Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Me, Vic, and the Internet Snooping Bill

Oh boy. Sometimes it's not easy to be a blogger in the growing darkness of Stephen Harper's Canada. You can feel the fear in the air.

My computer is humming like a toaster, and I don't know whether it's the sinister operatives from the PMO, or the Russian hackers. Or both gangs working together.

My terrified friends say that if they have to choose between torture and jail, or denouncing me as an Enemy of the State, I better get TWO toothbrushes, and a big box of condoms, because I'm going down for a long time. 

And it's not easy to laugh that off eh? Because almost NOBODY laughs in Harperland these days, and you don't want to attract too much attention.

Besides how CAN you laugh? When Great Big Brother Leader is moving ahead with his plans to crush the internet, so he can finally control EVERYTHING.

And Vic Toews is staggering around claiming he's a victim...

As if anyone could degrade that Con zombie further. I mean how bad can it get?

Still, even in the foul darkness something always comes along to cheer me up. Like the knowledge we're not alone

Or this piece in Macleans

Where Jesse Brown teaches the Con fop Andrew Coyne the real meaning of the internet. And says hooray for us.

Coyne derides online activists who claim to represent ‘the public.’ He’s right—no one group can make that claim. The public is not a monolith. It is the aggregate of all voices calm and urgent, active and casual, educated and emotional. Usually the public is saying many things at once. But now and then, it says the same thing all together. In these moments, we learn that the real majority and the real opposition are one and the same.

This is no hysteria. This is the public saying “no,” any and every way it can.

Because ain't that the truth? And don't we deserve it eh? For a normally placid bunch of hosers we're putting up a hell of a fight.

Of course we shouldn't brag too much. Because we wouldn't be doing so well if it wasn't for Vic Toews. Who came out trying to kick us in the internutz. Only to knock himself out.

Like this other dumb palooka...

Oh yeah. I love the internet.

Cry me a river Vic. 

Kill Bill C-30.

Down with the Big Brother Cons !!


e.a.f. said...

Its o.k. If you go to jail so will the rest of us but do take the toothbrushes. Hey I don't think it will be jail, there won't be room, maybe a nice camp somewhere.

Simon said...

hi e.a.f... a nice camp? Oh goody, I LOVE camping !!! But seriously, I guess your right. When we finish with the Cons their definitely won't be enough room in all those fancy jails...