oust an entire group of politicians of whom some may not have really been elected. Yeesh.

Brian said...

Whether the Conservative Party is involves in election fraud or not, their legitimacy as the governing party of Canada is now in question. In this light, we as a democratic nation need to see certain measures taken.

1. Parliament needs to immediately stop all business. If there is any doubt about the election outcome they can not pass legislation.
2. All Senate of civil servant appointments by the PM must be nullified.
3. If there is proven voter fraud and it changes dynamics of the house, all legislation passed during this sitting must be reaffirmed or thrown out by a new parliament following a new election.
4. A full independent inquiry, possibly by the UN, needs to be carried out. We hold other nations to these standards, and we must do the same for our democracy.
5. Harper, since he has possibly been implicated, needs to step down as PM until the investigation is complete.
6. There needs to be new elections in the ridings that were affected. If it is found out that the current governing party is responsible there must be a new national to allow the people to be the judge.
7. All parties involved in the fraud must be charged and punished to the full extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

I hope this fraud will lead to other fascinating facts regarding our traitor-in-chief, if we let this go, we are fucked for a long time, enough of their cronies arrogance, lies, and insults to our intelligence.

Bill C-30 and the way it was handled, gives you a good measure of the deceitful nature of those scam artists, telling us we are pedophiles if we don't agree with them.

The big jails that they push big time to be constructed, well i hope it to be the new residence for a bunch of those cheating lying bullying scumbags.

Simon said...

hi Beijing...yes that's true, and I hope that with all that's been happening in Canada, the next time we get a chance to form a Great Canadian Coalition all progressives will join. For it remains the best way to drive the Cons from power. Short of arresting them of course... ;)

Simon said...

hi Carmichael...I wouldn't go as far as pissing on his grave. But I do hope that when he is sentenced for his numerous crimes against Canada, he serves his time in a prison close to where I live. So I can ride my bike past the place every day, ring my bell loudly, and give him the one-finger salute. Or moon him.

P.S. If you are planning to piss on his grave better get a number now, because there's probably about a million people in Canada who would like to do the same... ;)

Simon said...

hi Omar...while it's true that the current GG let us down when he was called upon to define the parameters of the Mulroney inquiry, I still think he's a decent and non-partisan guy. I mean he was Principal of McGill, so he can't be all bad. ;) And if it becomes obvious that massive electoral fraud took place I think he will do the right thing...

Simon said...

hi ck...I remember the story, and how I believe it was John Baird who threatened to go over the head of the GG, and how Don Newman put him in his place.
But that was before Harper showed his true colours, and I think that if he tried to pull the same stunt again, there would be a revolution. Because I've never seen so many Canadians, of all stripes, so angry. Of course you and I have felt that way for years, but it was still nice to see so many others now feel that way. And reassuring too. Even with all those new prisons they'll never be able to jail all of us. Whew. ;)

Simon said...

hi're right to compare the Harper Cons a barrelling down on us like speeding locomotive. But recently they've lost a few wheels, the brand has been massively damaged, I suspect many more people are willing to work together to defeat them. So all in all, as the old philosopher said, the universe is unfolding as it should... :)

Carmichael said...

Tell you what Simon, hatred is a strong emotion. I've never really experienced it before in my 64 years but I sure as fuck am now.

I don't care if his wife, ofspring and parents witness the event either. I don't care who knows how deep my hatred goes.

I hope he dies in exquisite agony deprived of relief. If I could I would piss on his corpse.

Simon said...

hi Mound...yes those were my thoughts exactly. What a nerve. But of course there's method to the madness. The Cons like to repeat the same words we fire in their general direction. Checkout the Con buffoon Del Mastro's scripted lines when he tries to make Vikileaks sound as bad or worse than the RoboCon scandal. I believe the idea is to confuse people and take the sting out of words, and make the dumb believe that all politicians are the same. Although I can't remember who developed that technique Goebbels or Stalin.;) And although it has worked in the past, I doubt it will work this time...

