Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Monstrous Depravity of the Harper Cons

Like the decaying painting of Dorian Gray he stares out at us, with all his moral ugliness and sheer depravity revealed for all to see.

We already knew that he heads the most sinister and evil government in Canadian history. But just when you think his grotesque Cons can go no lower, they do. Turning torture into a virtue.

The federal government is defending itself after more information has come to light about its directions to Canada's spy agency to use information that may have been extracted through torture in cases where public safety is at stake.

Calling those who oppose the destruction of the life-saving gun registry Nazis. 

Re-opening the debate on abortion.

Turning us into a prison state. Selling out Canadians to foreign interests. Leading us to social and economic disaster. Threatening pensions and medicare. Trying to kill the CBC.

The CBC is a wounded soldier wheeling a single pistol. It is up against the heavily armed cavalry that is the American media. If we do not provide it with adequate defence, it will be killed. Canada will then be in danger of succumbing to a Conservative agenda that seems more concerned with protecting its own ideology than the Canadian public.

Torching the planet, making a mockery out of our Parliament, and shaming us in the eyes of the world.

Their degeneracy knows no limits, and the only thing that counts now is what are we going to do about it?  And how can we stop them from corrupting our country further?

We can't wait until the next election. We can't wait until the NDP and the Liberals choose new leaders. The two parties must form a Great Canadian Coalition, mobilize the population, and organize massive street protests to derail the Con agenda.

And if it draws progressives together, and makes it easier to unite in the face of the common enemy so much the better. For that is the ONLY way we will eventually defeat those fascist Cons.

And we simply can't stand by looking on helplessly as our country burns. Future generations would never forgive us.

So call or write your MPs and tell them to take their opposition out of Parliament, and into the streets. Organize resistance meetings or block parties. 

And now more than ever, fight them, fight them, fight them.

Don't let them win... 


Anonymous said...

Weekend days of action, starting March 24, the first weekend of Canada's spring. Pass it on.

e.a.f. said...

Harper reminds me one those islamic extremists who like to blow up themselves along with innocent people. Harper just doesn't blow himself up when he blows up the rest of our lives.

If Harper believes in "end of days" then he doesn't care about the future. Some of those right wing extreme protestants believe they will go to heaven, their reward awaits them in heaven. Kind of alike those extreme islamists, they will go to heaven and meet all those virgins.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...hmmm...that sounds interesting. Can I bring my drum?

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....Harper has been blowing himself up for years...like a BALLOON. One day he's a hockey fan,the next day he's an economist.
Seriously though, Harper's obsession with the Middle East sometimes makes me wonder if he is an apocalyptic Christian, like so many in his rabid base. If he keeps cheer leading for a war with Iran he may get his wish. If not I'm hoping the Con Apocalyse will arrive with the next election... ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Pretty full of hate aren't you?

Anonymous said...

And of course, only "Approved comments" get posted. Sad. How "Canadian"