Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Scream and the Nightmare in Harperland

I couldn't help noticing that this famous painting is going on the auction block.

Not just because it's the most colourful of the four versions, but also because it best represents my reaction to the nightmare world we're living in.

From the situation in Greece...

To the nightmare in Harperland. 

We are embarking on an era of austerity, much of it imposed by a wrong-headed ideology that at least in Europe will end in blood, and we’ll be living on biscuits and sawdust. We fear for our children, we are worried about money — a terrifying yet weirdly boring problem — and our own government appears to dislike us.

We are all quietly screaming.

And no wonder eh? The Cons are making a mockery out of our democracy. They are trying to muzzle the opposition, destroy the free internet, and turn us into a police state.

They are going ahead with their plans for mandatory sentences, even though they don't work. 

They are scaring seniors, and trying to pit the young against the old. They are spending billions on prisons and jet fighters, and spreading fear here and abroad.

Why base policy on facts and evidence when you can exploit fear instead? It doesn’t take a psychologist to know that fear is a much more powerful motivator than boring old rational argument.

Threat inflation has become a defining characteristic of the Harper government’s policy, both at home and abroad. Welcome to the new Canada.

And what are we doing to stop them? Diddly squat.

Or as the Canadian Ned said to his American cousin, diddly doo...


Try lighting up in Canada soon, and you'll get a mandatory sentence in one of those new prisons.

Which is why when I designed my avatar I decided to give The Scream a facelift eh?

And this is my message:

The howl is for my country being slowly destroyed. The smile is for the future.

The Cons don't scare me.

And the day we unite, will be the day we defeat them...

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