Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Cons and the Ponzi Pension Plan

I used to roar with laughter when Peter Van Loan got so agitated during Question Period, he'd regularly spill his glass of water all over Stephen Harper, and would be seen frantically hovering over Great Ugly Leader, dabbing his crotch with a paper towel.

Having finally found his station in life. Until Harper fired him, and made him the Minister of Something or Other. Which also suited him fine. Because he's an idiot and he knows it.

But of course now Tubby's back as Con House Leader, he's going after the Canada Pension Plan, and he's acting like Big Bubbah. 

The Conservative government moved Tuesday to limit debate on a pension reform bill that will create new Pooled Retirement Pension Plans.

Government House Leader Peter Van Loan argued the move to invoke a process called “time allocation” was justified because the Conservatives won the last election by campaigning on the need for PRPPs.

Which is about as funny as 1984 or Animal Farm eh?

Because for starters I don't recall the Cons campaigning during the last election on the desperate need for a Ponzi Pension Plan. And I also know the only reason they're not  doing the sane thing, and strengthening the CPP, is because they hate government so much.

Instead they're asking Canadians to put their pitiful savings, if they have any, into the hands of mutual fund managers, gamble it all at the Capitalist Casino. 

So they can wake up every day, put on the TV, and check if they still have a pension.

While the piggy bankers run away with their money. 

And in the meantime, Big Bubbah closes down debate in Parliament, by blowing hot air out of his rear orifice.

He (Van Loan) said there is “enthusiastic support” for this new pension option, yet the opposition is focused on delay tactics.

Mr. Van Loan made the accusations of delay in spite of the fact that the government only opened debate on the bill for the first time Monday.

And  millions of Canadians are left to wonder how many apples they'll be able to sell in the streets when they retire, before they're forced to eat them.

You know I loved it when Bob Rae said today "We cannot trust those wolves to protect the Canadian pension system."

But it's still not good enough. Write to your progressive MPs and tell them to mobilize the population.

Before the piggies run away with our money.

And the Con run away with our future...


Beijing York said...

Maybe some wise ass MPs should ask how well those RRSPs are doing. I heard that people who were heavily invested in market forces were pretty much feeling lots of pain with the 2008 crash.

Simon said...

hi Beijing...yes very true, and let's not forget that as the CUPE statement I linked to points out most Canadians don't have enough money to invest in RRSPs.
Also, the administrative fees for running those proposed Ponzi Pension Plans are not capped. So you can imagine what's going to happen...

e.a.f. said...

First off you need money to invest in their alleged pension plans. Most Canadians don't have the money especially here in B.C. where the average weekly salary is below the national average. People need every nickel they have to keep a roof over their heads.

Investing your pension savings in "mutual funds" can only result in "mutal fraud". We have only to look to the U.S.A. to see what happened when their investments banks failed. A lot of pensions went down the drain at the same time. If Harper were truly interested in improving pensions he would improve C.P.P. instead of trying to destroy it.

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....I agree with you completely. The sensible thing to do would be to make the C.P.P.stronger and more inclusive. But the Cons won't do that because they hate the C.P.P. and Old Age Security just because they're government programs. So they would put the pensions of Canadians into the hands of mutual fund managers, who would skim off exorbitant fees, and possibly leave them penniless. As far as I'm concerned any government that puts its ideology before the needs of the most vulnerable, isn't Canadian, and doesn't deserve to hold office...