Thursday, February 23, 2012

Did the Cons Steal the Last Election?

When I first heard that Elections Canada is investigating attempts to suppress the vote during the last election, I wrote that at the very least bye-elections should be held in the 18 swing ridings that were targeted by robot calls.

But now I believe that it must declare the last election null and void, because this is too big to ignore.

The published report said Elections Canada was probing complaints received in Guelph, one of 18 ridings where voters were targeted by harassing or deceptive phone messages in an apparent effort to discourage Liberal supporters from voting. The NDP upped that number Thursday, saying they were aware of eight other NDP-held swing ridings, and at least one BQ-held riding where voters reported crank “robocalls,” for a total of 27 ridings where deception may have been at play.

This isn't just a scattered attempt to suppress the vote. This is a vast conspiracy to steal an election. 

I agree with Pat Martin.

“Surely these young punks didn’t unilaterally construct this massive conspiracy to defraud the electoral system and initiate hundreds of thousands of phone calls into NDP swing ridings.”

He said the “facts would indicate a well orchestrated widespread conspiracy orchestrated from top.”

And I don't believe anything Stephen Harper says.

In Iqaluit, Prime Minister Stephen Harper distanced himself and his party’s directors from any wrongdoing, but left open the possibility of a rogue party operative.

“I have absolutely no knowledge on anything about these calls. But obviously if there’s anyone who’s done anything wrong we will expect that they will face the full consequences of the law,” said Harper.

Especially since he used the services of the company in question in his own riding.

And ever since he came to power he has used his book of dirty tricks to subvert our democracy.

As well as the handbook of Karl Rove, George Bush's sinister spin master, to divide and conquer, smear opponents, and suppress  the vote.

So now that the Cons appear to have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar toilet. Acting like the electoral equivalent of a pedophile ring.

And since their Parliamentary majority is only 24 seats, not only is that majority now illegitimate, so is the entire election.

And Harper and his Cons must be made to pay for giving Canadians the finger.

We must show him that we do care about his attempts to muzzle our democracy, slash pensions, and turn Canada into a police state.

We must teach them that this is Canada, not Karl Rove's Amerika.

The police must follow the trail all the way to the PMO if necessary. Elections Canada must declare the election invalid. 

Those grubby, alien, Con hogs. Show them no mercy.

First we will arrest them, and then we will defeat them...


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that anything had been proven. Let's see what becomes of this investigation first. The last time the Opposition forced an election, they only succeeded in handing the Conservatives a majority. I am impressed though that Pat Martin managed to actually put a coherent sentence together while refraining from profanity.

e.a.f. said...

elections canada can decide what it wants but Harper is going to stay in office until the mandate runs out. He will pass whatever laws he wants to stay in power. He will remove whomever he wants at elections canada to achieve his goals. The Conservatives don't care. /they have their destiny to full fill and to hell with Canada and its citizens and its laws.

Simon said...

hi Way Way Up... When you are investigating a crime first you look for a motive, then you look at the modus operandi. The Cons had the motive, the perpetrators made the recording on a cell phone they paid for in cash, just like criminals do. They had the right ridings, the numbers, and the money. And of course the Cons had a record, remember Cotler? So where do you think it came from? The Con War Room is full of young punks with Rove's Bible in their back pocket, and the belief that they're smarter than everyone. But I say dumb plumbers, and believe that if police follow the little tiny footsteps, this could be the beginning of Stephen Harper's Watergate. Stay tuned for further developments...

Simon said...

hi may be right, but as I told Way Way Up you may be wrong. And since misleading voters is a serious offence, if the shit hits the fan, it will have serious consequences. Also remember that this is happening just as the Harper Cons are dealing with a huge backlash against their plans to spy on us. And it all plays into the same meme: you can't trust those Cons with ANYTHING. It may not stop him, but it sure will slow him down. Tra la la la la, the universe is unfolding just as I hoped it would... ;)

Anonymous said...

e.a.f. You got that right...we don't have "brown shirts" roaming the streets (yet) but we do have proto-fascist zealots trampling our democracy.

Interestingly the Cons have a long history of association with fascist groups....witness Harper's ties with the Northern Foundation and all the way back to their affinity with Gabriel Arcand and his blackshirts in the 30's...

Cons have to be stopped now...before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

But of course the Liberals were no better, knowingly turning away Jews fleeing Nazi Germany in the 1930's. And I'm sure there were a few NDP'ers with communist sympathies, idolizing socialist Russia, which killed untold millions of its own citizens.