Friday, February 24, 2012

The Harper Cons and Our Lost Country

They stole the last election and are turning our country into a place most of us don't recognize.

They are trying to blame a young Con campaign worker for the robocalls, even though as I pointed out in my last post. And Joan Bryden points out here.

Opposition MPs noted that whomever organized the calls had to have access to lists that identified each voter’s party preference — something typically only available to local and national party campaign headquarters.

It had to be a vast criminal conspiracy. 

They are preparing to destroy internet freedom so they can fill their new jails with dissidents.

The government’s controversial Bill C-30, which would give police and security agents new surveillance powers over the internet and compel web service providers to assist them, could also lead to a “massive internet sweep” on thousands of political and social activists, warns a leading human rights lawyer.

And are using our tax dollars to sell their police state message.

The Minister of Defence is using our military to smear his political opponents.

And the military is only too happy to be his fascist stooges.

Another senior air force official, Maj. Jay Nelles, thanked staff in Newfoundland for retrieving the information so quickly, noting that the urgent request for information gave them “a taste of life in Ottawa!!”

They are turning us into a low wage economy, selling us out to Big Oil, threatening old age security. And the Prime Minister's favourite economist is suggesting that instead of hiking corporate taxes we should tax food and medicines.

Even though many Canadians are poor and sick, and many are going hungry.

So who can blame the man who wrote Harperland for lamenting his lost country?

On the freedom front, the government likes to boast of encouraging provincial autonomy and of shutting down the gun registry, the long-form census, the Wheat Board. But, by way of contrast, it’s instructive to look at what has transpired in our land of liberty recently. It might make you wonder about the kind of Canada that’s emerging.

The accumulation of dirty tricks is beginning to sound like something out of Nixonland. The last election, we recall, was the one where citizens were hauled out of Conservative campaign rallies for the sin of having marginal ties to other parties.

This is just a small sampling from the march of audacities in respect to our freedoms and liberties. It’s the new Canada. Enjoy.

And who can blame me for asking the same question: What are we going to do about it?

Are we really going to sit back and let the Cons do what they want? Or are we going to organize, unite, and take to the streets to demand our country back?

I urge all progressives to set aside their petty differences and ask themselves those questions.

For our country really is being lost.

And time is running out...


sassy said...

a movement is born but some of us know (I'm looking at you Simon) it has been in the making for a few years now - - since about Jan 2006.

Keep up the good blogging, it DOES count, you DO count.

Thanks Simon

Anonymous said...

I too am heartened by reading your words Simon. You introduced me to the Prorogue Harper action and I'm ready for the next step.

Just Call Me Rick said...

My heart would love to see a poll right about now. But my mind realizes that the Cons' bedrock supporters (about 1 in 3) don't care about transparency, democracy, justice, civility or what's right or wrong. He's obsessed with appeasing his base (the West) viz-a-viz the Tar sands. And his coffers (War chest)are fully loaded for the next Opposition leader(s). I think Harper believes that the worst case scenario for him is a Minority, in which case he'll rule just like he has a Majority. Unite progressives.

Kev said...

What Sassy said

Simon said...

hi sassy...thank you :) After I read your sweet comment I went and looked at some of my posts from six years ago. Most of them were rather embarrassing, but like you at least I knew that Harper was bad news. It's hard to believe that it took so many other Canadians so long to reach the same conclusion. But I do take solace from the fact that this regime is now totally illegitimate, so all I can say is Yippee !!!!

Simon said...

hi anonymous...thank you I'm heartened by your comment. The anti prorogation movement was one of the highlights of my life. It was so great to see progressives from all parties joining together to oppose the Harper regime. And although these are dark times, I'm ever hopeful we can do it again....

Simon said...

hi Just Call Me Rick...I'd love to see a poll too. And I'm a bit more optimistic than you. I think Harper has alienated a lot more of his supporters than you think. Between threatening pensions and the internet,and of course stealing an election,I think his core support must be at about 25 percent. And if I made up a video I think I would end it with this jingle: The Harper regime, now more illegitimate than ever... :)

Simon said...

hi Kev...thank you too. And thanks for promoting my stories on Twitter. I'm a bit casual in that regard and I really appreciate your encouragement. I'm also looking forward to the next few months because if Canadians aren't moved to take action after all that is going on, they never will. And I'm still confident that most of us are better than that...

Kev said...

Hi Simon It's always a pleasure, besides my tweeps would likely mutiny if I didn't. And of course we are better than that,folks just need to remember and they will