Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why Vic Toews Should Resign Immediately

Well I see that Vic Toews has abandoned his scary role in Vic Toews and the Zombie  Internet Eaters, for an even scarier role as Captain Queeg.

Dear Constituents, Over the last few weeks I have been subjected to an extensive personal attack by my political opponents as a result of certain legislation that I have introduced in the House of Commons on behalf of the federal government.

Where he plays the victim, and in typical form, wants all his opponents arrested. 

These attacks, which have included criminal acts and threats of criminal acts against me and my family, have been referred to the police for investigation. Any further criminal activity or threats of criminal activity against me or my family will also be referred to the police.

When in fact it was Toews who launched a personal attack against all Canadians by calling his opponents supporters of child pornography. And it was Toews who started the whole thing by introducing a bill that would turn us into a police state, so he could arrest all his enemies.

Great eh? Now the circle is complete. And anyone who believes he is willing to change the internet snooping bill must be as deluded as he is.

Oh boy. I realize that the old Con zombie Queeg isn't the brightest bulb in the universe. And doesn't even understand his own bill.  

So maybe what I need to do is explain the situation to him in the simplest terms.

Vic, when you try to probe the internet with your big hairy fingers, or any other member, think of it as a guy trying to grab a tomato through the whirling blades of a ceiling fan.

And don't be surprised if you get bruised...


And when you show your complete contempt for the opposition.

Or moon the monkey, so to speak.

Don't be surprised if the alpha Twitter monkey comes after you...

So keep your banana in your pocket, if you can, stop trying to intimidate Canadians, and do the decent thing. First apologize, and then resign.

For if you don't resign Stephen Harper should do the decent thing, if he can, and fire your sorry ass.

Goodnight zombie.

Bye Bye Queeg...


Anonymous said...

Never have I seen this country in such a hell of a mess. Since Harper's majority, Canada has steadily slid downhill.

Canadians went to war, so we wouldn't have fascist dictatorship governments in Canada. Toews is right off his beam. If Canadians oppose the internet snooping, we are pedophiles? Well, Toews is a fanatic henchman and needs a mental evaluation.

Harper has alienated other country's. Harper is banned from, The New Trans Pacific Trade Group. Harper was refused a seat in the U.N.

In Durban at the meetings of the Nations for climate control, Harper was actually trying to bully country's, into accepting the dirty tar sands oil.

In Davos, Harper was as much as telling, the other country's, they should have been smart like him. The only reason Canada did as well as we did in this recession, is from a previous P.M. That P.M. also left a $13 billion dollar surplus. Harper also, did a dig towards Europe.

Harper also embarrassed us in Copenhagen.

Harper embarrassed us by, sending a wretch such as Campbell to England, as High Commissioner. He has the dirtiest, most corrupt and foul political record, ever known in this Nations recorded history.

Harper and Campbell were stupid enough to give BC to China, on a silver platter. Harper is also permitting China, to buy up the tar sands. China owns pretty much of Alberta too.

Fadden of the CSIS warned, China was encroaching too far into Canada. BC was a province he especially named.

China is only too glad to own our resources. They are also bringing their own people here, to work their mines, oil sands projects and our natural gas, is also for China, even though China has their own gas fields. Canada was only too happy to send our industry to China, for the cheap labor, and the even more cheap child labor, who only earn pennies a day. Any country that does that, to their children, you can't trust them, what-so-ever. That's why the Chinese will bring their own people here to work. The Chinese workers, work for starvation wages. China refuses to pay Canadian wages.

thwap said...

Ignorant, self-pitying, gutless, and stupid. Par for the course for a Canadian "conservative."

sassy said...

Someone else who is not amused

e.a.f. said...

Toews needs to go. If he doesn't resign than Harper should fire him. The legislation is fascist. The legislation is a violation of our rights as Canadian citizens.

Toews comments to those who oppose his ideas are not worth of a cabinet minister. He should resign or be fired. To suggest "either stand with us or stand with child predators" is so offensive it defys how any reasonable person would utter these words anywhere, let alone the House of Commons.

Anonymous said...

Toews: ridiculous. Bill C-30: ridiculous. It's like our very own Patriot Act. Are we going back in time?? To 1812 lol. Check this re stupid pandas, very important! Mayday NL - Save our Maritime Search & Rescue. -- Pandas $10m to rent, close NL sub-centre in St. John's to save... $1m ???

- depressed Canadian

Simon said...

hi anonymous...yes it's a pretty sad story isn't it ?
Although I have always been an opponent of the Harper regime, even I never thought they could take us so low, so quickly. The good news is even some of the dumb Canadians who voted for them have finally woken up. Questions of trust are hard to repair, and easy to exploit by the opposition. So although I'm feeling sad about the state of my country, I'm feeling rather good about the next election... ;)

Simon said...

hi thwap... yes the self pity really is the bitter olive on the cheesecake. How pathetic. I was going to repeat his Yeats quote but I simply couldn't. I just couldn't decide whether to laugh or barf... :-P

Simon said...

hi sassy...thanks for this. And I must say I find this version better than most. For although Herr Toews must be severely judged for his crimes against Canada. It is important to remember that like all Gauleiters he was only following orders...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f... I have always considered Toews too crass and brutish to be a Canadian cabinet minister. So this latest episode only confirms that opinion. But unfortunately because he is so crass and bereft of decency he won't resign. And Stephen Harper won't fire him because he was the one who wanted the internet controlled in the first place. And as I told Sassy Toews was only following orders. You know when I write what I've just written, I stare at the screen in disbelief, and wonder what happened to my Canada? But then a fish rots from the head down, so why am I so surprised?

Simon said...

hi anonymous...ridiculous is the right word. This ridiculous regime has its priorities backwards. And the closure of the Maritime Rescue Sub-Centre makes my blood boil, because I grew up in a small village by the sea. A government that doesn't put the safety of its people first, is unfit to be in office...

Anonymous said...

Vic resigning would be a step in the right direction, though clearly he is incapable of admitting failure or thinking in general, but that would still be letting Harper skate by for appointing him, approving the bill, and every other degenerate action he's taken, even prior to gaining power.

Anonymous said...

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