Saturday, February 11, 2012

In Praise of the National Film Board: Part Two

A few weeks ago I brought you the short movie Wild Life, the sad story of an Englishman who wanted to be a cowboy in Alberta, courtesy of the National Film Board.

Since then I've learned that the movie, by Calgary filmmakers Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby, has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short.

Along with another in the same category, Dimanche / Sunday by Patrick Doyon.

It tells the story of a family in a Quebec town where the only factory has closed.

As seen through the eyes of a child...

Too bad only one of them can win eh?

The NFB: Explaining Canadians to Canadians. Defending the rights of women.

Making us all proud.

Tell the Cons to keep their filthy mitts off it.

Our little Canadian treasure...


  1. Anonymous2:45 AM

    The NFB is the result of a Scotsman's desire to develop the film industry in Canada. His name was John Grierson and it was he who introduced the word "documentary" into our language.
    The Wikipedia articles supply further and ample information. Go look.

    1. Despite all the deep cuts through the last few decades, the NFB animation department still keeps producing stellar films. Documentary seems to have suffered some and dramatic shorts are no longer part of their program, let alone features.

      I love the NFB and thank my lucky stars for John Grierson's vision. I would never have made my first film without them.

    2. hi Torontonian...I've heard of the great John Grierson, but I didn't realize he was a Scottish Canadian. Oh well, now that I do, I love the NFB even more than I did before... ;)

    3. hi Beijing...It's absolutely criminal how successive governments have cut the NFB's budget, even though its admired all over the world. I'm sorry its documentary section has suffered, because I once saw a doc on Malcom Lowry, and it marked me for life.

      P.S. I didn't know you were a filmmaker. Good for you. But please don't look at any of my YouTube videos. I've been humiliated enough already... ;)

  2. Good morning Simon, I love prowling the NFBs archives a real treasure trove of Canadiana Lets hope the cons don't discover it for they would surely wish its destruction

    1. hi Kev...I only recently found out that they had so much stuff online. And you're right it is a real treasure trove, and a source of inspiration for artists all over the world. The Cons should have the decency not to cut it, but they hate our real Canadian values so much I'm afraid I fear the worst...

  3. Anonymous2:16 PM

    In case you're interested in some more background on Grierson: