Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cons, Ducks, and the Great Darkness

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As I rushed to catch the ferry this afternoon, it still looked like the Canada I love. The fresh dusting of snow. The ducks sheltering from the cold west wind. 

But as it does so often in Stephen Harper's Canada, where I once saw light, now I see darkness.

For the sight of all those ducks lined up facing the same way, paddling furiously to stay in the same spot, while squawking loudly, reminded  of the sorry state of the progressive movement in this country.

Going nowhere. Lamenting loudly. Doing nothing. As a cold fascist wind blows, and the Cons turn us into a police state. For surely this is the final warning. 

After vowing to take on radical environmentalists determined to stop the Northern Gateway pipeline, the Harper government has released a new anti-terrorism strategy that targets eco-extremists as threats.

The minister said that, in addition to foreign threats, the government would be vigilant against domestic extremism that is “based on grievances – real or perceived – revolving around the promotion of various causes such as animal rights, white supremacy, environmentalism and anti-capitalism.”

For now we're not just radicals, we're potential terrorists. And in the same company as white supremacists. 

Those of us who don't believe it's a good idea to build a dirty oil pipeline to China. Those of us who refuse to genuflect before the jungle capitalism of today which is causing so much misery and leading us to disaster. Those of us who want a kinder, gentler, Con-free world.

Great eh? No wonder they are building all those prisons.

And remember, in a few more weeks this same totalitarian klown regime will be able to use those same smears to read our e-mails.   

To intimidate progressives further, just like they're scaring seniors by threatening to take away their pensions. Because like all right-wing extremists, they need fear to make their poisonous flowers bloom, and turn us into some monstrous jungle.

Which is why we have to stop acting like those ducks. Squawking loudly while paddling on the spot.

We need to organize a giant progressive coalition to stand up for the democratic and social values of this country. Tell your NDP or Liberal MPs that we can't wait for them to get new leaders. We need them to unite us all NOW to fight the common enemy. 

We don't need to take off our partisan jerseys, just form a powerful resistance movement that includes all progressives.

For if I may be permitted to be crudely poetic, without being arrested. Only by uniting will we survive the ideological war that is coming. Save our precious Canada. 

And turn darkness into light, fear into courage, and Winter into Spring...

 Vic Toews you ghastly Con, you fascist lout. Our Canada is better than yours.

And we will not be silenced...


  1. Everyone should carry a STOP HARPER sign.

    1. hi Oemissions...well a sign might be too bulky. But how about STOP HARPER t-shirts, or posters, or writing that on walls. Needless to say I have done all three, and if Seb hadn't stopped me, I would have tattooed it on my backside, so I could moon Great Ugly Leader if he ever crossed my path... :)

  2. e.a.f.4:59 AM

    I like the STOP HARPER sign idea.

    We could use bumper stickers or lawn signs and t shirts.

    We said he would change the country. People just didn't thing it owuld be this way, but then they didn't really listen to his answers when he was questioned on any number of things. the one I liked best was a response to a question on publicly funded health care, during the election campaign. Harper responded he believed there was a place for publicly funded health care. He just didn't say where.

    1. hi e.a.f...bumper stickers and lawn signs would be good too. Wouldn't it be great if everywhere the tyrant looked he saw his ugly face staring back at him, with the word RESIST under it. And yes, people should always remember that Harper went into politics with the support of the National Citizens Coalition, that was founded for the express purpose of destroying medicare. The more things change, the more they don't...

  3. Nathan Cullen gets booed for mentioning it and the Liberals are all fired up about winning back Jack Layton's riding.

    It will take direct action to stop the Cons but I don't have any strategy for you.

    1. hi thwap...yes I saw what happened at the NDP debate and my heart sank. I still can't believe how so many good people keep playing the old politics, like it was some kind of hockey game. Even as our country burns.
      I haven't the slightest doubt that they will one day realize the error of their ways, but how much will be lost...

  4. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Finding a breathing Liberal or NDP MP here can be rather challenging. I'm more than willing to give the Opposition a chance. It would just be nice if they said things that would make people actually want to support them here rather than swearing and mindlessly chanting "We hate Harper." Since the West has a better knack for seeing new political parties spring up than back East though I hold out hope.

    1. hi Way Way Up...I agree that finding a Liberal or an NDP MP in Alberta is as you say a challenge. And might require the use of a powerful microscope. And I also agree that to win support the progressive parties need to do more than just chant "We Hate Harper". That's my job.;) But as for Albertans giving up the Cons for some other party, I'll believe that when I see it...