Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jean Poutine and the RoboCon Mob

You know it takes a certain kind of mentality to pay cash for a disposable cellphone, like criminals do,  and call the phony owner Pierre Poutine.

A telephone number used to place automated calls directing voters to the wrong polling station in Guelph, Ont., in the last federal election was registered to a "Pierre Poutine" of Separatist Street, Joliette, Que., court documents reveal.

The same kind of mentality shown by these Young Republicans picketing a Democratic convention during the darkest days of the AIDS epidemic...

Because it takes a Con to stoop so low. And still think they're funny. 

Just like it takes a certain kind of brutish arrogance to try to steal an election with a fake recording like this one.

Allo police?

And it takes a certain kind of reptilian brain to think you can fool Canadians with this kind of  farce.

The Liberal staffer behind a now infamous Twitter attack against Public Safety Minister Vic Toews could be called to testify before a Commons committee.

Conservative Dean Del Maestro told the House of Commons Tuesday that he has notified the access to information, privacy and ethics committee of plans to move a motion to call Adam Carroll before the committee next week.

As if what Adam Carroll did was in any way comparable to subverting a democracy, and cheating your way to power.

But then Stephen Harper learned from his hero the Reptile King...

So his Con plumbers are capable of ANYTHING.

And to think, just like Nixon, he almost got away with it.

The documents also show a link between the national Conservative campaign to the call centre through which the automated calls were made.

But then Nixon once said "It's not the crime that kills you, it's the cover-up." So it worked. Until it didn't. Until the fat lady sang, or the scapegoat squealed.

Emerging from a week-long silence, former Conservative staffer Michael Sona is denying any involvement in the automated phone calls that directed voters in the Ontario riding of Guelph to the wrong polling station last year.

You know I have to admit I love poutine eh? And the more gravy the better.

Please Sir can I have more? Much much more.

We have those filthy fascists where we want them.

And we are going to DESTROY them...


Anonymous said...

Sure, but didn't racknine need a credit card number?

Anonymous said...

Harper will be double-dosing on those tranqulizers or anxiety relievers that made him so thirsty during the election campaign last spring. Let's see how much water they have to bring him during Question Period.

ck said...

No anonymous, not for a disposable cell. One can pay cash to buy the phone and then go to any convenience or electronic store to purchase minutes. No credit check.

I hate poutine, myself, Simon.

I find the phony name and address insulting to Quebecers.

sassy said...

insulting to Quebecers - and insulting to those of use who value our Quebec friends. In fact this was really an insult to all Canadians.

sunsin said...

That was a feature, not a bug.