Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vic Toews and the Day of Judgement

Lordy. I wasn't going to write anything about the latest episode of the B-movie, Vic Toews and the Con Zombie Internet Eaters. Because it's sooooooo sordid. And we don't peddle Con smut on this blog eh?

But in the end I couldn't resist. 

An anonymous privacy advocate rose up against proposed internet surveillance legislation by publishing on Twitter tawdry snippets of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’ 2010 divorce proceedings.

And all I can say is Viki .... Viki....I hardly knew you. 

Holy Jumpin' Jason Kenney. Can you believe that? Carrying on with his much younger secretary AND his sister in law's nanny ? 

While still married to his poor suffering wife.

Gawd. Isn't that almost POLYGAMY?

And what are they going to call that Con town in the Bible Belt where these scandalous affairs happened? Sodom and Gomorrah, Peyton Place, or Vic's Horny Goat Farm?

Oh boy. Finding out that I'm more monogamous than Vic Toews is definitely a mixed blessing. WAAAAH !!!!

But that'll teach him to play Big Brother.

And the main thing is he seems to have learned his lesson. Or at least the real Big Brother has.

The Harper government has blinked in the face of a backlash over legislation that would give authorities new powers to police the Web, saying it’s now prepared to accept a broad range of changes to a bill criticized as a major intrusion into Canadians’ privacy.

And he must be REALLY pissed. Because it's one thing to be called Dirty Harry. 

The Harper government's approach to crime is one of black cowboy hats and white cowboy hats, with no room for those who don hats that are grey. While many of its crime initiatives are justified, nobody expected Harper to become Dirty Harry in a pinstriped suit.

Groping our computers, and stealing food out of the mouths of seniors.

And quite another to look like he's running a Con swinger's club. All of this will come back to haunt him. 

So thanks Viki you old hypocrite. And cheer up eh?

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

And I just LOVE your new image....

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Sedate Me said...

Normally, I'd rather have a bullet in the head than hear anything about Twitter, but this may be the lone exception.

If this asshole wants to poke around my life via my computer, then it's only fair to use the computer to poke around his life.

Boy, this kind of stuff makes me nostalgic for my favourite magazine, Frank Magazine (Ottawa Edition).