Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Senator, the Rope, and the Bestiality of the Cons

He has violated our Canadian values from the very moment he came to office. He is turning us into a crazed prison state. He says he doesn't want to re-open the death penalty debate. But he WOULD like to hang some Canadians.

Because he is a vengeful nerd. And he does like to see fear in the eyes of others.

So why should anyone be surprised that Stephen Harper would appoint a Senator like this one?

 “Each assassin should have the right to a rope in his cell to make a decision about his or her life,” senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu told reporters ahead of a meeting of the Conservative caucus on Wednesday.

A "tough on crime" Senator who would break the law by encouraging suicide. In a country where suicide is a huge problem, not just in our jails, but also in our schools, and our native communities. 

A Senator who would suggest that we shouldn't kill all murderers. Just the ones we don't like.

“I’m against the death penalty, but in horrible cases such as [serial killer Clifford] Olson, can we have a reflection on that issue?” said the senator who was appointed to the Upper Chamber by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2009.

In a country where the Con regime smears its opponents as "Enemies of the State." Puts prisons before pensions. And ideology before the lives of women.

“Can the Prime Minister explain his twisted reasoning with regard to maternal health in developing countries?” Fran├žoise Boivin, an NDP MP from Quebec, asked during the daily Question Period at the House of Commons. Are Canadians to understand, asked Ms. Boivin, “that he is giving in to the pressure by backbenchers on the fanatic religious right who want to reopen the debate on abortion?”

A regime that endangers the lives of police officers and paramedics, by scrapping the long-gun registry, after perverting the  process.

Celebrates its death by pretending to pump bullets into the ranks of the opposition...

And into the precious legacy of fourteen murdered women.

But still has the gall to call itself a "crime-fighting government." When they are the political thugs who are stealing our country. And THEY should be jailed for crimes against Canada and its values.

Oh boy. You know when the opposition finally gets its act together, and unites to confront the common enemy, maybe they could organize some big rallies on the same day right across the country.

There would be speeches, there would be music, NDPers, Liberals, Greens, and other progressives, would get a chance to get to know each other better, share their common values, rub shoulders, and who knows what other body parts eh?

And every one of those joyous rallies would end with a giant bonfire, until the night sky glowed red, like a maple leaf, from one end of the country to the other.

And the common message was impossible to miss: 

Our Canada is not the Con's bestial Canada.

And we want it back...


  1. I kinda like crashing the Canada day party on the hill It would be nice to see some true patriots there for a change

    1. hi Kev...I don't know about that eh? That event has been so militarized by the Cons I fear we could be bombed. ;) But give me a good progressive party because I really need one....

  2. On Twitter so-called 'progressive' Steve V was stating that major slack needed to be cut toward this Senator because of his personal tragedy. I personally find that sentiment almost appalling as what Boisvenu had to say in the first place.

    1. hi Omar...I agree with you completely. I'm sorry the Senator's like has been marred by tragedy, but he is the designated Justice critic, he should act like one, and we all deserve better...

  3. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Omar - Yes how dare we sympathize with victims of crime.

    1. hi Way Way fair now. Omar is not saying that one should not sympathize with a victim of crime, simply saying that nothing can justify his appalling and barbaric suggestion. If we made policy based on our emotions our country would be a jungle, and we would all live in fear of each other...

  4. WWU - I sympathize a great deal with Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu. I don't approve of what he said.

  5. e.a.f.7:22 AM

    Harper said he wasn't going to re-open the debate on capital punishment (death sentences) but he didn't say he would not let others in his party re-open the issue. That is why this particular senator made the comments. if there had not been a backlash we could have seen a private member's bill hit the common's floor.

    The Tories have seen the results of their trial baloon and will wait awhile to try some thing again. Harper was clear, he wants to change this country.