Simon said...

hi Way Way Up... remember that even if the GG did that, he wouldn't be booting them out of politics, or forcing to go into exile in Paraguay. All he could do is call an election, and let Canadians decide the issue democratically. So your side could still win. But since we would insist on international observers, and the election would be a clean one, and the people's love for Great Leader is running on empty, I'm pretty confident the Forces of Good will prevail... ;)

Simon said...

hi Brian...I couldn't agree with you more. That's an excellent list, I'm going to have to paste it on my fridge for future reference. All I can add to that is that all Cons must be given a rectal examination immediately to find out what else they're hiding... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I only hope that Elections Canada has the resources and the guts to investigate such a massive scandal. And that the police haven't been co-opted by the Cons, like our once proud military. But one thing to remember is that it will likely drag on for a long time, so it's sure to damage the Cons further. One thing we also have to do is make sure that Bill C-30 is killed. Because you can bet that Harper would love to have it right now, so he could intimidate all those angry Canadians. In the meantime, I can't wait for the next party poll to come out so I can find out how the Cons are planning to change Canada beyond recognition, with the support of about 20 per cent of the population...

Brian said...

With an ice cold probe.

Oemissions said...

Very stupid thing to say, Steve,
You should be smeared with tar and then feathered.
Bitumen and dead ducks , readily available.

sassy said...

Should the Governor General Fire the Cons?

Canadian voters should fire the Cons. We will call it the No Dirty Tricks / No Voter Suppression / Take Canada Back election.

Omar said...

I lost what little respect I had for him when he wore that 'Soldier On' hockey jersey in the hockey piece he did with Evan Solomon at Rideau Hall. I'm sick to death with the military trumpeting in this country.

Omar said...

While I would discretely piss on Harper's grave if given half a chance I wouldn't piss on his corpse. I mean, I'm angry, but that's a little too angry.

thwap said...


I don't think you need to bother with the hypocritical protests of moronic hacks.

HIS party committed the fraud. That he believes he has the right to complain (especially after harper's getting the G-G to stymie the will of the majority in Parliament) is just a symptom of his sickness and evidence of his complete irrelevance to the subject at hand.

Anonymous said...

Problem is. Anyone opposing Harper will lose their jobs. Harper controls, Elections Canada, judges, court, police and the media. Harper controls by threat. T.I.D.E. was told, if they say one word against the tar sands, their budget would be slashed. Who knows if the GG, even dares to fire Harper?

Another Common Wealth country's media said, how badly Harper is destroying Democracy in Canada. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. Harper resents our Freedom of speech on the internet. Harper has resorted to having meeting's behind closed doors.

Not were there only the robocrimecons calls...Harper also campaigned on election day...Over a radio station in Calgary.

Since Harper's election (win??). Canada has very badly regressed. BC is pretty much owned by China, our mill's, raw logs and mines. Harper is permitting China to buy up the tar sands. China owns hundreds of company's in Canada. The Chinese are bringing their own people, to work everything they own in Canada.

This was how Harper was changing Canada. There won't be a Canada left. Fadden of CSIS, warned of China's inroads into Canada. Harper is serving Canada to China, on a silver platter.

Anonymous said...

Well, that is kinda the Governor General's job... the final check on a Prime Minister (or Premier in the case of a Lieutenant Governor) gone rogue.

If the position of Governor General has become no more than an expensive rubber stamp, I'm sure we could buy a thousand dollar rubber stamp somewhere, plus ink, and save a bunch of cash. Maybe it could even be a big C with a maple leaf to match the oversized novelty cheques for federal spending from a little while back.

Beijing York said...

I can't deal with that much anger but I can understand it.

Beijing York said...

Totally 100% with you Omar. The way hockey and football have become arenas for pumping military support is disgusting. I hate the Winnipeg Jets close association to the Air Force.

Anonymous said...

Thwap, I'm not sure what part of "I haven't voted Tory in the past 3 elections" is difficult to understand. Coming from someone who disallows free discussion on your blog simply because you disagree with my point of view, I find your shit for brains snipes particularly amusing.

thwap said...


You're a pathological liar. A racist. And a harpercon hack. When you type stuff on the inter-tubes, that means that it's there for other people to read. You've typed stuff that shows you're a liar, a racist, and a hack.

Do you see how that works now?

Second point: You're banned from my blog for constantly threatening violence and for being a stupid sack of shit whose contributions deserve to be flushed. (It's actually an illustration of my first point really.)

