Saturday, February 25, 2012

Votergate and the Nature of Stephen Harper

Now we know that it wasn't just robocalls, and that at least one call centre was involved.

An analysis of reports of mysterious harassing phone calls during the May 2011 election points to the existence of a systematic voter suppression campaign targeting Liberal voters in tightly contested ridings.

Unlike the pre-recorded "robocalls" now under investigation by Elections Canada, these calls came from live callers, likely working from a call centre.

Now we know that it was a vast conspiracy to suppress the vote, Stephen Harper's minions are out in force trying to deflect attention away from their Great Ugly Leader.

But it won't work, because everybody knows that those kind of tactics are a logical consequence of Harper's take-no-prisoners approach to politics. 

In Harper’s world, there is never a middle ground. Those who raise concerns about Canadian treatment of Afghan prisoners are labeled Taliban stooges. Those who oppose a proposed oil pipeline are called unpatriotic radicals and foreign tools.

In a world so sharply demarcated between good and evil, is it any wonder that zealous Conservative workers might engage in a bit of electoral fraud here and there?

Or as I wrote SIX years ago it's the nature of the man.

The problem is that people who think like Harper can eventually come to believe that everyone is against them. Come to believe that only they are in possession of the pure unvarnished truth. That everyone else is either too stupid, or too corrupt, or too weak to take the ruthless measures necessary to get the job done. In Harper's case to change Canada beyond recognition.

Give a man like that a big majority. And chances are you'll have a real big problem.

Or the nature of the beast.

Back then other bloggers accused me of exaggerating. They said it couldn't happen here. Or treated me with contempt as some of the pompous old poobahs in the progressive blogosphere still do today.

But I knew I was right, because I know a bully when I see one eh?

And even as long as four years ago I knew what would happen if people didn't heed my warning.

And that warning remains the same. Stephen Harper is the most evil and dangerous leader in Canadian history. This voter suppression conspiracy has his grubby fingerprints all over it.

And unless we unite to drive him and his foul Cons from power, he will take us to a very dark place.

And he will destroy our country...


P.S. Special thanks to my friend sassy for reminding me yesterday of my youthful blogging days. Ugh. And for encouraging me for so many years.


Anonymous said...

The problem is who do we replace him with. I really wish the Liberals and NDP would get off their collective asses and have more of a presence in my riding. As a recent newspaper editorial remarked today, sure they would get slaughtered in an election but a healthy, solid and respective full debate where voters have choice is always welcome. The more I hear about this story, the more I feel let down by a party I used to support. I can't help feeling I have no voice on the political landscape as I find the Conservatives baffling at times but I know there is no way in hell I would ever vote for a Liberal or NDP candidate. Guess there's just no love out there for a Red Tory.

sassy said...

I didn't trust Harper before the Jan '06 federal election and was more than a little disappointed come 24 Jan '06.

About a week later I was in Argentina and ran into some Americans who (just being polite, and looking for a conversation starter) noted that Canada had a new leader. My response "yes, the worst thing that could have ever happened to my country". Dead silence. Conversation switched to the scenery.

Malogato said...

WayWay...I love you...but folks like you are the reason we have these guys in power. I don't know if you are still angry about Trudeau or what it is but Bob Stanfield and yesterday's Red Tories have neither a home nor roots with this bunch of neo-con extremists.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love Malogato. I should note though that I didn't vote in the last couple elections. My support for the Conservatives was starting to slide before then. I was only 10 when Turdeau retired so I cant' be faulted for voting in that trainwreck. I grew up in Ontario so I only know about the West's hate on for the guy through living now in Alberta and from my study of history. I can't stand this idea that government will take care of everything, this nanny state mentality that I've seen grow up over my life time. It's lead us to all sorts of problems. I can appreciate that the Conservatives want to swing back the pendulum on this. I just don't always agree with their methods.

I think 75% of what the Liberals say and pretty much anything the NDP say is pure bullshit but at the same time this current scandal troubles me. I suppose its that old line of "I may disagree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it." I find myself missing Nunavut at times like this where there are no political parties. Everyone runs as an independent. Its much more civil and less antagonistic. I found people more likely to vote for the person's abilities rather than party affiliation. Very refreshing.

Simon said...

hi Way Way Up...I'm hopeful that what is going on will spark a reaction to the way Harper is running your party, and that a better leader might one day replace him. As I've said before I have nothing against decent Conservatives...including my Dad.
I would never vote for them because I'm far too lefty for that, but I wouldn't worry about them destroying the values of this country the way Harper has. If no leader emerges in the next couple of years I may have to nominate you... ;)

Simon said...

hi you can see your comment yesterday inspired me to go back in time to the year of our Dark Lord and check what I had written about him. Some of my posts made me blush because I hadn't yet learned to measure my words, or make a half decent photoshop. But at least my heart was in the right place.
As for Argentina...I expect that Harper and his Cons will seek refuge there after his regime is toppled, unless Vic Toews can convince them to join him at Mengele's old place in Paraguay... ;)

bcwaterboy said...

Let's not forget that this cabal currently running our country (into the ground) is a mish-mash of reform, alliance and what was left of the progressive conservatives. The platform is influenced by an ideology vastly out of step with Canada's history and the majority of the population. The current majority is a result of first past the post and the many lazy people who chose to stay home May 2nd. Even with an effective opposition, which we don't currently have in any way shape or form, unseating these thugs will be next to impossible, as will forcing the currently obvious ones (Toews and McKay) to resign. We're in real trouble because of this "leader" and quite frankly, we're going to have to endure this to finally wake up to what we gave away as a country last May 2nd.

Beijing York said...

Some incredible blogging, Simon. You made me laugh, cry and quake with fear (actually, I've been doing the latter since Harper merged the CRAP Alliance with the PC).

WWU, right now a chimpanzee would be a better alternative to Harper.

P.S. I am so stealing that jpg of the Dr. Strangelove demon-dialer for my Facebook wall.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a chimp would be better...I see there are a few vying for the NDP leadership there.

Simon said...

hi may be right, and you also know that I have been announcing the imminent demise of the Cons for at least six years.;)
But this is so huge who knows where it could lead to? And the damage to the Con brand will be lasting. And if it finally get progressives off their asses and encourages them to unite we could banish the Cons for a generation.
So now I;m dreaming of them being led off in handcuffs and it's WONDERFUL...

Simon said...

hi Beijing...thanks a lot for your kind comment and for your encouragement over the years. I'm actually going through a very sad time, helping a friend who is suffering from severe depression, or PTSD. So if I can make anyone laugh it's a miracle and a blessing.
And I'm so glad you liked Dr Strangelove photo montage.I liked it too so that makes two of us... ;)

Simon said...

hi Way Way Up...the Harper gorillas may be bigger, but the chimps are definitely smarter... ;)