Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Incredible Vanity of Jimbo Flaherty

Before the nasty garden gnome Jimbo Flaherty goes ahead with his plans to kill jobs and government. At the same time.

Even though the deficit is going from a mountain to his mole hill faster than expected.

He might consider this warning.

Politically, it may be the perfect time for an austerity budget. But news of a sudden contraction in the Canadian economy has economists suggesting that deep cuts now risk doing more harm than good.

And lead by example, by trimming his big mammoth pension, and stop billing taxpayers for the hopeless job of trying to make him look pretty. 

Finance spent $119.15 on cosmetics and $9.99 on beauty supplies. Among the products on the shopping list were Cover Girl loose powder, Maybelline loose powder, Maybelline concealer, Maybelline “Min Blush”, Maybelline LMU, Smashbox concealer, cosmetic wedges, a powder brush, a foundation brush and SBM Top Zip Shave.

Gawd. What job was Jimbo auditioning for? Great Pancake Leader or Great Con Hooker?

And can you REALLY put lipstick on a nasty Con garden gnome? Or make it see reason?

Frankly I doubt it...

But I suppose anything is possible...

Although it would be rather shocking eh?

But of course not as shocking as having an incompetent Con ideologue handling our finances at a time of global recession.

Oh well. If you've been following my YouTube channel for at least three years, you might still be horrified.

But at least you wouldn't be surprised...

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