Sunday, January 22, 2012

Electro-Motive and the Real Battle for Canada

I couldn't make it to London, Ontario today. And I was so disappointed. For it must have been a stirring sight.

A crowd of more than 10,000 descended upon this city’s Victoria Park to support local workers who have been locked out of their jobs since the new year. They came from all over, from Timmins, Sudbury, and Pennsylvania in scores of buses. They came to protest corporate greed and Stephen Harper.

I  would have liked to hear this angry message to Great Chicken Leader:

“We need you down here to support Canadian workers,” yelled London Mayor Joe Fontana. “Get your ass down here!”

Who was invited, but like the other three Con MP's from the area, was too scared to show up. 

And of course I would have loved to see this sign...

Because that's what it's all about.

Canadian workers fighting the greedy corporate hogs who are using lockouts as a weapon.

Suddenly, business rhetoric about the costs of long work stoppages has been silenced. In the eyes of many employers, work stoppages – even long ones – are a small price to pay for driving down labour costs and boosting profit margins.

And a Prime Minister who is selling our country out to foreign interests, attacking unions, and trying to turn us into low wage economy. A country where there will be no good jobs, not enough money for social programs, pensions or medicare. 

A country where big oil rules, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. A country where young working class families don't stand a chance.

And the old are dead on arrival.  A country that lives on its knees.

You know some Canadians seem to think that standing up for your country means dressing up in redcoats and feathers, and re-enacting the War of 1812. But this is the real Battle for Canada.

A chance for the labour movement, the occupy movement, and other progressives to  to tell the corporate hogs to take a hike.

A chance to embarrass Stephen Harper in a place he once posed...

And brand him as a sellout, a weak leader, and a COWARD. 

Hey. What more could we ask for ?

It's now or never. There is no more important story. Or we win these battles for Canada.

Or we shall lose the war...


  1. Bravo Canadians! I'm proud of the sense of counity and bravery you show in opposition to the worst tyranny we've had in Canada!

  2. To my amazement, Bob Rae was there. Could he have some cojones and real blood left in him?

  3. Very pleased with the incredible solidarity shown for these workers. If Caterpillar gets away with it, we might as well kiss unionized and decently paid jobs goodbye.

    Simon, I think those foreign interests WET Harper's whistle as well as blow.

  4. hi car...let me second that sentiment. Hooray for the decent Canadians who turned out to tell the corporate hogs and their Con tools that we mean business. And this is just the beginning...

  5. hi Scanner...good for Rae. I'm a non partisan lefty so I believe all progressive leaders should show their support for laid off workers all over the country....

  6. hi Beijing...I had to stay in Toronto to take care of a very sick friend. Because only that could have kept me from that rally. And I will be travelling to London, Ontario soon, even if I have to walk there. Like you I believe that if Caterpillar gets away with its outrageous demands, it will be the beginning of the end of decent union jobs in Canada. I know a lot of people in Canada are always spouting off against unions. But if it wasn't for the union movement we'd still be living in the dark ages. So I'm with them all the way...

    P.S. When we finally drive the Cons from power I think we should investigate how much the corporate hogs have been wetting their Con whistles. And hopefully we can put quite a few of them in jail... :)