Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Scary Humiliation of Jimbo Flaherty

Oh.My.Gnome. I see that little Jimbo Flaherty has been totally HUMILIATED. Again. Just the other day he was telling Canadians don't worry about your pensions if you're over fifty-seven.

But then the sinister operatives in the PMO heard what he said. And they were not pleased. 

A government spokesman quickly discouraged that kind of math. The official stressed that the comment was simply an effort by Mr. Flaherty to signal that no changes are imminent.

Because they know their Dark Lord is in a hurry to kill government before his bloody majority coagulates. He considers benefits, employment insurance, pensions, and medicare to be nothing less than COMMUNISM.

And they don't want to limit his freedom of movement ...

Or make it less of a pleasurable experience. 

So they told Jimbo to put on a dunce cap, and go stand in the corner. Made him look like a fool who doesn't know what he's doing or saying.  Even though he's supposed to be the Finance Minister. And he's preparing the Con's next BUDGET !!!! 

Scary eh? So now we can ALL be worried.

You know the other day the Belgian government announced it would raise the retirement age of fire fighters to sixty-seven. So the fire fighters decided to hose down the Prime Minister's office.

The riot police turned up.

And this is what happened...

Golly. How refreshing. You don't think that Canadians might also get off their asses, take to the streets, march to Parliament, and let the Cons know exactly how they feel about having their future threatened ? For no good reason.

Nah. I didn't either. In this country it's the hosers who are getting hosed. But too many are too stupid to know it. Or too lazy or cowed to do anything about it.

My advice to them? Wake up. Fight for your rights now. For you can scream all you like later. But you'll all be wearing dunce caps.

And it won't make any difference...


Beijing York said...

Great post as usual, Simon. And gosh, who doesn't love fire fighters. WTG Belgium and what an excellent example of how we should be reacting to Harper and his henchmen.

Simon said...

hi Beijing...yes it was rather inspiring, I mean refreshing, wasn't it. And I especially liked the guy with the little fire extinguisher.
But seriously, Canadians could learn a few things from the Europeans about how to not take things lying down, and stand up for your rights.
I'm having a hard time believing how complacent Canadians are. Tough on skates, but quivering in their boots. At this rate we'll have to exchange the beaver for a chicken... ;)