Friday, February 10, 2012

Rob Ford and the Twin Towers of Idiocy

Lordy. Fan me with a feather. It look as if Rob Ford has really done it this time. Not only has he been totally humiliated.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has called his council's tumultuous debate on the future of the city's transit "irrelevant" after it dealt him a major defeat on Wednesday, voting down his vision to put new light-rail lines underground.

Not only has he gone from a zero, to Nero, or Marie Antoinette, in the time it takes to lose twenty pounds.

He has apparently cracked under the strain. Going on a bizarre late night tour of the subway system, immediately following his council loss.

Which scared the bejeesus out of people all over the city...

Only to forget to pick up a transfer, because he always drives to work. And have to take a cab all the way back to his home in the suburbs.

All of which has some calling the ignorant redneck a deranged buffoon. Others calling HIM irrelevant.

For Ford himself, Wednesday’s defeat was crushing. The day after being elected, he staked his mayoralty on subways, and now council has said no. The province won’t be far behind, which means Ford has alienated everyone but Hudak, who, like the mayor, lacks credibility.

Though he has three years left in his term, Ford is a lame-duck mayor. How long can he last?

And Now magazine going even further.

Now I don't like that violent image eh? The Cons in Ottawa are bad enough.

I prefer to think of Rob Ford and his brother Doug, who tells him what to do, as two Twin Towers of Idiocy, belching foul air and incompetence.

The towers have been weakened by not eating enough chicken wings, and drinking tea instead of beer.

The pressure got too much for them.


And down went the Ford Regime....

They can patch them up with beer and chips, but they'll never be the same again.

And the moral of this lovely story?

The citizens of Toronto joined forces to pressure the Ford Regime. 

The day Canadians get off their asses and apply massive pressure to the Harper Regime, the same thing will happen.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall...


Cartoon: Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star


thwap said...

I'd love to meet him. I'd tell him to resign. I'd ask him about the missing gravy.

Anonymous said...

The metaphorical gravy, or the real gravy for poor Toronto children?