Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Joe Oliver and the Leaking Pipeline

Oh. My. Oily. Oliver. What bad timing.

Canadian pipeline builder Enbridge reported a leak from one of its pipelines on the day public hearings began into the company’s planned Northern Gateway pipeline.

And don't you love this?

Enbridge declined to describe how it could be safe to continue operating a pipeline that may be leaking.

But why is Joe Oliver quaking quacking like a teabagger? 

But foreigners who support the pipeline aren’t the outsiders that Prime Minister Stephen Harper claims to be worried about. As Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver explained to CBC television on Monday, these are the good foreign interests.

The bad foreign interests are the ones who help fund environmental critics of the pipeline. Oliver calls these bad elements “billionaire socialists … people like George Soros.”

If this weren’t a cabinet minister talking, it might be amusing. The Internet is filled with conspiracy theorists who view Soros, a self-made Hungarian-American tycoon, as evil incarnate...But when a Canadian cabinet minister uses the term, he sounds — well — nuts.

Golly. Does Olly get his talking points straight from the rear end of Ezra Levant?

And is he even smart enough to answer this quiz?

In his rant yesterday against environmentalists and radicals, Canada's natural resources minister contrasted the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway with the approval process of the Mackenzie Valley pipeline. So I poked around and dug up some facts for his perusal.

First, thousands of Chinese workers were brought in to help build the line. Not only were they paid less, many succumbed to disease or died in work accidents. It was, of course, an ugly period of history.

Gawd. Say it ain't so Joe. I realize we're living in a Con Banana Republic.

But when Big Oil whistles, may I suggest you keep your big mouth shut.

Dress up like Ezra the ridiculous does.

And just do this doggy dance...

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