Anonymous said...


"You've typed stuff that show you're a liar, a racist and a hack."

One could say the exact same things about you.

The fact is, you're nothing but I big-mouthed bully. You can dish it out but you can't take it. My what "progressive" language you use. Just because some of my views may tend to be right of centre does not make me a Harpercon hack as you so intelligently put it. Please pull your head out of your ass and realize there are other views out there other than your own. You can't debate me so you just engage in name-calling. And your own racist comments about my people do not sit kindly with me. You mouth a pile of racist crap and then wonder my I get upset.

I might be Native but I can express myself. Lose the condescending tone and personal insults and I might consider your opinions worthy of my time.

thwap said...

Okay pea-brain. I've banned you from my place mainly because you're too stupid for words, but also because you've threatened me with physical violence on numerous occasions. But you can post your lying turds here and anywhere else without fear of my insulting them now too.

After I reply to this last comment.

First of all, you lie. You're a hack. On this issue alone you've commented at at least 3 different blogs, adapting a different persona for each one. In your [deleted] comments at my blog, you were basically "Ha-ha! Stupid lefties can't take it!" On Galloping Beaver you were "Everybody does it." And here, you're "I'm so sad the Conservatives are doing this, but I have nobody else to vote for!"

Do you really think that nobody is paying attention? You're not much brighter than the would-be FLQ-2 guy who emailed bomb threats from his house.

"One could say the exact same things [re:liar, a racist and a hack] about you."

One could. I suppose. One could do anything. Is there any basis to those accusations though? Would they be able to stick?

"The fact is, you're nothing but I big-mouthed bully. You can dish it out but you can't take it."

Take what exactly? What do I dish out that I can't take? I've already told you why I've banned you, you simpleton! Do I dish-out threats of violence myself and then ban and insult people who do the same to me?

I've destroyed every single one of your hypocritical, lying, moronic arguments. Every single time. You can't come close to saying the same about your productivity. You're recorded on my blog typing that the people of Attawapiskat should stop whining and blaming others,
and should start trying to make an honest living and take responsibility for themselves.

"My what 'progressive' language you use."

What are you even trying to say here? What is the brilliant point that you think you're trying to make? Imbecile! Do you think that I think that "progressive" means "Doe-eyed Jesus in a field of sunflowers preaching peace and finding the inner-beauty within every human soul"? You're grievously mistaken. If you open your eyes and READ you'd see what the other person is saying. You wouldn't accuse them of violating codes of conduct that they don't profess.

"Please pull your head out of your ass and realize there are other views out there other than your own."

I don't have a problem with that shit-head.

"You can't debate me so you just engage in name-calling."

No. YOU can't debate me, so you just engage in name-calling, and threats of violence. Hypocrite. Fool. YOU are the one who said that the people harper was deliberately keeping in squalor were lazy-assed whiners!!

"And your own racist comments about my people do not sit kindly with me. You mouth a pile of racist crap and then wonder my I get upset."

Except that you FIRST described our conversation as between "two white guys." Then, when I refuse to let go of the fact that you called the people of Attawapiskat whining, lazy, perpetual criers of victimhood, you decided to say you were FN. Even if you're not lying now, but were lying before, you STILL called the people of Attawapiskat lazy whiners. YOU said that. On your own. With no gun to your head. You racist piece of shit! So kindly stick your accusations against me up your own stupid ass!!!

"I might be Native"

Or you might not be. You lie all the fucking time, so it's hard to be sure. Either way, the things you said about the people of Attawapiskat were fucking disgusting. (And stupid.)

"but I can express myself. Lose the condescending tone and personal insults and I might consider your opinions worthy of my time."

Says the clueless dumb-fuck who has had SIX attempts to comment at my blog be deleted but who STILL comes back for more.

Omar said...


Anonymous said...

LOL....breathe there buddy! ......and learn to spell. Have some cheese with that whine. I don't have time to read your drivel.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, it's "owned" but keep trying.

Omar said...

Actually it is pwned. How long have you been playing on the Internets any damn way?

ps..pwned again.

Omar said...

He had me at "Okay pea-brain."

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he did.