Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Ugly Lockout and the Quiet Revolution.

Golly. I don't think I'm going to have to consult my horoscope to find out where I'm going to be, and what I'm going to be doing on Saturday the 21st of January. Because I already know.

In London, Ontario, supporting these locked out Canadian workers.

And why am I so excited I'm marching around my house beating my drum already? Because I believe this ugly lockout will be a turning point in Canadian history, and will mark the beginning of the real resistance to the Harper regime.

For what more could we want eh? 

A chance to take on a big greedy American company trying to grind a group of decent hardworking Canadians into the dirt and bust their union. After racking up record profits, and soaking up juicy tax breaks paid for with OUR dollars.

A chance to demolish Stephen Harper's phony credentials as a good money manager, the only thing he has going for him, by exposing his plans to cut corporate taxes as a job killing ponzi scheme.

At the very factory where he chugged around touting that scheme, and handing out the porky...

Choo. Choo. Choo. Oink !!! Oink !!!

A chance to send Great Failed Economist Leader, and his piggy friends, a strong message: 

“Prime Minister Harper and his friends on Bay Street don’t seem to care about the livelihood of working Canadians, so we are going to raise enough of a ruckus that it will be impossible for them to ignore us.”

At a time when the Occupy movement has set the stage, by attacking corporate greed, and warning us about the nefarious activities of the one percent. Who would screw us blue, turn our people into slaves, and our society into a jungle.

Oh boy. Who could ask the stars to be better aligned in our favour? It reminds me of another famous union battle that changed the course of Canadian history.

When a greedy American company tried to crush its workers, only to win them the support of the population, create a new generation of political leaders, and spark a Quiet Revolution.

Now it's OUR turn. Seize the moment. The time of looking on helplessly while Harper and his Con goons demolish our country is over. The time for action has finally arrived.

Write about it, talk about it, spread the message of resistance. And if you can make it, and don't mind the sound of a loud drum.

And know the words to this song by heart like I do eh?

See you in London...


karen said...

I'm glad you will be there Simon. I think this is a big deal too. Do you happen to know any links to sites for the workers in this dispute? I would like to offer support too. There is no single CAT dealership here in the almost middle of nowhere, but it is part of a Finning dealership. Might there be any cross-Canada action?

Simon said...

hi Karen...I hope there is some cross-Canada action, because as I say in the post I believe it's a unique opportunity to blow Harper's economic credentials right out of the water.
As well as a historic opportunity to drive home the message of the Occupy movement.
However, I'm afraid I've been too busy to do any research. And even more disorganized than usual ;) But I will try to find out more from the CAW or the OFL...

karen said...

I emailed the BC Federation of Labour and CAW about this too. When I hear back I'll let you know, and maybe you could post for your western readers.

Simon said...

hi Karen...thanks a lot. As soon as you find out something let me know. And I will help spread the message...